Tom Riddle and the Snorelacks

Sour Revenge Planning

Sour Revenge Planning

Tom had anger issues, but had been working on his control. It would not do for him to lose control at school or anywhere else while he still had the trace on him, after all. He had thought he knew the best way to handle those feelings of rage, but apparently calm breathing and plans of revenge were nothing compared to seeing his Divination's Professor outside his window. There weren't a lot of things that could shock him; however it seemed his Divination teacher was one of those things that could.

"No, not usually. You see I was tent shopping with Abraxas-"

Tent shopping? Abraxas? What? And of course he's perfectly causal as if this is perfectly normal.

"- and I felt a deep sense of Doom. Why was I sensing Doom Tom?"

Doom… Really Doom? He wasn't answering that, although he did find himself mindlessly mocking and ignoring the out of place Professor's next words. What was he doing here? One thing for Dumbledore to just show up, he was a meddling old fool after all, but how or rather why was Potter here?

"Glad you agree. Pack your things and meet me down downstairs won't you? I'll just be a moment."

Tom blinked as his Professor's head disappeared and was replaced by the glass he had removed,

He found himself walking to the window and looking down to watch his Professor's descend on his broom to the ground. A lesser man would be checking to see if that had really happened and they had not imagined the encounter. Of course Tom was a lot better then that, so it was obviously a completely different reason. He contemplated what the reason was for a moment before deciding to ignore it for a better question.

Was his Professor really just going to take Tom away with him? It certainly sounded like it. Why else would he need to pack after all? But it was far too early for the trip, he hadn't send in his form, and Ms. Cole would never sign it now that- oh. The realization hit him suddenly. Had Potter heard or seen what Dumbledore had done and was…fixing it? It was logical that he would show up now if that was the case.

But why go through all the trouble? Well he either saw something or he was crazy…did it matter? Tom decided he didn't really care if it meant he could leave the orphanage and began to pack his things, his movements hurried by his growing hope and excitement. Not that he would ever attempt to either. Deciding if whatever his Professor was doing didn't work out he would kill him, he went downstairs to meet his fate.

What he found was his uncomfortable looking Professor waiting in the hall just outside 's office door looking vaguely guilty. Loud sobbing could be heard inside 's office.

"Ah. Tom." The Professor winced as a very loud cry penetrated their ears.

"Always be carefully when you tell woman an ugly truth or lie for that matter. They don't always take it well. I suppose I got rather caught up in fake vision. It seems that her bringing about the end of the world bothers her." Tom almost grinned at this. He had not even the slightest sympathy for a woman who was quite convinced he was taken over by the devil and had never hid her hatred of him.

"Now you're packed and ready to go then?"

"Yes sir."

"Good then grab my arm and we'll be out. I have a feeling Abraxas could use some help with a hat problem."

10 minutes earlier

Harry sucked at mind blocking, but he was fairly good at mind attacking and reading. The easiest way to see exactly what Dumbles had done was to go into the woman's mind and find out. What he found pissed him off a lot.

Dumbledore had started off telling her the trip wasn't safe, which it wasn't really, but he didn't know that for a fact. Anyway the part that pissed him a little off, was that she really didn't care if Tom wasn't safe. She would do her duty as the Matron of the Orphanage, but she certainly didn't care for the boy's well fair. Harry hadn't really expected her too, but having to here thoughts which sounded so much like his Aunt Petunia's, well that didn't keep his mellow nice and mellowed for one.

The part which pissed him off a whole lot, was when Dumbledore had changed tactics and told her that Tom didn't deserve to go. The blunt lies about Tom from Dumbledore infuriated Harry and the woman's vile thoughts made him want to shake her.

He was felt justified in what he did. Didn't change the fact that he felt guilty over making anyone cry, but she deserved to know the results of her cruelty. Not that she single handily turned Tom into Voldemort and he would have been a saint if only she had been nicer to him…like he might have inferred…only a little bit.

Well he did leave her a bottle of gin so she most likely wouldn't remember anyway. Though he would make a promise to himself to next time only punish those that truly deserved it. Like Dumbledore for example. He had an evil genius, a potions master, and his order of lemon drops should be arriving this evening. Revenge would be sweet or in this case sour.

Inside a hat

"Come on, you stick in the mud! It will be an adventure!"

"Oh hush Godric, your being silly. We can't risk the container. It's the only way they have to sort the students."

"But I'm tired of sitting on a shelve most of the year!"

"I agree with Godric. I hate doing so, but I really am that bored. Besides it's a seer we'll be traveling with and sure he'll be able to protect us."

"See Rowena agrees with me! Hey what do you mean you hate agreeing with me?"

"She means that being known for her intelligence she fears agreeing with you will lower her IQ."

"No one asked you Sal."

"Come now this would be so irresponsible. You're not really going to go along with this are you?"

"It is irresponsible, stupidly so, but…"

"Oh not you to Salazar!"

"Of course not Helga, its just that we have been very safe for almost a thousand years and we don't know much about the outside world."

"So you're with them then?"


"Yes! Knew you had it in you Sally!"

"We are not doing this!"

"Wait! Someone else is under the hat."

"It's a blond and the hair smells rich must be one of your Malfoys Sal."

"Indeed it is. As he is in my house I'll take over this time yes?"

"Go ahead."

"Of course Salazar."

"Not like I want to talk to the snobby snake."

And so Salazar Slythrine took over the main specking function of the hat and started an epic conversation.

To be continued.

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