Tom Riddle and the Snorelacks

Second day of Summer!

Hello everyone! So sorry it's been awhile. I just couldn't get the inspiration needed. My muse died for awhile. Hopefully all your lovely reviews will inspire me to write another chapter soon. Let me know what you think! Oh and we will get to the pranking soon I needed to get this out of the way first.

Second day of summer!

The other day Tom had been rescued from the orphanage, Abraxas's parents had been blackmailed to give him up, Slughorn stole the sorting hat and was easily persuaded to make love potion, Abraxas had talked to the hat, Harry had talked to the hat, and now that the day was over and everyone had slept, it was time for a new weird day!

Abraxas woke up really early that second day of summer morning, and at first he had no idea where he was. It him took a moment, staring at the bright green ceiling with swirly purple patterns, to remember where he was. It came back to him in flashes of shouting, hexing, and breaking vases.

Ah… I almost forgot, I was taken away from the manor to go who-knows-where, with who-knows-who besides the Professor and Tom. I'm going back to sleep.

But Abraxas couldn't go back to sleep so he found himself up and about much too early, before anybody else was up. Meaning, of course, he needed to find something to occupy himself with. Snooping around a bit, he was soon to find was not the best idea.

Tom and Harry woke up half an hour after Abraxas had, when he released a rather loud scream.

In retrospect, maybe Harry should have thrown away the enchanted and defective razor he had gotten for Christmas from the herbology teacher who couldn't stand his messy hair.

Sending a quick spell over to vanish the razor, taking in the boy with once pretty shinny hair, and then exchanging an amused glance with Tom, Harry decided that no, he should not have thrown that away. This was obviously a bonding experience for him and Tom and therefore, it was more then worth a bald Malfoy.

After the boy's hair had been restored, and it had been, even with Harry snickering while casting the spell it was time for breakfast.

"So should we confront life head on, or should we eat in the kitchen? Right, right, forgot who I was taking to. Let's head to the kitchen!" Harry decided without actually listening to his students.

After breakfast where Harry did not flick food into Abraxas's new hair; after the boy insulted house elves and after he did not give a speech on why you should treat House elves kindly…

"You realize they make the food right? And don't give me anything about having to obey, because they can do anything they want if they punish themselves for it. Slit your throat in the middle of the night, but iron there hands later and no problem at all! Also can go through any wards and take wizards with them. Hogwarts, Ministry, your snobby manor…."

So after he did not do that, because doing so would have seemed childish, he took them to Slughorn to see about that love potion.

"Oho! Soon my lad! Soon. After lunch I expect. It needs to sit for awhile."

"That's alright I can think of a few other things we can do."

The went back to Harry's room and as soon as Harry uttered, "So…Who wants to-" Abraxas was out of there.

"I have summer Homework!" Gone.

Harry blinked.

"Are my ideas really that bad?"

Tom gave him a Look. It appeared that he would not be answering that.

Tom's point of view

Tom had declined Harry's suggestion of finding something random to do until lunch time, at which time they would visit the Weasley for lunch, even though it was dinner with the Weasleys', that only Harry had been invited too.

Not that it wouldn't be interesting; at least if he went where he wasn't wanted with one of the strangest men on earth, but it had dawned on Tom that he would have to do his summer homework at some point and now that he had the Hogwarts library empty of all other student it was too good of a chance to miss.

His Divination Professor had pouted and claimed that there would be epic awesomeness. There was really no way Tom could give in even if he wanted to, after hearing that sentence. What kind of person was persuaded to do something because someone assured them it would have 'epic awesomeness' of all things?

So Tom went to the library and enjoyed the peace and quiet, and lack of muggles. He later ate lunch in the kitchens where he regarded the house elves warily, decided to be at least slightly polite just in case, and found himself being more or less worshiped by the creatures because of it.

Perhaps his professor was onto something here.

Tom had much to think about after lunch, especially when he realized the elves knew just as much, if not more, gossip than the pictures did and they did not require anything more then a polite word here or there to tell all that they knew, as long as it did not betray their master.

However, upon returning to Professor Potter's quarters, all thoughts of house elves soon left his mind.

His Professor was setting on a table, swinging his legs, wearing the sorting hat. Fine. That was mostly normal. The fact that he was cheering and shouting, while two students cursed each other was not.

"Dodge it Abe! Come on Sep, aim higher and twirl the wand at the end for that spell!"

Abraxas and who appeared to be a Weasley in their year, was having a furious duel. Abraxas had apparently not heard that nickname before and spun around to face his Professor to perhaps curse him, yell at him, or gab at him in undignified shock and horror. It just so happened that Weasley sent a nasty spell at that exact time and if Harry hadn't yelled for him to duck, Abraxas would have lost his hair for the second time today. As it was, Abraxas didn't get hit with it, but did recognize the spell so turned back to the duel with Epic Malfoy Hair Rage. Well that was what Professor Potter called it.

"Hi Tom! Come sit. I have popcorn!"

There was really nothing else to do other then to sit, in a chair mind you, and decline the popcorn while he watched the dueling pair throw their curses at one another, which were getting more and more dangerous, and their Professor's things getting more and more destroyed.

Harry decided to explain, because Merlin knows Tom wouldn't ask.

" I wanted to get this out of the way, before the trip began. So I let them hurl curses at each other, this way it'll be easier- You could have blocked that! Stop leaving your left side open, Sep! There's no way they would have lasted the whole trip without hurting each other otherwise."

Tom nodded. It did make some sense after all.

While the amusement factor has increased with Professor Potter's comments," Watch your surroundings Abe, that could have been another enchanted razor that you just knocked into!" it did start to become boring as they both used up the spells they knew and started to repeat. Tom was contemplating hexing them both, as he really doubted Professor Potter would care when Abraxas who was becoming very frustrated shot off a spell just a bit to dark and lethal to be allowed in school and Weasley who was tiring put up a shield instead of moving out of the way. A shield that could not stand up to the type of spell Abraxas had cast.

He hardly saw Potter move. One moment he was happily eating popcorn and the next Weasley was banished out of the way and both boys' had been disarmed.

Professor Potter smiled and spoke calmly.

"Nothing wrong with a good duel. A good fight to settle differences and defuse tension. Do keep in mind if one of you kills the other, I will break your wand and take you to Azkaban myself…" There was a dramatic pause where Abraxas was rather pale.

"That being said would you boys like some cookies. Mrs. Weasley sent them and their simply marvelous!"

Septimus's Point of view

It all happened too fast, really. Septimus was sure he wouldn't be able to go, yet his teacher appeared around lunch time and an hour later was walking out the door cookies and pies from his mother clutched tightly in one arm, the other giving his father a last firm handshake while assuring his mother that he would remember to eat and would come stay for lunch again when he brought Septimus back. Septimus was behind him carrying his packed trunk.

It was very sudden, especially seeing as he had assumed his parents would ask him if he wanted to go in the first place before shoving him out the door.

Yes, his Professor was kind of cool in a very odd way and appeared to like him, maybe seeing as he did save him from some Slythrins at one point, but he wasn't certain if he wanted to go, seeing as he didn't know were they would be going. He really hadn't thought his mother would allow it anyway. She was over protective and surly wouldn't let him go somewhere when she didn't know where that was.

He was quite wrong.

He had been one of the few students to believe his Professor when he first told them he wasn't a seer. He didn't believe in the time travel thing that was just too silly, but his Professor not being a seer had just strike him as the truth for some reason.

He was quite wrong about that as well.

Obviously the man had been lying and really was a seer. There was no other way he could move about their homey, but cluttered house filled with red heads and not bump into anyone or anything at all. Indeed he seemed perfectly at peace in the Burrow, not needing to be told where the kitchen or the bathrooms were, never needing to ask someone twice for their name and effortless laughing at his younger brother's jokes, and keeping up with his elder brother's serious bland conversation.

Professor Potter was very suddenly a warm and friendly person who his parent's were easily able to approve of.

"You have such a welcoming home Mrs. Weasley!" He said with such sincerity that his mother blushed and insisted he have yet another serving of something.

"I've always been interested in the floo network ever since some friends of mine got stuck up a muggle chimney." His father worked with the floo network and Septimus has always thought it was a rather boring department.

There was stories and laughing and by the end of the meal even Septimus had almost forgotten the man didn't have red hair.

After the meal Harry, as he insisted he be called by everyone outside of school, talked highly of the wonderful adventures they would have in his trip without actually saying what the adventures would be. Of course he had an explanation for that.

"Well its mostly about the students getting some life experience. I understand that after Hogwarts most students are going to want to get jobs and start families. Very good things to do to be sure, but I really think it would be worth wile for them to see some of the more magical historical places the world has to offer." He never knew his Professor could sound so reasonable and sane. It really was unnerving.

"The reason I'm not saying exactly where we are going is because for one thing I'm not sure if we'll be able to go everywhere I want to and if one person only comes because they wanted to go to Egypt and then we just don't have to go to Egypt it would be very disappointing for the student were as if they've always wanted to go there it will be a happy surprise if we end up in Egypt! " Somehow he sounded as if putting one student's happiness above everyone's safety was perfectly normal and fine.

"And then of course I would like to take the students to a few muggle places. I think it will be a real learning experience for some of the children. Now if I told everyone that the students that could learn the most from it either won't want to come, their parents won't want them to come, or worse…they'll whine about it and come anyway and ruin the trip with the whining."

That really was the seller right there. His family was very light and the thought of the darker purebloods being forced into the muggle world was deeply amusing. If they did learn something all the better.

Septimus had always been interested in muggles and so didn't complain too much when it was revealed that this Professor was accepting some students early and his parents felt he should go ahead and go now so as not to bother his Professor by getting him at a later date.

Of course this was before he knew Malfoy, who still blamed him for whatever that curse was, was going to be there.

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