Tom Riddle and the Snorelacks

Fast Like Ninja

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Fast Like Ninja!

So the non threatening, wacky, weird, but completely harmless Divination teacher disarmed two skilled 5th years in 5 seconds flat when he had been eating popcorn, and they had been very alert as they were dueling.

For some reason Tom did not accept that the full accurate explanation was that, 'I'm just naturally fast like ninja'. This might be why he was being difficult and not allowing Harry to use him as a distraction; so Harry could switch Dumbledore's lemon drops with Harry's special ones.

Or it could be the fact that Tom was a Slythrine and Dumbledore had it out for him, so he wasn't very inclined to risk his self for none lethal revenge…but Harry was pretty sure he could have gotten him to do it anyways, if not for Tom being irate that Harry wouldn't give a straight answer.

In the end Harry was the distraction and Tom switched the lemon drops. Of course Tom also had a free pass into the restricted section for two full months for next year, and was allowed to borrow Harry's invisibility cloak for the rest of the day.

Hopefully Harry's attempt to do bonding activities with Tom wouldn't lead him into being Voldemort faster. The restricted section was a risk; as there laid the word Horcrux in one of the books somewhere, and then just letting him play with a Deathly Hollow for a day might not have been the very best idea…

Well…the future was messed up anyways, so Harry really didn't think he could make it much worse, besides Harry was a lucky guy when terrible things weren't happening to him… That had to count for something right? Right.

Dumbledore's point of view

Dumbledore had been pleased with himself after solving the problem with Mr. Riddle, pleased enough to decide to allow Professor Potter's trip. Of course without Tom, Dumbledore was sure Professor Potter could be persuaded to accept another student so as to keep whatever number it was he had been wanting.

Minerva McGonagall was an excellent student in Transfiguration and something of a protégé to him. Certainly she would be happy to tell him all about the trip when she got back. The fact that Minerva didn't like Divination didn't enter his mind, nor the fact that Potter wasn't too pleased with him. When you were Albus Dumbledore things just went according to plan one way or another.

"Albus!" His office door flew open to reveal a very happy Divination Professor.

"How are you Albus? I've had a most marvelous idea for my trip! And I know we've had a bit of a disagreement before, but I was just thinking that-"

Dumbledore knew there had been more talking after that. Yes something about fields and muggle candy factories, but everything seemed rather fuzzy at the moment and what was he doing in the court yard? Now that can't be right…I would have never said that! Dippet was certainly not his type and to have done such a thing in public…no… he must be confunded or suffering from a faultily memory charm.

He would go to the medical witch at once…after he found his socks and his wand that is.

Tom's point of view

Graceful, competent, and powerful were not words that Tom would have used to describe his Divinations teacher before. Of course before the man in question had not gracefully leap into action, competently handle a harmful situation and powerfully disarm two people with one spell and very skillfully use a banishing charm so that a student was moved just fast enough to get out of the way from an oncoming hex, but not using enough force to send the student crashing into something.

Did he mention the spells were cast silently and Potter never lost his popcorn? He was entirely too fast, too practiced to be a simple divinations teacher, though of course Harry had never claimed to be a 'simple' divinations teacher. Well the man was a seer, perhaps he had gone through training to be able to protect himself from those that would force him to use his power for their own profit?

A perfectly fine explanation except that Professor Potter did not use this perfectly fine explanation.

"I don't know why you all are looking at me like that. It's not my fault I'm naturally fast like ninja. Now eat your cookies."

It would have been highly amusing that he was intimidating a Weasley and a Malfoy to sit together eating cookies if he didn't keep looking at him and pouting over the fact that Tom was not yet eating a cookie. It was interesting that the Professor seemed to pout or look disapproving when he wanted Tom to do something instead of acting like he could force or intimidate him into doing anything.

Smart of him, unlike the other teachers Potter might actually be useful enough to keep around when Tom ruled the world.

With that happy thought Tom took a slow and deliberate bite of a cookie. Potter beamed making Tom instantly wonder if he had done something to the cookies, of course the Professor was eating the same cookies, but he might just be crazy enough to do so even if he had done something to them.

Harry wondered why Tom was staring at the cookie so seriously, but decided that it didn't really matter and now was the perfect time to tell the three boys of his plan. Rubbing his hands together evilly and giving his best smirk he began.

"So the spiked lemon drops will be done soon and I have the perfect plan-"

"Professor?" Said Weasley hesitantly.

"Yes Septimus?"

"I…I have homework… and I should really get that done before the trip…Charms! Have a charms essay. Very time consuming…may I be excused?"

Harry signed disappointedly.

"I suppose…"

"Thanks Professor!" He left the room quickly.Abraxas attempted a dignified exit raising from his chair and slowly walking towards the door as he spoke.

" I also have some more homework to get to I-"

"Oh fine! Just leave…" Harry said sourly as Abraxas quickened his pace and left.

"Do you want to hear my evil plan?" Harry turned hopefully to Tom.

"Evil?" Tom mocked raising an eyebrow.

"Well I'm combining drugs and love potion spiked lemon drops and giving them to another Professor hopefully with a students help. If not evil what would you call it?"

"Morally unethical." Tom said instantly.

"Same thing." Harry whined. Tom gave him a Look that seemed to be effective.

About 20 mins later after much negotiation Tom and Harry visited Slughorn, received the lemon drops, Harry added a 'very special' ingredient to them and they were off.

"Off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of oz! What? It's a classic song?"

Tom was beginning to have doubts about this plan. Harry's assurances that all would be well if Tom trusted him, didn't trip while under the invisibility cloak, and stopped looking at him like that while he was trying to sing did nothing to stop those doubts.

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