Tom Riddle and the Snorelacks

The Day of Judgment

Forgive me my fans for I have taken a loooooong time to get this next chapter.

My own pride is at fault really. Someone said the prank with Dumbledore wasn't very funny and I had planed to expand on what happened with him anyway, but I ended up swearing to that person the next chapter would be Super Funny.

Well it just didn't work out. I just couldn't do it how wanted to. I couldn't write out the chapter showing the prank, it kept being so stupid. I've rewritten this chapter at least 20 times and finally settled on this. I just don't think it's fair to make everyone wait so long when I have so many chapters planed out already.

So I'm really sorry that this is the best I could do when it's been so long. At least you can expect normal updates again. Maybe at some point I'll go back and try to write the scene again.

So without further ado, here's

The Day of Judgment

Tom was beginning to have doubts about this plan. Harry's assurances that all would be well if Tom trusted him, didn't help him trip while under the invisibility cloak, and stopped looking at him like that while he was trying to sing, did nothing to stop those doubts.

If it wasn't for the lure of the restricted section and the very interesting magical artifact draped over his head and shoulders Tom wouldn't have gone though with this at all.

However as it was he did have a priceless artifact on his head and a pass in his pocket, therefore he followed his Professor into Dumbledore's office to wait for the opportune moment.

"Albus!" Of course Professor Potter burst into the room like a mad man, why wouldn't he?

"How are you Albus? I've had the most marvelous idea for my trip! And I know we've had a bit of a disagreement before, but I was just thinking that-"

Ignoring Potter ,who was doing an excellent impression of a Gryffindor, (that being he was using large hand gestures and specking loudly as he could) Tom spied the lemon drops sitting innocently on Dumbledore's desk.

"That I really was being unreasonable and that it really wouldn't hurt to give you some vague idea of what I was doing. Mostly I needed your advice on a possible site location. Do you mind? You don't? Wonderful."

It was nice to know that Potter talked over everyone not just his students. Tom was now very close to the lemon drops, but it didn't do him much good as they were still in the candy loving fool's line of vision. Potter was soon to fix that.

The man still talking, moved himself to the very back of the room behind Dumbledore's desk and began feeling the wall as if he expected something to be there. Deciding this was attention stealing enough; Tom very carefully set the new bowel of lemon drops down on the desk and even more carefully picked up the original bowl of lemon drops and hid them under the amazing cloak he was quite pleased he got to borrow for the rest of the day. His job was done now all he had to do was wait for Potter to open the door and he could leave. Which Potter would do, now, soon, at some point when he stopped feeling that bleeding wall.

"I forgot they don't have projectors in this time, darn it! Oh well I can always do this."

With a wave of his wand at the wall a large black board appeared in the room. Harry promptly walked over and began scribbling with some chalk he seemed to pull out of no where.

Now would be a good time to note that Dumbledore had been paying Harry his full attention, eyes twinkling with grandfatherly amusement, rather pleased that the universe was right once more and things were going his way again.

Tom eyes followed Dumbledore's hand as it reached for a celebratory lemon drop.

Harry began to speak, talking loudly and gesturing at the board.

"Now I have around 15 locations thought out so far. Peru to Cuba and Austria, but my main problem is, should we go to Hershey Pennsylvania the American muggle chocolate factory-"

Dumbledore put the yellow sweet to his lips.

"- or should we venture into the Magwhana Swamp to try and find Madam Hegia who claims she can read people into books? For you see if we're doing the chocolate factor; Charlie and the Chocolate Factor would be the very best place."

Dumbledore swallowed the sweet and as his eyes took on a neon brightness never before seen, all hell broke lose before Tom's very eyes.

Several hours later

Tom's point of view

Tom's thoughts

In the Headmaster's office there was an elderly man pacing seemingly fretting about something, and a younger man looking quite relaxed in a chair nearby, who for some reason was a having a problem hiding his grinning, or to be more specific, was not hiding such a thing at all.

"Terrible, just terrible business Harry. I don't know what I would have done if you weren't there."

Not have the problem in the first place.

"Now, now Headmaster I'm sure you would have done admirably in my absence."

He's not even hiding how pleased he is.

"I've never been so embarrassed. We all knew he played on the other side of the pitch, but such vulgarity from the man!"

Tom had not known that, but it did explain why there had never been a Mrs. Dumbledore.

" Now I think you over exaggerate just a bit. It was rather sweet really saying that 'your nose was a standard, that brought most men to there knees' and that"

Tom wasn't sure if he should snort or shudder at this statement. Sweet? Really?

" No I can't hear it again!"

Neither can I. It was nauseating, but all things considering, it was also the most amusing thing he had ever seen.

" 'Your eyes shined like the perfect lemon drop'"

Now Professor Potter was just being cruel. Something Tom wholeheartedly approved of.

"Oh! And in front of Pomona…"

" That was the young women you were dining with? She was quite lovely even when Albus did spill pumpkin juice down her dress."

Tom smiled, it had been a wonderful timed moment of drugged coordination.

" Do you know who she is Professor!"

" Well I believe you said her name was-"

Always has to be obnoxious, Tom thought with an odd fondness.

"The Ministry's niece, Harry! The job interview was going so well, just going to have a nice lunch in the great hall before she left and then, then…"

Oh really…The Ministry's niece. I bet he planned that. Of course Potter would know she was coming.

" Well she took it well. Didn't run away until Albus stared removing clothing."

Not something he ever wanted to hear threaten again. Just the thought of it…

"Thank Merlin you got to him before he removed anything other then his socks."

Tom almost flinched. Dumbledore had very old, dry and wrinkled feet. Tom felt no reason he would have ever wanted to know that.

"Horribly sorry I didn't foresee this. The inner eye does not work upon command you know."

What was the expression Potter used? Of yes, it was a 'load of BS'. Although what BS stood for no one had yet to be able to figure out. Of course if Tom had cared to, he could have found out, but he didn't so it was at the moment unknown.

"Quite right, quite right."

"You aren't displeased? I called the authorities when he went screaming outside somewhere?"

Now seeing the magical law enforcement carry a confused Dumbledore off was the highlight of Tom's day, if not his year.

"I can't say I'm pleased with any of this, especially my Transfiguration teacher being arrested, but no… much as I hate to say it, Albus really lost his marbles this time. It was all for the best Harry. Don't know what happened to cause all that, but at least he didn't resist arrest."

A pity.

" He almost did until he retrieved his socks." Harry pointed out helpfully. Tom smirked.

" Lemon drops and socks." Dippet shock his head sadly.

" Maybe it was just the stress Headmaster. We live in trying times and he is getting on in age. However perhaps he should be looked at by a mind healer before he comes back to teach. Just in case after all."

Oh how perfect, a lovely suggestion by his 'oh so caring Professor as always.'

"Right, right. I can't have my successor being crazy. At least there is one bit of sliver lining."

And you're telling it to Potter?

" And that is?"

No one notices when he looks over eager and ominous.

" That the people that brought Dumbledore in at least have some respect for this school and its teachers. This won't be spread across the headlines at least."

Potter's sharp green eyes seemed to pierce Tom even under the invisibility cloak. Potter gave a slow warm smile.

" Of course, Sir. Thank goodness for that."

" I'll say it again Professor Potter. I don't know what I'd do without you."

More of the pandering to Potter, and Dippet has no idea.

" Well you'll have me until the contract I signed that I was blackmailed into runs out, but don't worry I'll stick around just a little while longer after that happens. Want to make sure everything is running soothingly and that you won't ever forget what you did-What the school has meant to me, that is."

What was that? Why and how for that matter could Potter have been blackmailed?

Dippet of course didn't notice a thing and after a few more moments Tom followed Potter out.

"When you spy on me you need to remember that you are both solid, make noise, and that it's my cloak. Of course I knew you were using it."

Tom carefully, slipped the clock off and calmly faced his Professor.

" It wasn't you I was hiding from."

" True, Tom?"

" Yes Professor?"

"First of all call me Harry in the summertime. You're not taking classes and you should always be on first name terms with people after you something illegal; well I suppose your words 'morally unethical' sound a little better there."

" Very well…Harry." Might as well just go with it, Po- Harry's own brand of logic was not something one should look too deeply into.

" Now second of all. There is this horrible little girl. No not horrible I'm not allowed to say that, but there is a 3rd year girl in Ravenclaw whose mother happens to be a rather well known reporter. Little Rita does not take divination, but I have the futuristic feeling that I should put aside my own feelings and have a nice long talk with her mother. The reporter as I said."

" Indeed. Well if there is…" Tom couldn't bring himself to say 'futuristic feelings'.

" If there is something telling you that's what you should do, then I wish you the best of luck."

"Won't you come with me Tom? I'm sure you and Mrs. Skeeter would have just as much to talk about as I. Now this doesn't have anything to do with anything, but did you know the woman has been trying to get some dirt on our dear Transfiguration teacher for years? Such a hard thing to believe, of course."

" Of course. I suppose I have finished most of my summer work."

" Wonderful Tom! Our journey tomorrow will be filled with fun and of course-"

Harry waited a moment as if he expected Tom to finish his sentence, beaming for some odd reason when Tom raised his eyebrow.

" Much Awesomeness!"

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