Tom Riddle and the Snorelacks

Third Day of Summer!

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Third Day of Summer!

This time Harry did not wake up to the screaming of a Malfoy or the screaming of anyone in fact. Actually, his morning started out very peaceful. As Harry lay in bed, looking up at the bright green ceiling with swirling purple patterns, he thought back to yesterday.

The most important thing was that Harry and Tom had bonded. Yes it had taken bribery and the public humiliation of Dumbledore, but in the end Harry had gotten Tom to call him Harry; and that was a wonderful fist step towards...err…his plan, yes, the plan that he would remember. His plan of…err making a better future!

Now everyone knows that Harry's plans are best left vague so that was a perfectly acceptable statement and needed no further thought, for obviously things were going well.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

"There's an owl."

"Then go and get it."

" You go get Weasley. Some of us have more important things to do then fetch owls."

Tap. Tap. Tap.

" Is it too much to ask for one of you to stop acting like small child and remember you have a wand?"

Tom who was still in a good mood from yesterday nonchalantly used his magic to open the window, which appear to be a mistake for the owl quickly flew through the window and attacked Harry.

Harry who had been rather amused over Malfoy's and Weasley's little fight soon fond himself in a fight for his life, battling beak and claw. Harry did the only thing he could think of this early in the morning. He screamed.

Hedwig's point of view

I am the fastest owl, the smartest owl, and the of course an owl of amazing beauty.

I chose my human the day I saw him walking with the big man out the window of the prison I was in. I allowed the big man to escort me to my chosen human and I have trained my human for a great many years.

To say I was most displeased when my human disappeared is an understatement.

I could feel that my chosen was not dead, yet no matter where I looked, where I flew I could not sense him.

This was very frustrating. What was even more frustrating was that after I realized I would need help from the other humans, ones my human often conversed with, were useless. None of them could lead me to my human no matter how hard I pulled their hair or snapped at their fingers.

It was a very long time before I found the one the other humans thought were odd and she helped me find my human.

It was not a fun trip and my human was going to pay for my unhappiness in fingers, after I receive my pound of flesh I expect much praise and many owl treats!

Harry's point of view.

It had started as such a lovely day too. On the one hand Harry was thrilled to see his beloved owl again, he was in fact moved to tears. And he would swear to Hedwig in a rather pleading voice that his tears were a sign of his love for her and not a reaction to the numerous scratches on his face, arms, and hands.

After he was rescued by Septimus, Malfoy had been to busy laughing, and Tom had undoubtedly been questioning every good thing he had ever thought about his Professor who had now been defeated by an owl; yes, after that Harry had managed to raise from his tangle of blanket, torn bits of pillow, and feathers.

He was quick to get Hedwig away from Septimus before he could also suffer.

"Come on girl, don't kill the boy. Here you want my arm? Yes, you can stand on my arm and rip it to ribbons if you'll stop going for the eyes. Ouch! Good girl, that's my sweet girl. I've missed- Ah! That hurts. - You so much my wonderful special little girl. Yes, I'm so sorry I had to leave you darling. It wasn't my fault. Of course I wanted to take you with me, but I didn't know that it was about to happen so I couldn't bring you along-"

Tom's point of view

It was a beautiful snowy owl, her head was held higher then a Malfoy's, her eyes flashed with malice, and she had some of Harry's blood on her beck and talons. Tom was very nearly impressed by the owl, not so much with his professor who was standing in his night clothes cooing apologies and sweet words to the creature.

Abraxas had finally stopped his laughing fit and now decided to sneer scornfully and stupidly enough to speak.

"It's your owl then? I'm not surprised you would be the one to have such an untrained and misbehaving owl."

Professor Potter seemed to freeze and the owl that had been grinding her claws into the man's flesh very slowly turned her head around to face Abraxas.

Harry screamed, 'Duck!' at the some time as the owl launched herself off of his arm directly at Abraxas's face.

As Harry tried to enlist Septimus's help while he removed the angry owl from Abraxas's face, Tom deiced to take a leaf out of his professor's book and find a place out of harms way to enjoy the show. Tom was never very found of popcorn, but he wouldn't have minded having his breakfast at the same time as the entertainment.

About 25 mins. later

Tom had an inkling that the fun had yet to stop and so followed the 3 injured wizards to the infirmary as they waited for the nurse to gather the healing salves needed; Harry discovered that the somewhat demonic owl was carrying a letter.

"Oh do you have a letter for me, Hedwig?" There was a sharp sound as the powerful looking beak snapped close to fingers.

" I know your mad at me and that you have every right to be mad at me, but can I please have my letter. Honey? Sweetheart? The most beautiful, powerful, amazing owl in the whole world. You really are the best you know, I bet no other owls ever delivered a letter through time before."

The owl seemed to decide that this was decent enough, groveling for now, and slowly allowed the letter to be taken from her.

" Oh, its Luna!" Said Harry looking remarkably happy for someone that has blood dripping off his nose from one very long scratch.

" Hmm? What was that dear?" Said the medic witch in a high pitched girly voice. None of the students could stand her bedside manor or her personality at all really.

Once again Harry seemed to freeze as if only now understanding where he was.

Harry's point of view

Dear Harry,

This is Luna. I was in the mountains trying to study the breeding patterns of the 2 tailed ratmokeies when Hedwig found me and wanted me to find you so I deiced to do so, but upon my arrival I received a wonderful lead on a pack of Heliopaths! It's possible that in this time the Ministry has yet to capture them all and I can save the species! It's all very thrilling. I've sent Hedwig on ahead of me as she was clearly worried for you.

I expect I'll find you even without Hedwig's help. The Nargles are always willing to help with such things as long as I give them mike, honey, and toenail clippings.

PS: Hedwig may be a bit mad at you. I'd watch my fingers and hair. At one point she went around attacking everyone she had seen you talking to before. Ronald, Hermione, Neville and I, though of course we understood, but Professor McGonagall was none to pleased and Draco Malfoy swears his hair will never be the same again.

How amazing. How wonderful. Another Malfoy's hair had suffered. Oh and he got in contact with a friend he hadn't heard from in years, there was that too.

Harry was so pleased and excited that he had almost forgotten that he was in her domain.

" Hmm? What was that dear?" Two things you should know about Madam Brusly. One she lusted after Harry and two…well…lets just say she strongly reminded him of Umbridge. There was nothing else for it, but to jump up point behind her and scream.

" It's a man eating Heliopath!"

Harry ran all the way to Slughorn's office, as surly he would have something for his cuts, and as far he knew the man did not harbor any kind of crush on him.

And to think all this excitement and they hadn't even had breakfast yet.

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