Tom Riddle and the Snorelacks

Off to see the Skeeter!

Off to see the Skeeter!

At breakfast

It was hard to tell if Tom was more amused or disappointed with him. If he was disappointed, chances were he would forgive him before Hedwig would. His beautiful smart owl that he had since he was 11 had forsaken him. She had moved on, left him for the foreseeable future.

Harry knew his owl. It was apparent that Septimus, who had helped Harry, was labeled as Harry's accomplice and Hedwig acted accordingly by ignoring him just as she did Harry. Abraxas, however was even more in the doghouse than Harry and was glared at anytime he spoke. If Abraxas had been so inclined to make made proper apologies he would been forgiven faster than Harry, but Harry saw it as sliver lining that Abraxas was obviously not so inclined.

Out of all of them it wasn't so surprising who Hedwig had chosen as her favorite to further snub Harry. Harry would have been quite pleased really how they were getting along, if his owl wasn't mad at him of course.

After a truly epic staring contest where there was no clear winner, Hedwig had proceeded to invade Tom's personal space picking food off of his plate and trying to affectingly nip at his fingers. At first Tom had seemed fairly unnerved by this behavior in the owl and that was amusing, but Tom being Tom soon reached the decision not to bother the owl that defeated his teacher and two of his classmates and instead ignored her as she did what she liked.

This called for pouting. She was his owl. His. They had been though so much together. He had thought he would never see her again. But now she was back…and ignoring him in favor of Tom Riddle. He was only allowing this to mess with Harry, the little git and after all Harry had done for him!

This might even call for whining. Harry wondered just how much respect he would lose if he started whining about his owl not liking him anymore?

Hedwig nuzzled Tom hand in an attempt to steal his food and succeeded, she then shoot Harry a short smug look and returned to Tom and the food.

Screw whining, Harry had now reached the point of sulking into his breakfast.

Septimus who had never seen his professor so upset deiced to try and cheer the man up.

"Umm sir, I'm sure your owl will forgive you soon."

Abraxas snorted at the idea of Hedwig's forgiveness and stubbornly ignore her glare of doom at his noise.

"No she won't. I haven't seen her in years and she was mad at me for days when I spoke to her sharply once. Alas I have been forsaken! You stole my owl Tom!"

There goes the superior eyebrow going up.

"I don't think your owl appreciates the idea the she would let herself be stolen."

Oh Tom just won himself some brownie points with Hedwig. Harry could feel his pouting lip growing by the second.

"S..Sir? It's better then being peaked at all the time, right?" It seemed the redhead really was determined to make Harry stop pouting.

Harry slowly turned to look at him.

"No… It's not…" He wasn't whining over an owl, he was whining over one of his best friends, so there.

"Are you going to sulk all day?" Asked Abraxas snottily.

"Yes and the day after that, and the day after, and the one after that one."

If the way the three boys' looked at him was any indication this was a confirmation of his weirdness. Joy.

After breakfast

Harry was mostly back to normal after breakfast. Hedwig would get over it eventually and Harry did deserve it, however this brought up an interesting question of how the boys' would act if they really thought Harry was depressed? Septimus had already spoken up more than was normal when he was around the two Slythrines and that was a good thing, right?

It really wouldn't hurt to stretch his unhappiness out just a bit to see if he had bonded with them at all, and by them he meant Tom. Septimus was a nice kid that already was trying to cheer him up and Abraxas was a brat, not hard to see what he would do after all.

Decisions, decisions. Well, it would be something new to do until he got bored with it…so why not?

"Alright who's coming with me to Skeeter's house?" Harry said in a dull voice, while biting the inside of his cheek to keep from grinning. Just how long could he keep this up?

"Homework." Said Abraxas instantly, the little uncaring arse.

"Err…ah…I'll go?" Septimus really doesn't have much confidence in me does he?

"Thank you Sep." Harry mumbled, so hard not to be cheerful, but never fear for he would prevail!

Harry then looked at Tom.

Tom then looked at Harry.

"I agreed yesterday." Tom said in a voice which clearly meant. 'Don't you remember you idiot?' He had a point really, but Harry was being all depressed here and when he was depressed his IQ went down, well that's what Hermione said anyway.

What was the point in this again? Whatever, he now needed to give his students information to survive, though it was weird talking so bland when he wanted to be strangely cheerful. After all they might collect another student today and it would be so interesting to see how they react too little Rita. Not only that, but Harry was going to get Mrs. Skeeter to drown Dumbledore in the dirt Harry had on him. It would be a very enjoyable day.

"Well let's be off, then. Now there are many things you need to know before we meet the dangerous creature that is a reporter, especially one of her skills. Watch your words, tone, facial expressions, and posture. She can smell fear and will sink her teeth into any weakness."

Harry kept up his monologue of very important reporter handling advice, but in as lifeless of a voice as he could manage as they left Hogwarts.

" Always demand to look over her notes before you leave no matter how rude it seems. While you should not appear shifty don't look into her eyes for too long just in case."

Harry was even boring himself at this point, but luckily the act was already getting to Sep. It's amazing how loud teenagers talk when they think adults aren't listening to them.

"Do something Riddle."

"I don't know what you're talking about, Weasley."

"Don't play dumb Riddle it doesn't suit you."

He had that right, but what was Sep on about? Oh, yeah Harry needed to keep talking.

"Never eat or drink anything a reporter gives you. If you can, destroy their self writing quills. Always remember that bribes and blackmail are your best friends in this case. Bribes of great stories are better than the kind with money because it's not illegal and they will get both money and fame if they get a good enough story so that's worth more."

"Look you need to fix him. He's not, I mean he…well he's not singing!"

" He doesn't always sing and I fail to see how him not singing is a bad thing."

"Riddle, he's unhappy and that's making him…err odd. Odder then usual and in a bad way, I mean."

" I highly doubt our Professor needs fixing and if he did, then, as you're the one that's concerned, you should be the one to 'fix him', as you put it."

Tom appeared completely bored and Septimus was looking very pissed off at the other boy.

Harry turned his face away from them and grinned. This was too fun.

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