Tom Riddle and the Snorelacks

Meeting Rita

Hey everyone! I've been super busy and this turned into a rather long chapter. Lots of character development in this one. Deep thoughts of the charters and such. Think of it as setting the scene for Harry's take on everything. I hope you enjoy it.

Rita's point of view

Rita didn't know how it happened, well she did, but the whole thing just seemed so surreal. The straight facts were that her mother had been given unbelievable awe-inspiring dirt to bury Dumbledore for a long time. This had made her mother very happy.

The two students he had brought with him had not known any of this information, and were noticeable shocked by it. The red headed one had seemed overly concerned with the Professor's well being and the brown headed one had seemed to dislike her mother for an unknown reason. And last but certainly not least, Rita would be joining them on this field trip into the unknown. Rita was rather excited about this.

Now the top rate reporter facts were of course different, but that didn't mean they couldn't be true with enough evidence. Her mother had been taken in by the professor's charms and wit and had fallen madly in love with him. She was fairly certain that one, if not both, of these male students he had with him also has a crush on the Professor and that Professor Potter was completely oblivious to all three of the people lusting after him. It could also be theorized that someone with his supposed skill with the inner eye was simply not possible, thus he really was from another time or even another world; though he was still a seer in that other time period or world, of course.

It was the juiciest story she had ever had and her hand was just itching for a quill. Oh, Rita was thrilled she was going on this trip! Would one of the man's students win his heart? Would they be in peril? Would he make an amazing prediction or prophecy? Where would they go, what would they see? Why was he taking them on a field trip anyways, and why does he keep looking at the boy with an owl on his shoulder so sadly?

Of course, now that she thought about it; she could answer that one. The professor must have had a break up with that boy, but they still had feelings for each other. The red headed one was trying to comfort the man and start a relationship with him.

Now that made so much sense.

Rita's mother point of view

By the end of the day Mrs. Skeeter knew she had met an amazing man. She knew it was a life changing experience in her career. Not only did she have an inside scope of Dumbledore's recent mental failing that she would write was from an 'anonymous' source, she had the man's history, his dirty past, his scandal.

Oh, this would keep the headlines for weeks! She could make up half a dozen articles tonight and they would be hot and ready for the next day's press. She couldn't stop the flush of excitement from her face as that wonderful man gave her the keys to her success. This was just what she needed to really get her name out there!

Of course the students he had brought with him had only managed to bring yet another angle to the life and manipulations of one Albus Dumbledore. She had nearly enough information to write a full novel about the man. Just some research, some interviews. It would be ridiculously deliciously controversial; though perhaps she would let Rita come up with the name if she did publish a book "Life and Manipulates" just didn't have the right ring to it.

If there was anything that wasn't completely perfect it was the little bump they had run into regarding those two boys. Of course the Weasley wasn't much help, his family always having a strong support of Dumbledore that was not any surprise. He was able to give another view of Dumbledore's humiliation earlier so the boy hadn't been completely useless.

It was the other boy that had so much potential and just refused to let her use it. He would do nothing more then hinting at the ways he had been wrong by the professor. Oh he had plenty of examples of other students being unfairly treated, but his story, and she could tell he had a story, he would not speck up on.

An orphan that was abused by his Transfiguration teacher would have been the icing on the cake for Dumbledore's ruin.

Perhaps it was the silly teenager mentality of not wanting to look weak, but she had been surprised that Professor Potter who had been so open, pleasant, and not afraid to answer her hard questions had backed the boy up on that occasion.

Looking back he had been very protective of both boys. Drawing the line firmly when she tried to acquire some basic background. Considering just how profitable his visit had been over all she decided his dedication to keeping the pressure off his young charges was admirable. Of course it could be spun in a very different way, but for once her quill would be so busy that even a possible inappropriate relationship between a Professor and his students would fail to compare.

Besides unlike the marvelous man, Professor Potter, while she was not a seer she could foresee a very long and profitable relationship between herself and the Divination's professor. Very profitable indeed.

Septimus's point of view

Septimus was very unhappy. He was unhappy that his professor was unhappy because a depressed Professor Potter was just…wrong. It was unnerving and made him uncomfortable for he had never seen Profes-Harry, sad in any of the classes he had with the man before. Most of the time Pro-Harry was very energetic and even if he wasn't pleased he was normally sarcastic.

There was also the fact that Harry could be a rather warm person such as when he had visited Septimus's family. It had been so natural for him to be there; like he was part of the family. He had also looked out for him in school that time, like an older brother would have.

It was embarrassing, but Septimus had always longed for an older sibling. A real older sibling not like the one he did have that could talk of nothing but the most boring of things and was useless for any kind of brotherly support. He had tons of younger brothers and they all went to him when they wanted something or needed something.

He fell into the responsible older brother slot at home because the real oldest couldn't be bothered. His parents were very loving and he could of course go to them for anything, but they had to take care of the little ones first and that was a very busy job. He understood that and accepted it for the most part. It was only with Professor Potter, becoming Harry, that it had become a bit harder to bare.

It was very embarrassing and stupid to start thinking of a Professor that you were just another student to in a brotherly fashion so he had tried very had to keep such thoughts out of his head, however Harry being Harry hadn't helped with this.

Harry was very informal, he had insisted that they all call him by his first name and he had given both Malfoy and him nicknames. Calling Harry professor was like a natural block that laid out exactly where their relationship stood and getting rid of that hadn't made things easier on Septimus.

At this point Septimus could admit he cared more for the strange Professor than he should; seeing as he was becoming increasingly upset over the man's mood and Riddle's stubbornness.

He knew Riddle could fix this if he wasn't such an unfeeling Slythrine arse.

It is therefore with all of this on his mind that Septimus would face the evil known as 'The Reporter' completely unprepared. Luckily, his Professor, who was throwing brotherly vibes at him, was there to save the day.

Tom's point of view

It was an enlightening experience, speaking to the reporter, and Tom doubted he would have faired as well as he did without his Professor there. His Professor, who he was almost certain, was faking his poor mood. It was completely out of character for the man, and while he did seem rather upset at first over the owl, Tom was sure he had bounced back rather quickly and was now just acting for amusements sake.

Well, Tom was mostly sure. If he was right then his Professor wouldn't keep the game up that long. Even if he was really upset he would get over it on his own…Probably. Either way it was not up to Tom to interfere... unless it carried on until the trip then he may have to do something, just so that Harry wasn't distracted enough to get them all killed. That was the only reason, really.

Anyways, the reporter was like a shark sensing blood and going after it with an overwhelming force. He was certain she couldn't see though his well mannered mask, but she had an instinct for secrets. Could easily tell and was suspicious of any slight change of topic, facial expression, or tone of voice. It was actually harder to be interviewed by the woman than it was engaging in pureblood politics.

Harry had been quite right that this woman had the power and intelligence to destroy Dumbledore's reputation if given the right materials and, oh, had she been given the right materials.

The immense amount of personal information Harry had on Dumbledore was staggering. It was also rather frightening if he had gained that much information only using his abilities, than what might he learn of Tom and his future plans?

It had been amusing when she had cornered the simpleminded little Weasley and demanded to know his thoughts about this new information coming to light about his professor. Harry had allowed the boy to suffer the questions of the reporter only for a few moments. She had soon turned the conversation towards what the boys' family would think and Harry had apparently believed that to be pushing too far and politely, but very firmly, asked her to move on.

It wasn't nearly as amusing when she had turned to him. Things were fine at first. He had lots to say and informed her he wasn't surprised by this information at all, which was a complete lie that he had backed up with his knowledge of numerous faults and bad behaviors of the man to other students. Some of which was true and others were taken if only slight out of context.

This was not enough for the reporter. She seemed to sense his dislike for the man and pushed to find out why he personally didn't like Dumbledore. Not getting a satisfying answer, she wanted to know his history, his past, and the relation he had had with the Transfiguration Professor.

Deciding to work with that he allowed her to know that Dumbledore had never liked him and he believed the reason why was because the man hadn't liked his impression of him when they first met. That was true, but he made it sound like it was his intelligence and ambition Dumbledore had disliked.

Despite giving her more to work with she now wanted to know even more about him. It got to the point where he didn't want her to think he was muggleborn and was forced to admit he was an orphan, and he could tell from the expression on her face that things would not go well.

He had to make sure she didn't write anything about his background. Facts like that printed in the paper could make things much harder for him in accomplishing his goals.

"Mrs. Skeeter…" His Professor's voice was oddly quite and sounded rather dangerous.

"The past, the families, and the private lives of these boys is not in anyway your business. I expect to see a great many articles about Dumbledore, but none about my students." He smiled softly.

Harry's intervention was not really need. Tom would have handled it just fine on his, but he wouldn't say it was unwelcome.

"Please keep in mind they are minors and while they may give anonymous statements to the paper their names are not to be used. You after all, must have permission to do more than that."

While unnerved, Skeeter would not give up that easily.

"Well seeing as your responsibly for them at the time; with your permission I could-"

"You do not have it. If you would like to speak of backgrounds, I believe I could interest you in a few facts about Dumbledore's past yes?"

The reporter let Tom's background go in favor of juicer meat, but Tom had learn valuable lesson here about reporters and how they should be approached with caution.

If Harry had know his thoughts he would have been very proud.

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