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Permission forms the excitment

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Permission forms

Harry Potter sat on his desk and swung his legs back and forth happily. He had taught Divination for two years sense that faithful day when he fell from the sky. He still had no idea how to get home, but he was enjoying the break from having an evil manic trying to kill him. There were a lot of complicated things about time lines, other universes, and possibly saving the world that Harry had given up understanding after he had spent almost all of last year in the Hogwarts library. Instead Harry had a new plan a plan that would involve the greatest field trip Hogwarts had ever had! Muwhahaha! (Harry of course was ignoring that fact that this was the only field trip Hogwarts will have ever had.)

The 5th year Divination students ignored their Professor's laugher. It was common knowledge after all, that he was cracked as an egg and twice as scrambled. However a few more intuitive students noticed that there Professors laugh had an edge to it. An undertone that spoke of great forbidding. Tom was one of these students.

Tom's Point of view

Tom watched his teacher wearily. The man was planning something; well obviously even a fool could see that. Glancing at his stupid unsuspecting classmates Tom confirmed that his classmates were worse then fools. Not that he hadn't realized that some time ago, but it was still a depressing thought. Normally Tom wouldn't care that the man was planning something, the 'wanna be time traveler' didn't exactly come off as very threatening person. However due to the conversation that had been held yesterday Tom was very alert to the man's every movement.

Professor Potter could be his only hope to escaping the orphanage this year. As the man straighten, claimed his mouth shut into what looked like a blood thirsty smile and raised his wand to make a loud noise and shoot sparks into the air calling for the classes attention, Tom felt if only very slightly hopeful. And then Professor Potter spoke.

"Hello students! Can any of you predict what I am going to do this summer? No! Of course you can't and I'm not going to tell you. Well at least I shall give you no specifies about it! I am going on an adventure and I am taking at least a few of you with me."

Professor seemed to tremble in excitement as he gazed at his students seemly sizing them up for there usefulness.

"I was horrified to find out that Hogwarts does not offer any field trips. Luckily our good, great, and all around …err…intelligent Headmaster Dippit gave me the idea that I should do something it!"

The students seemed mystified by the odd Professor a common thing in this classroom, only a few of them beginning to look as if they could feel the possible upending doom that came with Potter's words.

"Now this trip may be fraught with perils or be rather mundane, we might actually accomplish something, or find it was entirely useless. No matter what happens I am certain you will learn something whither it is the meaning of life or how to bake a cake."

Several students were blinking oddly. Some students like Tom were trying to look underneath the underneath, to read between the lines of the Professor's words to find hidden wisdom or least some sense. They weren't having much luck.

"I shall not tell you setting of our travel or travels I will however tell you that the time will be the week after the last day of school. My trip shall last all summer, but you are all free to go home whenever you feel like it. I'll be passing out one way portkey to Hogwarts and letting you know the activation code so if at any time you feel your life may be at jeopardy or that your ears are in danger of falling off you may be sent swiftly to a place of safely, however keep in mind that doing so will be ending your trip."

"Mr. Fudge!" The words said sharply and completely randomly. Mr. Fudge fell out of his sit making a shocked sound. Then he scrambled back into his sit and addressed his teacher.

"Eeep! …Sir?"

"Pass these out to the class won't you Fudge?"

"Yes sir."

"What Mr. Fudge is handing out is permission forms you must get a parent or guardian sign. It is spelled against tampering by the way. It more or less says that you will be with me for an unknown amount of time in an unknown place and as long as I try to keep you from dying I won't get into trouble if you do die or get hurt."

Mr. Potter was stared at.

"Of course it sounds a lot better in the form. Please read the form the form and never sign one like it yourself because it has more loopholes then the some of the ministry laws…and that is really saying something."

Tom received his form and was rather surprised to see it was very formal and well written, as the Professor had said it was much like ministry laws. The thought made him smirk as he carefully considered putting his life in the hands of his mentally unstable teacher so as to escape his summer living quarters.

"Now for anyone that really wants to go, but doesn't believe they we be allowed to go. You may write to me and I can come by and try to convince your parent or guardian to allow you to go. Err if I actually want you to go that it. Sorry to be blunt, but if you're really annoying I'm probably not going to go out of my way to help you spent more time with me. Sorry."

He did not sound sorry at all by the way. Undoubtedly a few puffs were giving him points for honestly.

"Now for those of you that think this will be a time to goof off with friends you might be right or you might be wrong …and suffer."

"Alright then enough about that. Have you all been drinking your tea while I've been talking? No! Very well then. Please vanish whatever tea is still in your teapot and proceed to finding shapes in the mush. If you see a Grim I ask you not to join us on our trip this summer. Your death might ruin the mood for the others. If they actually like you that is, some of them might rejoice."

The last part was muttered as if he didn't want the impressionable 15 year olds to hear him. So of course they all heard and made appropriate faces.

Sometimes Tom admired the man and other times he felt like he wouldn't want to be associated with him ever, most of the time it was a cross between the two.

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