Tom Riddle and the Snorelacks

Fond Memories

Hello everyone! I have one person who said they wanted Abraxas to join the fun on the trip and this amused me as I had already written him into this chapter when I saw that review. I think you will be amused by Harry's reaction to one of the people that made Lucius and Draco a reality.

So that is one vote for Abraxas to join the trip. I like him so he will most likely go.

This chapter has been Betaed.

Fond Memories

The bell rang and the class left. Harry was left with his thoughts and memories. He remembered his first day as a teacher. Being introduced to the students had not been fun.


First Morning

"Hello students. Some of you may have noticed the new landscape on Hogwart's grounds. I am talking of course, about the large creator that can now be found where the quidditch field is. You may be interested to know this is the work of that man right over there."

Said man seemed to shrink into his chair as he tried to ignore the hundreds of eyes now trained on his person.

"He is a very confused seer and he did not mean to blow up our grounds. I'm sure our caretaker will have it back to normal soon."

Both the new man at the staff table and the groundskeeper felt the need to glare at the Headmaster, or rather the idiotic man that stood at the center of their table.

"At the moment he has given us the name Harry Potter, but of course there is no such person and he is simply very confused. Until we know what his real name is you will be referring to him as Professor Potter from now on because he is joining our staff as the new Divination teacher. Please give a warm welcome to Professor Potter!"

Harry was sure if it was possible for eyebrows to clap his applause, that would have been a very large one indeed, however as they couldn't he received a very modest applause and the non-sound of many eyebrows rising in sequence.

End Flashback!

Now his first class had been much more fun. It was 3rd year and was mixed with all the houses as there weren't that many people who took Divination. Of course Tom was there, it was after all just Harry's luck that he would be.


First class.

Of course his first class was third years with Tom Riddle in it. Why wouldn't it be?

"Err…Hi! First of all I am Professor Potter and I am not a ruddy seer."

Might as well be honest.

"I'm a time traveler that apparently can't exist or time and space would have exploded or something."

Now that they had faith in the teacher let's give them some faith in the subject.

"Now Divination is completely pointless unless you are a seer or a centaur. Most of you won't see a thing in a crystal ball, will misread tea leafs, invent the dreams you are suppose to find meaning in, some may even ruin their life by believing in a very vague prophecy, *Cough* and others lives as well *Cough*."

He tried not to look at Tom Riddle, but failed miserably.

"So I am here…because I'm forced to be here, but I'm also here to see if any of you have an 'inner eye'." He did the bunny ears hand sign for 'inner eye'.

"Oh and to teach the rest of you how to act, look and go through the motions of muggle fortune tellers."

Harry noticed a few students looking at him with deep amusement, some of them seemed disappointed and unhappy, but most of them seemed disbelieving and unsure if they should be amused or not. Tom looked to be both disbelieving and amused and disappointed if that were even possible. Which, who knows it might be possible.

"Let's start with the crystal ball. You shouldn't be covering this yet, but it's not like you need to do anything in a certain order when it comes to this stuff. Get up and go get a ball over there and we shall start."

"Alright you all have your balls."

One annoying student decided to giggle.

"It's really not that funny."

"Look at them, clear your mind, and try to see something. Don't be surprised if you see fog or your reflection"

One happily-go-lucky Gryffindor snorted. Someone raised their hand.

"Yes, Mr. Malfoy?"

"How do we clear our minds Sir?" This was said snottily.

"I have no idea. Try not thinking and if that doesn't work find someone you know doesn't think and ask them."

The annoying giggling student was overcome with mirth and fell out of his sit.

"I foresee a dark future for you Mr. Fudge!"

The annoying one was reviled and he had this to say.


"No not really. I don't know anything about you, but your grandson or some relative or another will become the Ministry of Magic one day… and be a very stupid weak man that lines his pockets with Mr. Malfoy's son or his grandson or some relative's money, doing anything the Malfoy tells him to do."

Harry was stared at, but while he was on the subject of Malfoy.

"What's your first name?"

"…Abraxas sir."

"Ah. Considering the time period…Umm…Pity"

"What's a pity?"

Harry was amused that Malfoy seemed flustered.

"I forgot that you wouldn't live to see that and I was going to say something about your son, but it would be rather rude you did die rather young after all. Best I keep my mouth shut I suppose." Harry tailed off and gazed off into space completely amused by the Malfoy's expression and his rapidly paling skin.

"What exactly do you mean by-"Draco's grand daddy started with the air of being offended.

The bell rang.

"For homework look into a reflective surface and try to see something besides your own reflection. When you fail make something up and we will discuss that next class."

"Good by class."

Harry waved at them maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all.

End Flash back!

Harry found he enjoyed teaching. Considering he sometimes slipped up about people's futures and random futuristic things his students learned more about the future then he ever had from Trelawney, at least while he was in class that is. He wasn't counting her Prophesies that ruined his life.

Speaking of the Prophecy he had a faint hope if he could convince Tom that Divination was a load of crap maybe he would ignored the prophecy in his future and make a time line where Harry's parents weren't killed. What? It was perfectly reasonable and as good a reason as any, for why he made his class transfigure their clothes to look like a muggle fortune teller and practice their oracle voices. So he was bored when he made them do that. Trelawney always dressed that way so she must have thought it helped the powers of the inner eye, some way or another.

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