Tom Riddle and the Snorelacks

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Thank you so much for all the reviews! It makes me so happy!

Someone asked if there would be romance between Harry and Tom in this fic. My first reaction was no because this is a humor fic and I didn't want to go into romance, however with Harry's personality and Tom's current thoughts on Harry in this fic I can see where I could work in Tom have a humorish crush on his Divination Professor.

If I did this it would be in a humor stand point. If people wanted me to I could put in some fluff scenes between the two, but I don't think I'd be able to keep the amusement if they had a sexual relationship.

So what your opinion my friends? Yes have Harry/Tom or No don't have Harry/Tom?

Also I really wish my not logged in reviewers would log in so I could respond to them personally.

Student's opinion.

This chapter has been Betaed.

Harry Potter was sneaky, sly, and bold enough to follow people. He was not stalking, whatever gave you that idea?... Well he did have an invisibility cloak that no one knew about, but he was not stalking, just eavesdropping.

There was nothing wrong with dropping in sometimes, especially around snakes. Snakes that were discussing his up and coming field trip as a matter of fact.

Tom's P.O.V and Harry's thoughts

"So…" One of Tom's more unimportant minions addressed him.

"What do you think Tom?" Tom's other minions all turned to him wanted to hear his take before any of them expressed the wrong opinion, which one of them was bound to do anyway. In this case the idiot that spoke up was Lestrange.

"Well it's obvious that the man's a Lunatic. I wouldn't go on that trip of his for all the Galleons in Gringotts!"

Like I would want you to come with me. You're not awesome enough to go on my Field Trip anyways!

"I wasn't talking to-"Started the unimportant one.

"Then you would be a fool." Said Tom darkly, directing his eyes toward Lestrange the power in them making him cringe.

Ohhh Burn!

"I suppose it would be expecting too much from you to think you would have noticed that Potter was researching all last year. He spent more time in the Restricted section then all the 7th years combined." Tom turned his gaze from Lestrange to address the others that surrounded him in worship.

What does that have to do with anything?

"Professor Potter was planning on going on this trip alone before he deiced to involve students. As muddled as he appears we can't deny that he is a seer, and from what I've read about seers he sees much more clearly than most. He must see his journey being more successful if he includes some of the students." And now he saw that his minions were slowly beginning to think. Oh so slowly.

Oh Tom. So smart, yet so wrong.

"I for one can think of worse things to do then see where a seer may lead." Tom thought this sentence was particularly inspiring. He certainly could think of a hundred and one worse things to do all of which involved being in that damn orphanage.

Like sitting on his bed at the orphanage and starting at the wall. I could take the boy to a muggle theme park and it would be better than that place.

"Though by all means if the rest of you are too afraid of our 'oh so threatening 'Divination teacher then go ahead and do what you always do in the summer. There's nothing I love more then to hear about many house elf's you made cry." Several boys shifted uncomfortable. The same ones that had bored him with similar stories on the train returning from the summer each year.

Ohhh Burn again! Damn now they're all going to try and come. Well I'm sure a muggle theme park would get rid of some of them. Maybe that should be my first stop?

Deciding he had heard enough Harry carefully and quietly left.

"Ouch! Who stepped on my foot?"

... Or not. Considering how small Alphard Black was he sure did have some big feet.

There was nothing for it, but to silence his own feet, send a few bat boggy hexes over the group's head, and make a run for it! Thank goodness he had finally learned to cast without saying words.

Abraxas shot yet another cleaning spell at his disarrayed hair from behind the suit of armor he had taken shelter at. He didn't know who could made such a horrible spell, but when he founds out who, he would curse the sorry sod so badly the boy's great great grandchild would be able to feel it!

This was the 3rd time this year their group had been attacked by flying boogies! The evil disgusting things were still flying around where they had been standing previously. Tom and Cygnus were slowly getting rid of them. The things made from that most deplorable hex had to first be blasted and then vanished before they could multiply.

The Lestrange brothers had ran away, but Carrow, Orion and Alphard were all also taking shelter near Abraxas. Carrow and Orion were also concerned with casting as many cleaning charms as they possibly could, while Alphard was making himself useful to Tom and Cygnus with shielding spells.

It just at the point when Abraxas was satisfied with his hair and was moving on to his cloak sleeves when he heard the laughter. It was a red headed Gryffindor that had just decided to come through this specific corridor, that is near the dungeons.

"Weasley!" Abraxas and Orion spoke at the same time while Carrow seemed beyond anger.

Whether the Weasley boy was responsible or not he was now a target. He finally seemed to realize this, paling and then running. It was with unanimous agreement that Abraxas, Orion, and Carrow took off after the damned boy.

They were return to their common room hours later not yet satisfied and unknowingly about to be forced to face the wrath of the Lestrange brothers that they had already experienced.

It was pure reflex for Harry to grab the fleeing red head and pull him under the invisibility cloak. It was doubly so, because he was being chased by Slythrines one of which was a pale blond. The boy stopped struggling remarkably quickly after he saw the boy's chasing him pass by. Harry removed his hand from the boy's mouth and released his wand arm which he had pulled back so he wouldn't be cursed.

"... You are aware you aren't allow to run in the halls, aren't you?" Harry said calmly as he casually took the cloak off of both of them and folded it.


Harry slowly tucked the very rare object back into his pocket.

"Is that-?" Harry smiled.

"Is what, what Mr. Weasley?"

"I- umm- nothing? Thank you?"

"You're a good kid Mr. Weasley. Have you heard about my field trip?"

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