Tom Riddle and the Snorelacks

Tom vs Harry

Hello everyone! This chapter took me longer because I had school work to do.

It's not as funny as the other chapters, but does show some character development.

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Tom vs. Harry

Entertainment Value

Okay so he grades people on how much he likes them and their entertainment value, so what? There were worse ways to grade someone, like based on how much you liked their father for example; *cough* Snape *cough*. At least Harry was basing his grades on only who his students were, well for most of them anyways. Tom Riddle was a bit of an exception, for one thing he had actually met him in person in the future; while he was trying to kill him, might he add. Tom was a murderer, an indirect one at the moment for although Myrtle is dead, it was the giant snake that had killed her and Tom might not have even been there at the time. Of course he is planning to murder his father as soon as he could, but Harry should be able to delay that for awhile longer.

Now this wasn't talking about 50 years in the future, but now and the very soon future not to mention the biggest question was, should this affect the boy's Divination grade? What? Did you expected something else? Well after much research, the only thing Harry had found was the Butterfly Affect so either he would be changing things just by being here or there was nothing he could do anyways.

The field trip could be a test. If he was able to delay Tom murdering his father in cold blood, maybe he could change things, if he felt like it. Harry could honestly say that there was no one other than he can deserved a vacation from saving the world more so, than himself. So his biggest problem was how to grade someone he would have really liked if he wasn't a murderer that would one day kill his not yet born parents?

Normally he would fall back to entertainment, but Tom was too Slytherin to fall for most of Harry's tricks and Harry didn't want Tom to dislike him. Finding out his teacher putting him through something ridiculous act just for the teacher's entertainment, would be very off putting for Tom, but if he did it just so…

Tom's point of view

It was not every day you saw a Malfoy running away from something, well at least not something that wouldn't/couldn't/didn't threatened his perfect hair. This had only made him more curious at the fact that Malfoy was either running away from their Divination Professor, something in his classroom, or from the classroom itself. None of these choices seemed to bode particularly well, however Tom was unsure in what and to whom it wouldn't bode well with.

Tom's teacher had been in a very good mood ever since he had announced his field trip, but then his spirits had seemed to lighten further when they had reached exams week. As the Professor invited Tom into the classroom he could see that the man was fairly giddy at the moment. Whatever had happened here, Tom took note of the broken tea cup, had thoroughly amused his Professor.

He was not completely surprised when his Professor vanished the two teapots on the desk and the teacups, and then summoned a pitcher of pumpkin juice. The man sat and got out cups.

"Pumpkin juice Tom?"

"Thank you Professor." Tom watched as the man poured the drink and drank only after his Professor. He didn't think the man would poison him, but you never know.

"Well Tom what should I test you in? How about you're lying skills"

With many over dramatic hand movements the Professor wandlessly summoned a crystal ball and had it float mystically above the table before he slowly directed it onto the table.

"Lying Professor? Surely you don't think I would ever need to do such a thing? I've always done rather well with the crystal ball." Tom spoke seemingly light hearted his words both joking with and threatening to his Professor. On the one hand of course he could not see anything and his professor knew that, so it was all a joke. On the other hand of course he had never lied so of course his Professor should not dare act as if he had.

His Professor chuckled and Tom could tell that he had in fact understood both the meanings of his words.

"Everyone lies Tom, otherwise there would be many predictions of fog and meeting their twin from all of my students." The Professor also spoke lightly, calmly with an air of friendliness around him.

"You don't see. I don't see. No one in your class sees anything in this worthless rock." His tone still friendly, but his eyes were now slightly narrowed. "Why did I give you the crystal ball Tom?"

Tom was quiet for a moment as he tried to understand the man that sat across from him.

"Because…any other test would be just as worthless wouldn't it? As you said before it is amazing how much you can see when you make the test." Tom spoke with dawning realization.

"If you are a seer that's sees as much as you appear to, then you already know every grade from every test. By picking the test you pick the grade. If you aren't a seer like you say you aren't then…" Harry grinned.

"Then what, Tom?"

"Then you would be playing a game. But of course you are a seer and you are still playing a game. You don't know all of the grades because you haven't bothered looking for all of them, but the fact that you could, means you can still chose whatever grade you please for everyone."

"What is my grade, my Professor?"

"First tell me what I am grading everyone on."

"If they can comprehend what you're doing in the first place and how much pleasure you get out of toying with them."

"What harsh words Tom. Me? Toy with someone? More of a cross between how much I like someone and their entertainment value. Abraxas was more amusing than I had originally thought he could ever be."

"What grade do you predict Tom?"

"An Outstanding of course."

Harry smiled gently. "Of course, but there is something I've been teaching, something I think I can test you on. We want you to earn that Outstanding after all."

Harry was mildly disappointed that Tom had refused to transfigure his clothes into that of a muggle fortune teller, but he did do a brilliant job of predicting Harry's morbid death. It was dramatic and evil sounding and Harry suspected that Tom quite liked the crystal ball. However Tom was mildly put off, by his Professor's parting words."Thank you for the lovely predictions Tom. That did help your entertainment value. I'll be seeing you this summer I expect. Don't forget to have your permission form signed. Goodbye now."

Entertainment value indeed.

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