Tom Riddle and the Snorelacks


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Hogwarts is a bright happy sunny place. The students were soaking up the summer sun happy the exams were over. Tomorrow they would be on the train home. Some student would be dreading getting back home, more than you would think. Some students merely had the dread of informing loving parent that they had failed their classes. Some students just didn't like their family and some just liked their friends more than family. But of course there would always be neglected or abused students that had legit reasons to not want to leave. Seeing as Harry had once been that kind of child the fact that the teachers insisted being ignorant about such things pissed him off.

Now you must understand that Harry Potter had suffered in order to grasps some form of mellow. He was an angst anger teen in his youth and it had taken lots of meditation, violent stress relief, and an interesting plant of Neville's in order for Harry to find his inner mellow.

So far he had mostly been able to keep his mellow safe and well mellowed, however a headmaster attempting to convince him to disregard his plan to help students that could potentially have a horrible home life was harsh his mellow.

You don't want to harsh Harry Potters mellow. It started with their normal tea. Harry was often gained up on by the barmy old coots. If he didn't visit them in the headmasters office then one or both of them would visit him insisted.

So it was normal.

"Hello Dippet, Dumbledore, Pictures, and sorting hat."

"Now Harry my boy won't you call us by our first names? You have been teaching a few years by now."

"Quite right Albus, you really shouldn't hold a grudge like that Harry, just because we had you sign a magical contract to work here before we told you your wand wasn't broken-"

Harry decided to ignore this.

"Armando and Albus. Dippet and Dumbledore. Does it really matter? For what is really in a name anyway?"

Dumbledore twinkled and edged forward in his seat as the mad loved philosophy debates, but before Harry's very eyes the twinkle faded and Dumbledore looked rather disappointed. Harry noticed that Dippet seemed to be the reason for the fading twinkle as he was shooting Dumbledore a harsh look.

Harry raised an eyebrow. Dippet noticed and hurried to speak.

"I was just telling Albus about this field trip idea of yours, Harry."

So that's their game then. Dumbledore began looking cheerful again. Harry sensed meddling.

"Oh it wasn't my idea, it was your idea Sir! And what a marvelous idea it is."

Dippet looked disgruntled, but Dumbledore seemed even happier.

"Indeed it is a wonderful idea whichever one of you came up with it, however it's not really a field trip if it takes place during the summer now is it my boy?"

He actually looks like I'm suppose to agree with him.

"Of course it is! It's a trip and we will undoubtedly find ourselves in a field at some point. It's a summer field trip A.D."

"A field?"


"Of course a field and you don't expect me to call him all of his initials do you?"

"I suppose A. B. W. P. D. is a bit of a mouthful."

"Where else are you taking these students Professor Potter, besides a field?"

"I can't tell you that Headmaster! It's a secret."

"A secret you say?" Dumbledore looked intrigued.

"I'm afraid I can't let you go off with a bunch of children to a secret location Mr. Potter. It would reflect badly on the school if anything happened to them. This whole idea of a field trip at all sounds risky to me. I won't allow it if you can't give us more information Professor Potter." Dippet looked rather angry.

"Good because I'm not asking permission."

Dippet stuttered with outrage. Dumbledore spoke calmly.

"Now there's no reason to be unreasonable."

"I really only need the parents permission and I have it Headmaster. This has nothing to do with school so it doesn't fall under your jurisdiction."

"But perhaps it should be under the Headmaster's jurisdiction Harry. It would be safer for the students and more educational if we attempted Hogwarts first field trip during the school year. We could have several teachers watching the students that way and-"

"A wonderful idea Professor. I'll be happy to tell you about the more educational places I'll be taking my students this summer and you can decided if you should bring them into your plans."

"That not quite what I meant."

"Look there are students that beg to stay at Hogwarts in the summer for a reason. If you won't allow them that, then I shall offer an alternative for those students."

"So that's why you're doing this! I think you got the wrong impression when you heard me talking to Tom Riddle that day. The boy's home is adequate Harry we have checked."

Harry snorted.

"Your idea of adequate and mine are different Headmaster. If the boy's not being beaten to death you call that adequate?"

"That is not what I-"

"If any child does not feel safe and happy at their home then we should do something about it. If you two won't I will, and there's nothing either of you can do about it. Now I thought I was coming here for tea?"

"I hate that you have such a pessimist take on life my boy, if you can't be persuaded perhaps someone should come with you."

"The students will be with me of course."

"A teacher, perhaps-"

"No thank you."

"Myself. I've been-"

"Nope! I shall not change my plans to include-"

" wanting to go on a trip myself. I really think-"

"Interfering old men. That none of the Slythrines trust in the –"

"that I could bring a lot to this trip-"

" slightest and you being head of Gryffindor won't help-"

"Be quite!"

"If you want to have this trip at all Professor you will find another Adult to go with you. It would be improper to just have you go off somewhere with a bunch of students. What about Madam Brusly?"

"That women? She tried to give me love potions 3 times last Valentine's Day! I will be going alone. You can fire me if you like I really don't care I shall still go with my students and not anyone else."

Considering what they did to force him to work here the very idea that they would fire him was laughable.

In the headmaster's office where the three men were arguing the pictures watched and listened with keen interest. One such picture slowly slid out of her frame to visit a friend of hers. A friend who's frame was hung in the dungeons, not far from the Slythrine common room.

It was years ago when Tom befriend a girl with an unfortunate face who often watched the Slythrine students head toward the common room. At first he thought she might just be useful in telling him who was coming and going from the common at certain times, but he soon learned that her real picture was in the Headmasters office. This made her information invaluable.

Of course she could not discuss the Headmasters secrets, as long as she knew that they were secret.

"Hey Tom. That picture that has a crush on you wants to talk to you again. Only this time she says it's important." The stupid and unimportant Slythrine laughed at this. Tom raised an eyebrow and left to see what Cynthia wanted. No one said anything when the boy that had laughed at Tom found his hair falling out and boils covering his face. Of course Tom was already out of the room before fingers could have been pointed. Not that anyone wanted to lose their fingers so badly that they would have pointed them at Tom in the first place.

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