Tom Riddle and the Snorelacks

Is it love or indigestion?

Hello! I named the chapter in honor of the poll I have up asking about Tom and Harry's relationship. For those that want to know I have had 15 people vote on this so far and here's what they think.

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No. There are so few stories about the two were Harry and Tom aren't in a relationship so please don't make this a romance. 2

No, not because I don't like Tom/Harry, but because this is a humor and I don't want romance to be the focus. 2

Yes! They are hot and smexy and I want to see some action! 1

No, but if its not porn and doesn't take over the story I'll still read it 1

I don't care 1

I am pleased no one is so far close minded enough to pick No! This is the worst pairing in the world and I shall stop reading this story if it becomes Harry/Tom! Mostly because I don't care for close mindedness.

I can't seem to have two polls up at the same time so I shall switch it every few days. Tomorrow I we change it to my other one. Tonight it's the relationship one.

One last thing! We will get to the trip at some point! First day of summer starts next chapter so we are making progress!

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Is it love or indigestion?

"Thank you for your information Cynthia. You are truly a treasure."

"Oh Tom…" The painting giggled, but Tom paid her no mind as he needed to be alone. He was brainstorming on different places to be, somewhere to think, and where he wouldn't be bothered. He didn't dare head toward the Chamber of Secrets after everything that had happened earlier that year and he would get no peace in the common room or the dorm at this hour of the day. He made his way to an unused classroom and threw up some wards that most of the 7th years had never heard of.

Now he was alone, now he could think on the informative picture's words.

A little while ago.

"Hello Cynthia, I believe you requested my presence?" She didn't hear the danger in his voice that said he was not pleased at the way he had been made aware of her need to see him. Of course she didn't, having neither looks nor brains she must have had a pitiful bloodline.

"Oh do I have something for you Tom! Professor Potter, Professor Dumbledore, and the Headmaster had a tea party today! Only they didn't get to drink any today, they were having a dispute." The picture pitched her voice low and secretive, yet at the same time far too giggly in the way most females didn't when they were importing gossip. It was horribly annoying, but her information was normally worth it.

"I don't suppose you'll tell me what it was about?" He asked archly and almost flirty. Salazar he hated sweet talking paintings, but threats didn't work nearly as well on something that couldn't feel pain. More giggling came from the painting.

"They were arguing about Professor Potter's trip!"

Oh…well that was disappointing. Faced with both the Headmaster and the Transfiguration's teacher the Divination's teacher would have no doubt given them whatever they wanted. He hoped they wouldn't cancel the trip, but at the very least it would most likely be cut shorter. If Dumbledore decided to come along then there was a good chance Tom wouldn't go at all.

"I see and what did they decide to do about the trip?"

"You should have seen Professor Potter's face Tom, you really-"

"I'm sorry Cynthia I don't have a lot of time right now, homework. Could you just tell me what they are changing about the trip?"

His patience was rapidly dropping and he began to regret not giving that boy more of a suitable punishment, after all he had left him off far too easy. Perhaps he could lose a few limbs here and/or the-

"Nothing! Nothing at all Tom! That's what I wanted to tell you! Professor Potter let them both have it! There's nothing they can do to stop the trip and Potter refuses to back down on anything! You should have seen the Headmaster Tom. He was so angry, but the seer wouldn't give him anything at all!" The painting crowed in delight, watching Tom's face carefully and being rewarded with the smallest of hints of shock and then pleasure on the boy's face.

Suddenly homework, and revenge for that matter, wasn't quite so important. No one stood up against Dumbledore .With him and the Headmaster trying to force Potter to not do something, well it seemed his Divination's Professor had an iron will.

Tom must have stayed and interrogated the picture for at least an hour, making sure to get all of the details, before he left for a place to think.

Tom found himself going though glee, shock, awe, suspicion, doubt, and more awe. After all it wasn't everyday that someone had stood up for him and most of all against Dumbledore and that fool of a Headmaster, Dippet.

Starting with glee that someone had finally told the old coots no. Dumbledore finally didn't get everything his way. Dippet was finally forced to pull his head out of his arse. Most of all there was the fact that Tom would get to leave that awful muggle hell for almost the whole summer.

He hadn't let himself fully enjoy the possibility of leaving the orphanage after only a week of suffering. He had hoped of course, but anytime he had come up with a plan to avoid the orphanage it had fallen apart. He suspected Dumbledore's meddling. He knew for a fact at least one of those times, the old coot had been meddling around in his business. It still made him tremble in rage with just the thought of it. He had actually talked Slughorn into taking him as his apprentice last summer, but Dumbledore had talked Slughorn out of it. An entire year of sucking up to Slughorn wasted. Horace had claimed that Tom was his favorite student, but he wouldn't go against Dumbledore, not for Tom at least.

This had lead to the other two emotions, shock and awe. His strange, poorly connected, seemingly perfectly average in abilities Divination's Professor had done what Horace never had. He went against Dumbledore and Dippet and had actually won. Without knowing anything else, not the why he was doing this or how he did it, it was still shocking and awe inspiring.

When the conversation had turned towards him, Tom was insistently suspicious. Was the Professor using him as an excuse for his trip? But Potter hadn't been the one to bring him into the conversation, that the reason why he was in the conversation in the first place was because of Dippet.

Professors Potter's words didn't make any sense to the assumptions he had already made about the man's reasons for the trip, yet there was no reason for him to lie either. Potter was not making compromises so there was no reason for him to give a reason like that for his actions. Instead it sounded like he had scolded the other two that he had been angry at their ignorance of what could be happening to the students.

All the teachers pretended to care, but if they actually did, Tom had always believed they would do something about students like him. Students that dreaded leaving Hogwarts at all and made no secret of it. Even if they had to bend a few rules and go around a disapproving old man, it should be well worth it if any of them gave a knut about them.

So did Potter actually care then, about the students…about Tom? It was doubtful. No one else had, so there must be other motives. And yet it had seemed, almost as if when he had been talking to the Headmaster that day…as if Potter had come up with the idea right then.

"You really should let the children stay here that want to, Headmaster. You do them a great disservice."

"I could take some children with me on my trip. This school doesn't have enough field trips at all."

"I'll start making some permission forms up! Thank you for the idea Headmaster."

'A great disservice.' 'Thank you for the idea Headmaster.'

So it had been because of him? Because he had been begging Dippet for him to not leave this summer, that had given him the idea. Professor Potter always seemed to know more about him than most. He didn't fall for his tricks like the other professors. He was a seer so of course he would know more than most. Had he seen something about Tom's future? Did he know what Tom had planned? Was that what made him care, or was it something more?

It was an odd feeling. The idea that anyone could care for him at all made him feel off. It shook some of his absolute core truths of the world. He admitted he admired the man just for the fact that he wasn't as much of an idiot as most of the sheep he had to see on a regular bases. Could he…no. He had never cared for anyone other than himself, he didn't think he was able to at this point, but if that was the real reason for this trip and if Potter did care enough to fight for him unprompted even on something so small then maybe he could respect him. He had never honestly had a reason to give someone his respect before. He had almost given it to Slughorn, but he had failed him. Perhaps Professor Potter was more worth his respect. He would have to wait and see if he could confirm the man's motives.

Until then he'll wait until he can finally pass his judgment on the man. Returning to his common room he turned his thoughts to which of his followers he most wanted to accompany him on the trip that was almost granted to be interesting.

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