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Star Wars: Breaking Of The Dawn


Two Jedi must discover the mystery of an attack on a few of the Senators of the Republic. A bounty hunter called, Ro'Jal (not seen for a long time and thought to be dead), is targeting many in the senate and creating chaos before the time of The Great Celebration. The union of the Jedi Temple and the Republic as they usher in a new dawn between them. Meanwhile, two Sith Lords have returned and seeking to aid one Senator who opposes the Jedi and their mysticism. Things begin to unravel and time is growing short before The Great Celebration begins.

Scifi / Fantasy
Jeff Walker
Age Rating:

Prologue: A Long Time Ago, In A Galaxy Far, Far Away...

The Great Dawn Celebration!

The Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic gathers the Senate to announce a celebration as they prepare to give the Jedi Order more authority into the affairs of the Galaxy and the Senate.

Not all are thrilled about this, many in the senate remain nervous about giving too much power to the Jedi and that it could lead to another civil war. Even the Jedi themselves seem overly cautious about becoming too involved in Republic politics.

But, just as the Supreme Chancellor announces the celebration as well as his pending retirement from office, the Senate building is under siege by an unknown individual and the call goes out to the Jedi Order for help….

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