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I am just an Indian college girl who is living and studying in America I have a normal life without any excitement until an unexpected situation happens in my life because of unexpected boys who bring differences, beautiful differences which changes my pathetic life completely. But do I am able to endure those differences..........

Romance / Drama
Jimin's girl
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The newpartner

Anusha pov:

Chapter 1:(It's quite a lengthy chapter)

"Hey stop, please stop the bus" I am yelling and running behind my college bus.

I know the driver will stop the bus when he hears my voice because he knows me who is late for the bus every day and catch it on the last minute no no small correction on last second.

Bus stops, yeah, I know he never leaves me, I ran a little faster and get on the bus.

As I enter the bus I offer my best innocent smile to everyone and also to the Mercier person on the earth right now, of course to our kind-hearted driver, to forgive me.


This act repeats every day, what to do?? I can't keep up my time because I am not a morning person to wake up early in the morning to get ready on time hence I am catching my bus through my morning marathon.

I step out of the bus, taking a glance at the outer building.

This is one of the best colleges out there, I studied hard to get a seat in this college, and also my mother works so hard to pay the bills even me too having my part-time jobs to relieve some burden of her.

While I am walking, the hallway is bustling with students, some are chit-chatting with their friends, some are so busy on their phones, some group of girls is gossiping and bragging about their expensive stuff and some are lost in their books.

Some are giving weird looks towards me, yeah I don't have expensive classy branded clothes to wear every day yet I always wear decent ones.

Today I am wearing blue skinny jeans, white plane full sleeves shirt which is loosely inserted inside and black boots, my hairs are neatly pinned in to back as a messy bun. I don't give a shit about this type of people who judge me from my outer appearance, I always choose to ignore them but not completely, so I glare back to them while passing through.

I am always the odd one out here because I don't have rich and affluent parents like others. I don't have many friends too however, I always want to be an independent one and don't want to depend on anyone else hence, I like to be alone and love my own company.

But I never feel lonely moreover, I don't want to get attached to anyone hence I avoid making friends especially in this college, I don't know but everyone seems to be fake here except some.

Jackson and Bambam who are my only friends here occasionally they accompany me.

Thank God, Jackson is my labmate and lab partner too so that I don't want to deal with any spoiled brat every day as my lab partner.

Nevertheless, I am proud of who I am because one day all my hard work is going to pay off.

I unlock my locker, take out my apron and all essential things for today's experiment, and put it in my bag, and lead my way towards the chemistry lab.

Thankfully, I make it just in time for my first chemistry lab this year.

I came 15 minutes early for the lab, usually, I am a latecomer, somehow today I came early I take out my apron and all required things and drop off my bag on the rack at the front.

Before entering the lab, I am passing in front of the lab technician room and I stopped and turn around to come face to face with Mr.styles our lab technician, he is a very nice person and soft-hearted he would never yell on anybody unlike other lab technicians, they are just jerks but some misuse his kindness.

I greet him whenever I see him. I wave my hands to him and mouth out, "Hey, Mr.styles good morning have a nice day"

he waved back towards me, "hello, a young lady good morning have a great day" he replied with his gummy smile.

With that, I enter the lab, no one is in the room yet luckily, I can have some fresh air and time for myself.

I am standing in my place and glancing at my manual, to be honest, I am not reading the random thoughts are entering my mind.

Physically I am in this room but mentally I am somewhere else I am swimming in my deep thoughts nothing makes sense around me until someone pats on my shoulders.

I flinch for a second to the sudden action and turn around to see on my right side, a handsome tall guy standing in front of me, he is staring at me confusion is written on his face, me on the other hand already admiring his attractive face.

His stunning eyes shine brightly under the light, his black hair falling lazily over his forehead. His pink lips pouted and eyebrows frown with confusion. His golden caramel skin tone enchanting his beauty.

I saw him before in the lab with Kim Nam Joon his lab partner, who is our class topper and everyone calls him God of destruction because he used to breaks the things around him. But I never saw him with this close distance he is fucking handsome actually.

Something hits me, he's waving his hands in front of my face, "Hey, are you here?!", he asks

His deep voice wakes me up, "yeah" I mumble and look away with embarrassment, what the fuck is wrong with me I am checking him out, I slap myself in the mind.

"I called you but you are not responding to me, is anything wrong", he consults

With that he leans on the marble counter now he matched my height and crossed his hands across the chest and facing towards me smile is playing on his face, thank goodness, I don't want to look up to see his face, he looks giants in front of me.

I meet his eyes," Thank you, I am fine I was just lost in my thoughts" I mutter.

"Okay then, if I am not wrong are you Jackson wang lab partner Anusha?" he asks,

"yeah, I am Anusha what can I do for you?" I replied.

"I am looking for you, I am Kim Taehyung, your new lab partner, I hope you are aware of this," he informs.

What new partner??, "No, I don't know anything about this new partner thing," I said in confusion tune.

"Jackson changed his lab partner with me due to his personal problems," he said.

Where is that jerkass, Jackson? Why didn't he tell me about this? I lead my eyes around to find him still there is no one in the room except me and Taehyung.

"So you don't know this," he asks, I shake my head

"It's okay it's not too late If you don't want me as your partner, you can change with anyone else here I don't mind doing with anyone," he shrugged.

I don't have any problem to do with him, and he seems to be a nice person nonetheless, I don't have any alternative option because I don't have any other friends,

"Hey, it's okay I don't have any problem to do with you", I declared.

"Okay then, from today onwards we are lab partners, again I am asking you have no problem right, he asks,

With that, he pulled back, unwrap his hands and stand next to me and facing towards me and stuffs his one hand into his pocket.

I look up to meet his eyes, "yeah, I have no problem", I inform and give him a friendly smile. He nods his head and smiles back at me.

I have always got hot guys as my lab partners, first I had Jackson and already some girls started to hate me due out of jealous, and now the Taehyung, then the list will grow long.

Whatever I don't have any interest in them, I had never asked them to be my partner, they are the ones who asked me but still those girls act, as if I am stealing their boys from them. This is another reason why I don't like any girls in this college. I should prepare myself for this shit now, I sigh.

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