Linked Futures: A Harry Potter Fan fiction


A Fan fic based on the next generation of Harry Potter characters. After Sirius Black & Regulus Black eldest cousin, Max, kills their youngest cousin, can the two brothers find out why.

Fantasy / Adventure
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Sirius Black looked up from his book, up ahead he could see the new kids arriving from being sorted into their house. His cousins were in there, Tanya, Yume, Diane, Hector and Hifton. He could see Tanya, she was a tall pale skinned girl with long curly brown hair, and she was quite the charmer. “Can you spot the girls?” A voice was heard from his right, he spun around to find his brother, and he was a head taller than Sirius and had blonde hair. “I spotted Tanya, she seems pretty cool, and so it looks like she got into Gryffindor” he said with a smile, “yeah she knew that she was going to get into that house”.

“Well you know before we left to come here she told me that she perceived that the others would get into Gryffindor” Regulus said with a yawn, “you’ve been studying overnight?”

“Yeah, I know I should’ve slept, but some of that crap is due today”.

“Maybe I should have a word with the headmaster?” Sirius said as he closed the book, “you now he won’t listen, there’s no point in trying” Regulus sighed as he fiddled with his blonde locks. Sirius chuckled, “I know that he’s gonna listen to me, after I put that stink bomb in his office”. Regulus joined the laughter with his brother, “what’re you guys laughing about?” Said a male voice that was behind them, the boys spun around to find Kelly Potter leaning against the wall, “oh, thank god, it’s only you, we were planning on putting a stink bomb in the headmasters office to get him to listen to us” Sirius said, “whoever said we? You’re gonna put a stink bomb in there, I’ve had enough detentions” Regulus raised an eyebrow at him but Sirius ignored him. The Potter’s were great friends, on fact there was a certain wizard who went by the name of Harry Potter, the boy who lived, he was in fact Sirius’s great grandfather’s godson. Of course Harry wasn’t dead, but he was getting old sadly, “I heard that Tanya got into Gryffindor… Good for her” Kelly said with a smile, Sirius rolled his eyes, the Potter’s weren’t related, but were like family anyway, and Sirius knew that Kelly had a thing for Tanya; Kelly was in third year, he had aced almost every subject. “You’re not gonna get to her you know that” Sirius said as he pretended to be occupied with the book he was holding, “what’d you mean, of course I’m gonna get her, you can’t stop me” Kelly joked and winked at Sirius, “sometimes I think you’re gay, you know that?” That set Kelly off, Regulus shouted for Sirius to run, but Sirius was already running away with Kelly in hot pursuit.
Regulus sighed and shook his head; his stomach was hurting after the fit of laughter that he just had. He continued to watch as the first graders tried to find their way out of the great hall. He spotted Yume, she was wearing already wearing her Gryffindor tie, “wow, it looks like all out cousins will be getting into Gryffindor” Regulus said to himself. At that moment Yume had spotted him and trotted over, “wow that was excruciating, I hope you weren’t waiting for me”.

“No, I just arrived, Sirius and Kelly were here a few moments ago, but they’ve gone somewhere”.

“Have you seen the others by any chance?” Regulus asked, and the place had been swarmed with new students in the morning. “Oh I did pass John; he was hanging out with his friends so I didn’t bother”. John Lovelace was one of many cousins that the Black’s had, he was in year five. “Yeah, I wonder what he’s been up to, I haven’t seen him study for quite while” Regulus smirked, “yeah, anyway, I have to go, I’ve made some new friends and I promised them that I’d meet them in the common room” she said, she patted him on the back and rushed off. Seeing that there was no point on waiting for Sirius and Kelly to return Regulus headed to the library, and that’s where he found Banjo, Banjo Black was favourite cousin, he was crazy and stupid. But he was very lovable. He seated himself next to his cousin, who looked up and smiled. His eyes were shielded by perfect gold glasses, “wow, never thought I’d see you wearing those monsters” Regulus joked whilst receiving a punch in the shoulder, “shut up, I don’t like them either, but I can’t read if I don’t have them”.

“Why did your mum have to choose for you?”

“Because she knew that I’d take too long, which is not true” Banjo pouted, “oh really, remember that time it took almost an hour for you to even choose your own sweets in the sweets shop?” Regulus added in, he laughed more when Banjo gave him the unspeakable finger, “get lost will you, are you here to annoy me or something?” Banjo groaned in annoyance, “I was with Sirius but Kelly chased him away, but hey I saw Yume and Tanya, they’ve been sorted into Gryffindor” Banjo took off his glass to clean them, “well that’s good to hear, I say, a lot of us kids are being put into Gryffindor lately, I’m kind of getting suspicious”.

“Why would you, it shows that our family aren’t mean and all” Regulus said, “I know, but have to say, the Slytherin’s now aren’t that bad, none have down any tricks on me and the others yet” Banjo said. Regulus sighed and crossed his arms over the table, “this year has been going slow”.

“Calm down Regulus, this year has only just started!” Banjo looked shocked at his younger cousin who looked like he didn’t care. “How’s your mother been going, I heard she was sick” Regulus changed the subject, “she’s not doing to good, the cancer’s been spreading, and we can’t use any magic on her because her body won’t be able to take it. Cala was related to the Bornus family, but she preferred being called a Black, so Banjo wasn’t really a Black but a Bornus, but Regulus called a Black either way. “Last year was a heavy year for her, but I just hope that she’s gonna make it through” he said sadly. There was a commotion from the corner of the library and both cousins looked up to see a fight ringing out, but they didn’t run and hide, because they knew who it was. Max Martin, the oldest of all the cousins. He was a rebel in a way, and a trouble maker. He was tall well built, along with dark brown hair that was sometimes placed into a pony tail on hot days. “I wonder how his parents are coping with him.” Banjo replied as he packed away his books, “I don’t know, but it doesn’t look good” Regulus said as he watched Max as he struck the poor kid that was trying to run. “I should go over to him, he needs to stop of he’ll be expelled” Banjo said, “why, he’s should be because he does nothing by mess around” Regulus scowled, but Banjo had already left his side and was making his way over to the eldest cousin. “Hey Max, knock it off will you, cut the guy some slack” Banjo yelled, and he knew that Max had heard him because he stopped and faced Banjo, “It’s not wise to get involved in a fight” Max sneered at him, but even though Max was two heads taller than Banjo, Banjo didn’t flinch at all. But just to be safe, Regulus joined his side. “Come on mate, you don’t have to do this, or you’ll get expelled, this is the fourth fight you’ve gotten into” Banjo said, Max looked back at the young boy who was now holding his nose that was gushing blood, “why don’t you just butt –“.

“No, I’m your cousin, and like it or not, I look after my relatives, now you quit the fighting now, or I’ll have to tell you mother about the deal –“.

“Alright, alright” he put up his hands up defensively before turning to the kid, “don’t even think about telling the headmaster you sleaze” he spat before joining Banjo and Regulus. They moved out of the library and headed down the hall, “why on earth were you picking on that second grader, what pissed you off so much as to hit him?” Regulus asked without little care on how he was talking to Max. “He was making fun of my family, and you know how sensitive I am with that” Max said angrily, “yeah well come on, that’s where they won’t you to break, they try to find your weakest spot Max, you’ve got to hold it back otherwise they’re gonna get the best of you” Banjo warned. Regulus could see Max exchange a fiery glance towards Banjo, he looked a head and was relieved to see Sirius walking up to them, “hey guys… Oh hi Max, where have you been? I haven’t seen you for ages” Sirius said but Max didn’t say a word, only looked away in anger. Sirius stared at him, trying to get his attention, but gave up and turned his attention to Regulus, trying to ask what had happened through his eyes, and Regulus shook his head. Dinner was coming soon, and the kids had to be ready to greet the newbies. Max had ditched the three boys, “he was beating up a second year because he was making fun of our family” Regulus finally said to Sirius, who frowned, “why would he give a damn, I mean seriously” Sirius said. Sirius, Regulus, Max and Banjo weren’t the only family members that were attending Hogwarts. There were eighteen others, “you know, I wonder when he’s gonna go to jail” Sirius said with a huff, “what’d you mean go to jail, he’s not eighteen yet” Regulus said with confusion, “yeah I know what you mean, but I’m just saying, I’m imagining him doing something really bad and going to jail afterwards”.

“Jeez Sirius, you’ve got one imagination, let me tell you that” Regulus laughed, they made their way to the great hall, it had just been moved around once again. The chairs and tables were placed on the side to allow the youngsters to squeeze in. But now they were in their usual spots. Some students had already got comfortable, even though there was an hour to go. The three cousins sat down in the far middle of the Gryffindor table, “oh by the way, how’s your mother?” Sirius asked as he took off his coat, “she’s getting worse” Banjo said, “oh, I’m sorry to hear that, they can’t use magic on her?”

“No, it’ll only shut down her body if they do that”.

“Oh that’s unlucky” Sirius sighed, he looked to the door to see Laurie, another one of his cousins, coming through the door, “hey how’re you going?”

“Pretty good, how’re you going with study, failed any subjects yet?” Sirius asked and Laurie laughed, joining the three boys, “no, I’ve done pretty well actually, “hey I saw Max, he looked pretty down”.

“Ah, he beat up some second grader, don’t feel sorry for him, I have a feeling he instigated the fight” Banjo waved her off, “oh I see… Well, I wonder what Tanya’s gonna do about it?” Tanya, even though she had just come to Hogwarts, she was like a sister to Max, even though she was twelve. “I don’t know what she’ll do, but I hope she’ll set him straight” Regulus said with a sigh. “Well if it isn’t the snotty brats” came a voice from the door, Banjo rolled his eyes and turned to the boy who was at the door, he was slim but not well built, he was the same year as Banjo and had light red hair, “what do you want Styler?” Banjo groaned. Styler Gravenville was the snottiest kid in Hogwarts, well to Banjo he was. “Oh, just waiting until the next wand duel will come up, I’ll beat your ass in it” he laughed, Banjo sighed, duelling was his favourite sport, but Styler was just as good as him, so it was a competition on who gets the crown. Styler wasn’t able to say anymore when a whole group of kids came barging in, knocking the red head aside, Sirius tried to hold back the laughter. Laurie twirled her curly blonde hair around her fingers. “Hey Laurie, how’s Gary been going, you’ve done any snogging lately?” Sirius asked with a smirk, but he instantly regretted it when he saw her look down sadly, “what happened?” Regulus asked, “He… He was killed in a car accident during the holidays” she said softy, but loud enough for the boys to hear, “oh shit, I’m sorry, I didn’t know” Sirius said. “It’s alright, you didn’t know” she said with a sad smile, “well… I hope you’ll be alright”.

“Yeah I will, but I have a problem”.

“Oh yeah, what’s that?” Banjo asked, “I’m pregnant” she said softly again. At that moment all the boy’s mouths dropped open, “are you serious Laurie, you’re pregnant?”

“Yes I’m serious, but I’m afraid, you know, my parents might kick me out –“.

“If they do, I’ll let you stay with me” Banjo butted in, Laurie smiled, but her eyes showed so much sadness, “you know I feel happy that we did it, now I can remember him always” she said as she patted her stomach gently, “wow, who’s gonna be the godparents?” Regulus asked, “Dunno, it depends” she said with a shrug. Suddenly candles appeared above their heads, lighting up the room a little more. Dinner had started, and at that moment more students came in, along with the teachers. “Look, there’s the headmaster” Sirius nudged Regulus to get his attention, sure enough the headmaster made his way up to the big table for the teachers. “Children, we are proud to announce our newest teacher in Hogwarts, Professor Bailey” he turned to a man who was dressed in new robes, to Laurie, he looked quite cute, and in his late twenties. “I hope you’re not getting any ideas” Banjo said to Laurie who punched him in the arm. “Shut up, that’s not gonna happen” she sneered playfully. “You may all eat” he said, and with a popping sound, food appeared in front of the kids, for the newbies, it was amazing, for the oldies, well they were great that the food was there. Sirius spotted all his other cousins, the Black family was amazing; he had heard many stories about Harry Potter and how he defeated the most powerful wizard of them all. Kelly must have been very proud to be a Potter, with such a relative like Harry. He was going to ask his great grandfather Sirius Black the first, but he sadly passed away in his sleep. Wizards aren’t immortal, they do die someday, “hey Sirius, I heard what happened to Rosemary when he places one of those trick bags in her friends bed” Banjo said with a laugh, it was a little harder to hear because of the huge amount of students that had walked in, ready for dinner, “she got one of those bags, shit, I wonder what happened”.

“She lost her friends; apparently they all turned their backs on her”.

“Oh… That’s unfortunate, is she alright?”

“No, she’s very pissed off at herself”. Banjo sighed as he looked to his left, up to the edge of the table; Sirius followed his gaze and spotted Rosemary as she sat alone. “Man, she looks really down… Mind you, she deserved it because she played a prank, but I just hope that they don’t stop being her friends completely, because that would be heartless” Sirius said. Regulus had caught up in what they were talking about, “oh poor girl, maybe we should let her join us” he said, “yeah, that would be a good idea, go a get her” Sirius pushed. Regulus quickly jumped up and made his way over to Rosemary, “hey, you look kind of lonely… Wanna join me and the others?” Regulus asked as he gently touched her shoulder. Rosemary looked up at him, her eyes were red from crying, seeing who it was she smiled, “if that’s fine with the rest of your friends” she sobbed, Regulus smiled and directed her to the group, swing a glare at Rosemary’s friends, who frowned. Sirius gave her a pleasant smile before moving over to let her sit down. “Hey there honey, man you look like shit” Laurie said sadly, and Rosemary chuckled, “thank you, I’m taking it you guys already know what happened?” she asked as she rubbed her eyes, “yeah we know, it’s been around the school once” Banjo said. Rosemary groaned and put her head in her hands, “I was only playing a joke, I didn’t realize that it would affect our relationship” she sobbed, Laurie sighed, “well if you’re pranking boys they wouldn’t mind, but when it comes to pranking girls, all hell with break loose” Laurie pointed out, Rosemary laughed, “yeah, I guess so… But should o apologize?”

“How bad was the prank?”

“Well it was a colour bomb, and my friend hair went red for twenty five minutes and then it went back to normal”.

“Oh bullocks, that’s not even a prank, they’re just overreacting, don’t stay friends with them, they’re such girls!” Sirius said, “That’s because they are girls Sirius” Rosemary sighed, “yeah well, stay with us, you’ll do pretty well without them” Regulus said with a smile. Banjo smiled, Black’s will be Black’s, they are kind and good-natured, and they certainly wouldn’t want any of their relatives down.

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