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The End

By Klswhite

Romance / Drama

Chapter 13

Chapter 13

Four months later

The bell rang, chiming lightly throughout the small cottage. Laura wiped her hands on the dish towel and made her way to the door. Opening it she smiled at the delivery person, wondering to herself what Robbie had ordered.

“Are you Laura Hobson?”

She smiled, “It’s Laura Lewis now, but yes.”

He handed her the small package, then waited while she signed the delivery form. “Have a nice day.”

Waving at the man, “You too.”

Back in the kitchen, she used a knife to cut open the box. Inside was an envelope and a smaller wooden box. Opening the envelope, she read the letter.


James said I would know best how to scatter his remains. Some I scattered with our father’s in a place we would go as a family when we were children. The rest I am sending to you. Since you and Robbie were so important to him, I think it’s only fair you help him find a final resting place.


Nell Hathaway

Laura read the note three more times, her hand lightly stroking the box. She didn’t hear Robbie come in, was utterly surprised when he wrapped his arm around her waist.

“Hello, Mrs. Lewis.”

Smiling over her shoulder at him, “Will you ever tire of saying that?”

“Will you ever tire of hearing it?”


He kissed her soundly, “What’s in the box?”

She bit on her lip, unsure how to tell him. “It’s part of James’ remains. Nell sent them for us to scatter. She thought it was important we take part in the process.”

Robbie turned to her, “I think it’s a lovely idea. But if you don’t mind, I’d like to do it myself.”

Surprised, she nodded quickly. “Are you sure? I’m happy to help.”

“No, I’m sure.” He lifted the box and headed for the door. At the door, he smiled back at her. “I won’t be long. Go ahead and put the kettle on.”

Robbie settled the box under his arm and made the short trek up the hill. It only took him ten minutes to make it to the crest of the hill. The wind was strong as he looked over the ocean. A smile broke his face as he thought of the last time he’d come up this hill.

There had been a handful of family and friends, all standing around watching as he and Laura slipped rings onto the other’s hand and exchanged the vows that would link them for life. He couldn’t think of a better way to say goodbye to James.

Opening the box, he removed the small bag, opened it and tipped it into the wind. As the remains scattered across the wind, he smiled into the sunlight and answered the last words James ever said to him. “It wasn’t all in vain.”

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