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let's bet on it | kim taehyung


if areum knew how many times that boy would break her heart, she would have never fallen in love with him. but it's too late, she just can't get enough of him.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

areum hated high school. especially her high school. it was the school for the filthy rich. the school was literally split in two, only one side was larger than the other. you had the kids that, of course, had parents with money. then you had kids like areum. the ones that were only going to this prestigious, private school because of good grades. if you didn’t have money however, you were trash. people didn’t care if you were smart or if you were talented, it was all about your background and which family you came from.

no one cares about you personally, just your money. the kids are cold and mean. everything they did had an ulterior motive, school was just a big game for them. if areum had a choice, she’d leave. she’d go back home to the small, little town that she grew up in with her older brother. she’d forget about the pricks that surround her everyday and she’d be happy.

but her brother was bent on her going to a good high school so she could get a full ride to college, if that was what she chose to do after high school. he wanted her to have that option. he wanted the best for her and if going to this school full of bullies and apathetic teachers made her brother smile, then so be it. she’ll swallow her pride and ignore all the hateful comments she receives and pretend she doesn’t hear the way they laugh behind her back.

“areum.” at the sound of her name, she was pulled out of thoughts. she glanced over at the owner of the voice and smiled. kim seokjin. her only friend and she was thankful because without him, she was an easy target. when she became friends with him, she had a lot less of a problem coming to school. people were quiet, but she could still feel the way their eyes bore into her back, wishing she’d leave. he was always there to protect her though, no one even thought of touching her because jin was always there to fend anyone off. “you’re not paying attention to me.” he pouted, sticking his bottom lip out slightly. she laughed, shutting her locker, and tapping his chin with her fingers.

“i’m sorry. i was just thinking.” she told him truthfully, she hooked her arm around his. “what were you saying again?” he chuckled, smiling down at her as they made their way down the hallway.

“there’s a party tonight. will you come?” he must have seen her face scrunch up in disgust and quickly continued before she could protest. “please? you’ll be by my side the whole time. no one will bother you. i just want to go out and have some fun with you. please?” he was pouting again and he knew she could never say no to that cute face of his.

“jinnie, you know i hate going to those stupid parties. i don’t fit in.” she told him and he stopped her, watching her with careful eyes. “i can tell by their judging eyes that they don’t want me to be there.”

“please, come this once. if it gets too much for you, we’ll leave. we’ll leave and go get milkshakes and go sit under the stars, okay?” she sighed, fidgeting under his gaze.

“fine, but as soon as i want to leave, you take me away, okay?” he grinned happily and nodded, his hand squeezing hers.

“this is why i love you!” he hummed, throwing his arms around her and dragging her into the classroom. the whispers and cold glares didn’t go unnoticed and she quickly pulled herself out of his arms, hitting his chest lightly.

“you better!”

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