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Betrayed(Fem. Reader Insert Villain Deku)


This is my first fanfic and well, you get the gist-

Scifi / Romance
Age Rating:

"Left behind"

“Deku!!” You see Izyuku crying in a corner. “Umm… Deku? You ok?” “Do I LOOK OKAY (y/n)?!” Izyuku snapped,holding back tears, he quickly explained after five minutes of you begging for what happened. He quietly mumbled “Bakugo rejected me because he’s with Kirishima.” “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.” You quickly replied. “This isn’t OKAY!!!!” You cried, you immediately stomped towards Bakugo and slapped him. “What the hell (y/n)?!” Bakugo screamed, Todoroki got between us before we fought, mostly because he knew I would kill Bakugo. “This is a worthless fight!” Todoroki Exclaimed. I used my Quirk and moved Bakugo next to Izyuku. (Author note: Your quirk allows you to freeze things including time) I looked over at Izyuku and he was staring at his phone. I peered over his shoulder and saw he had received a text message from an anonymous number. You had stopped using your quirk because it was weakening.“What does it say?” I asked. Izyuku slowly handed his phone to me and I mumbled the message to myself “I’ve been watching you and your little friend, come to the League of Villains when you’re ready. XOXO~Toga and Tomura”

“We can’t tell anyone.” We both mumbled. We texted the number back. “Ok. We’ll see you soon. XOXO~ Deku And (Y/n)” Izyuku and I hid his phone immediately. We went back to UA and went to Izyuku’s house.(Authors note 2: You and Izyuku have known eachother since childhood and have lived with Izyuku since you met him, not knowing your parents and all) At around 11:30 at night we snuck out the window and ran to The League of Villains.

“Finally….” We finally made it to The League of Villains. I was completely out of breath but Izyuku seemed fine. Well...we’re finally here… “Yeah but I don’t understand why we couldn’t have come last night.”

Izyuku said, slightly annoyed. Well it’s more fun to just come now because Mina and Todoroki will probably worry the least but still call us because the others are worried. You smirked. “True...Should we go in?” Izyuku Sighed. Suddenly Toga and Dabi appeared in front of you. “Why hello, you fragile little kittens…” Dabi smirked. “What are you doing here all alone?” Toga quickly interrupted before Dabi continued to speak. “These are the recruits Tomura wanted! But mainly (y/n). She has a really strong quirk, stronger than All Mights I bet!” “ I wouldn’t doubt it. All Might is pretty weak if you ask me.” Dabi chuckled. Hey! Deku inherited his quirk from All Might! You blurted out feeling slightly cocky. I mean...uh..oh dammit! “Just shut up Dabi... Where’s Tomura? “He’s-” Tomura interrupted Toga “I’m right here…” You looked into his crimson eyes and got a chill down your spine. Hi Tomura. Izyuku kept his head down and said nothing. “Hey y/n, haven’t seen you in a while...other than us fighting of course.” Tomura had a small smirk on his face that was almost completely hidden. What’s that smirk for? You giggled a bit. “No reason, just wondering why poor little Izyuku hasn’t said anything.” Izuku stayed silent. “...”

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