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Betrayed(Fem. Reader Insert Villain Deku)

"Somewhere over the rainbow"

Why is y/n not worried? At least she doesn’t seem like it...it’s almost like she knew this was gonna happen. you thought to yourself. “Izuku, aren’t you gonna say anything?” y/n was looking at me worried. Oh, yeah- sorry! Hello everyone. My gaze shot to Dabi for a few seconds. “What are you giving me that look for?” Dabi groaned. You snapped out of your trance. Oh- no reason, sorry Dabi. “Yeah, yeah, I’ve heard the words sorry too many times. Just don’t worry about it.” Dabi rolled his eyes and scoffed. “Let’s just get to-” y/n was cut off by the sound of her phone ringing. She ignored the call and declined it. Let me guess, It was Mina? I sighed. “Yeah...anyways, lets get working on costumes!” Y/n shouted louder than she thought and immediately apologized. “Good idea, Midorya you come with me and y/n go with Toga.” Tomura smirked. “Hm? Maybe she has her phone on silent…?” Mina looked at Shoto worried. “There is a possibility that they’re in danger but Inko would’ve known.” Shoto said calmly. Mina started to calm down a bit. “Yeah, you’re right! Maybe they just went to the store…?” Mina was questioning if it was right to listen to Shoto.”Mh…” Shoto got a chill down his spine. “Hm? What’s the problem Shoto?” “Oh, it’s nothing to worry about.” Shoto responded calmly. “You sure? “ MIna sounded worried. “Yes, I’m sure…” Shoto smiled a bit. I looked over at y/n. Let’s get to- “Making costumes!” Y/n interrupted. You giggled. Yeah. “Follow me y/n…” Shigiraki sighed. “Okay!” y/n smiled and followed Shigaraki to a small room. “Alright, come on Midoriya.” Dabi sighed and walked into a small room next to the room y/n and Shigiraki were in. “Alright, what were you thinking of for a costume-” You cut Dabi off. “A black suit and tie, along with black pants and a white suit underneath! “Don’t cut me off next time, got it Midoryia?” Dabi glared at you. You put your head down in shame. Yeah, I’ll try not to. “Good…” Dabi smirked. “I’ll tell Toga and she’ll start on the costume, okay?” You spaced out and thinkinking about what would happen if anyone recognizes you or y/n. Hmm… Dabi waved his hand in front of your face. “Midoriya, snap out of it before I burn you to ashes.” Dabi groaned and you snapped out of it immediately. Sorry- “Eh...no need for sorry’s. It won’t do you any good. I’m more lenient than Tomura though so consider yourself lucky you’re with me instead of Tomura.” Dabi Chuckled. Yeah- I will...Thanks. You smiled while Dabi kept a blank expression. “I’ll get this to Toga…” Dabi walked out of the room as you followed. You didn’t see y/n and figured that she was struggling to decide as usual. You decided to pour some ice and green tea in your cup. You took a few sips and noticed y/n come out of the room wearing a hoodie. Why are you wearing a hoodie? You laughed. “Because i’m cold!!” She sounded annoyed as hell. It’s the middle of summer what do you mean you’re cold? You continued to laugh until she slapped you. Ow. y/n giggled and smirked. “If you ask me one more damn question imma slap you again got it?” She glared at you and she seemed as pissed off as Katsuki on a daily basis. Y-yeah. She smirked and grabbed some green tea. “Yum!” Her eyes lit up as she took a sip of it. “So good…” She seemed to look tired but she still stayed energetic as fuck. How the hell do you look so tired but stay awake until like five in the morning? “Easy, i’m a night owl!” She smiled and stood on the counter until Tomura yelled at her. “Get off of there before you fall y/n!!” Tomura shouted. “Fiiiiiiine” She rolled her eyes and sat down on a barstool and spun around. There is no calming you down is there? “Nope.” You and y/n both giggle

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