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Betrayed(Fem. Reader Insert Villain Deku)

"A little connection"

You glanced up at Shigaraki. Uh...So what exactly are we- “We’re going to design your outfit.” Shigaraki said quickly. If you cut me off one more goddamn time you’re fucking dead. “We’ll see about that princess.” Shigaraki chuckled. If you call me princess one more time i’m gonna slap you! You snapped. “It was a joke, calm down y/n…” Shigaraki sighed. Good! Now, time to design my costume! You smiled and had a confident smile on your face. “You sound like you have something in mind. What is it?” Shigaraki looked at you and you could see a faint smile, but your smile slowly faded away. Weeeeeellll, I don’t know what my costume should be...if i’m being honest. You had an embarrassed look on your face. “Well, anything would go with your e/c eyes.” He said smirking as he whispered in your ear. You blushed out of embarrassment. H-hey! Not that close, baka! You looked away to hide your cheeks as they started turning a pale pink. “Oh, so i’m stupid now am I?” He chuckled. “If i’m stupid I might as well go.” He started to walk towards the door but you grabbed his wrist. Don’t leave...please..? “Please,Sorry, and I didn’t mean to. Are meaningless to me so don’t bother. Okay?” Shigaraki groaned. Mh..alright, I won’t, I promi- “How do you feel about dre-” You cut him off. No dresses. Dresses are a pain in the ass. Shigiraki chuckled. “I’ve got the perfect Idea for your costume. Do you want a surprise costume?” Shigaraki looked at you with a blank expression. Hmmm, sure! I can’t promise I can wait that long though! You giggled and walked out of the room behind Shigaraki and watched him walk over to Toga. Well, that probably could’ve gone a little better. Shigaraki walked up behind you after he noticed you shivering. “So, you’re cold in the middle of summer? That makes sense.” Sigaraki chuckled and put his jacket over you. “It’ll keep you warm…” Shigaraki walked away smirking while you blushed a bit. You thought to yourself: Why is this so big on me what the hell? Despite your frustration and grabbed some tea and sat by Izyuku. “Sooooo, whose jacket is that?” Izyuku looked at you and smirked. I-it doesn’t matter! You looked away blushing. “Mhm, suuuure.” Izyuku looked away and drank more of his tea. What? You got a problem with it Izyuku? Izyuku sighed. “Not really, but it’s the middle of summer and you have a jacket on.” You became so pissed off at this point an punched Izyuku. “Ow.” Izyuku rubbed his arm and looked up at you. “How do you look so tired but keep the same energy despite how long you stay up?” Izyuku looked a bit confused. Easy, I’m a night owl!” You giggled and stood on the counter while acting like a total dumbass until you heard Shigiraki yell. “Get off there before you fall y/n!!” Yeah,yeah- alright fine. You sighed and sat down on a barstool next to Izyuku, you both looked at eachother and started laughing. “Can you two stop it?” Dabi glanced over. “Oh, yeah…” Izyuku glanced over at Dabi. Hm? You got a crush or something Midoryia? Izyuku’s cheeks turned a pale pink. “Wha- no, I don’t have a crush!” Suuuuuuure. You giggled as you watched Izyuku’s face start turning pink. Your face says otherwise. “I- Shut it y/n!!” Izyuku shouted louder than intended. Izyuku hid his face out of embarrassment and you started laughing so hard you almost fell on the ground but you held onto the counter so you wouldn’t. “You do realize Tomura is go-” Tomura cut Dabi off. “I’m not gonna do anything to the little princess, but Izyuku on the other hand, I wouldn’t mind.” Tomura smirked as you got out of your chair. You’re fucking dead for calling me princess. Dabi smirked. “Well, that’s the first time someone other than me has confronted Toumura.” Well, it’s not my fault that he called me princess! Your cheeks were a pale pink. “You know it won’t do you any good yelling at-” Toga cut Tomura off. “I hate to ruin the sentimental moment...but the costumes are done!” Both you and Toga smiled. “I’ll try mine on first I guess…” Izyuku walked into the room and grabbed his costume then changed and looked in a mirror. “It’s perfect…” Izyuku smiled and walked out of the room. Woah….Izuku, you look amazing! Your eyes lit up in awe at how mature he looked, until you got excited and pushed him out of the way and ran into the room. “Y/n! Slow down!!” Izyuku looked at you as you ran into the room.”That’s yours!” Toga smiled and pointed to a black body suit that came with f/c (Fav. color) gloves. You looked at it in awe. Woah...This looks amazing! You grabbed your costume and put it on. I love it! You smiled and walked out of the room. Izyuku looked at you surprised. “Wow, that looks amazing on you y/n!” Oh, thanks Izyuku. “There’s only one thing missing.” Tomura put a necklace on you with a crystal charm on it. “You look beautiful…” You smiled a bit. Thanks Tomura, I appreciate it.

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