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The Daughter of Potter


What if Harry Potter has a twin sister ? what if others realize that she is no different form others . A tale of an ordinary witch with heroic family. Follow one woman's journey from being her heroic brother's shadow to her anti-hero husband's salvation.

Romance / Adventure
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Chapter 1

Avada Kedevra !!!!

James Potter was stunned . His wife had just finished breast feeding the littlest Potter. The next thing he knew, a flash of bright red and green light hit him square in the chest and blank. The intruder then point his wand towards the infant on the floor and then BAMM!! . The intruder was gone in a flash of second while little Harry Potter started crawling toward his mother . Lily Evans Potter was suddenly levitated and underneath her was a pouting little read headed babe with doe -like murky brown eyes , round nose , pointy ears , chubby cheek and small lips. The infant in question crawled towards her brother and curled next to him . That is how Hagrid found the remaining Potters .


An old man with long white beard with grayish streak , long pointy hat , round shaped spectacles started walking down a long pavement in Privet Drive.Suddenly a large Tabby cat leaped in front of him . He chuckled and bend down towards the cat

" Minerva my dear , you wound me , what are you doing here ?”

The cat in question turned into a woman with slim petite body and brunette hair pulled back into bun . She was wearing a long black robe with a black pointy hat .

“Albus , how could you do this , I have been watching these muggles for an entire day , they could never take care of poor baby Harry ”

“Minerva we could only hope for the best , even in darkness there will always be a light ”

“Albus where is Baby Potter ?”

“Well they will be here any minute now .I hope the children will not cause any trouble for Hagrid “.

“Well of course they won’t .... Albus what do you mean by children ?”

" Well you would find out soon , ahh they are here now , Lets go Minerva ”

" But who what , argg ALBUS DUMBLEDORE ”

“Good evening professor Dumbledore sir , professor McGonagall.”

" Good evening Hagrid , I hope the babies did not trouble you ?”

′ Hagrid how could you do such a foolish thing ?”

" I don’t understand professor McGonagall ”

“The children , how could you bring them in Sirius Blacks FLYING MOTORCYCLE !!”

“Minerva my dear , the children's are fine , look young Harry is fast asleep”

" So Albus where is the other child then ? How come i have never known about this other child ? EXPLAIN NOW

" Minerva Harry Potter has a twin sister however , she was born on the 1 st of august . To ensure that Tom does not know about Harry sibling , her records have been transferred into the Potters vault in Gringots. There are only two other person who knows about this besides the Potters and me . ”

" How are they , I demand to ”

" Minerva time will come and you shall know .”

" So now little Harry has to take care of his sister and also fulfill his destiny ?Its shameful that he would not get any help from his own sister ”

“MINERVA !! That is not for you to decide .The time will come ans SHE will play a huge part in it ”

" Al bus I ..J..”

" NO leave this topic for now . Lets go , its late .”

Before Al bus Dumbledore left he glanced towards the door step and found a still sleeping infant and a curious wide eyed infant and sighed . He whispered ” Good luck Harry and Hadria Potter ” before vanishing into thin air .

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