My Time In DC-Land

Chapter 10

Seeing my mom, I tried to run, but couldn’t move. It was like her stare was pinning me down. She looked at me like a mother would, but there was something else behind the motherly-ness of her (which was new in and of itself).

“I’ve missed you, dear,” she said. When I listened to her voicemails, she sounded more panicked and worried. Now, it was like she didn’t care that I’d been missing for however long it had been. Like she was her normal self. She reached me and cradled my face in her hand, and I felt sparks on my face after her hand fell to her side.

Upon seeing her hand, I could tell why: there were purple sparks arcing out of her palm, coming out of what seemed to be a rip in her skin.

“I’m sorry, dear. You weren’t supposed to be here yet,” she told me kneeling to be at eye level with me. Wait, what?!

“What the fuck are you talking about?!” I shouted, suddenly able to move. I stood and backed up to a tree immediately, surprising the shit out of her as well as myself. I put my palms on the tree behind to to steady my light-headed self, and, somehow, accidentally blew it apart.

“Control yourself, now!” she said roughly grabbing my wrists and I caught a glimpse of blood red sparks coming from my palms before slamming my eyes shut. It took a few minutes, but I felt her hands release my wrists, and there weren’t any sparks from my hands anymore. ‘Ok, whatever the ever-loving fuck that was goes away when I stay calm,’ I thought making a mental note.

“Next time that happens, I cut off your power, completely!” she snapped.

“What power?! This is the first time that’s ever fucking happened to me!” I shouted at her. More sparks. Calm down, damnit!

“Then what do you call the beacon in your pocket?”

“What beacon?” Then I felt the wand-thingy, I’m guessing ‘the beacon,’ try to remove itself from my pocket, rather violently in fact. I went to pull it out so I didn’t have another hole in my good jeans, and got yelled at.

“If you touch that, you will not only hurt yourself, but waste more of your power,” she said apathetically. “Here.” And she reached over, stuck her hand into my pocket, and pulled out ‘the beacon.’ In her hand, it glowed slightly and grew to about a foot long with swirls constantly changing all down the length. She smiled.

“Thank you, my dear. I’ve been looking for this for years,” she said her voice becoming more demonic with every word. She pointed her…wand(?) at me and I saw a flash of light, then nothing for a long time.

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