My Time In DC-Land

Chapter 3

Annnd I woke up in another new place!! First, Joker’s hideout, then Riddler and Scarecrow’s. What next, Penguin’s museum? Am I his new exhibit?!

I heard what sounded like bats in the distance and figured out where I was: underneath Wayne Manor in the one and only, the original, The Batcave! Which is bad for all three of us, cause that means Bats found me, Johnathan, and Edward, and probably sent them back to Arkham, and is going to send me back to Hell-I mean, home.

I sat up from the hard metal table I was lain on, and felt a sharp pain in my chest. I felt around my collarbone and felt five stitches.

“You got cut kinda badly while we were… ‘running’? ‘Leaving’? No, I think the better word is ‘fleeing’. Yeah, ‘fleeing’,” I heard from my right. I turned and saw Red Hood leaning up against the compu-I mean, Bat-computer.

“You’re Red Hood,” I saw dumbly, pointing at him. He nodded and even without being able to see his face, I knew he was face-palming at me. “So, where’s the big bad Bat?” I asked after recovering from my shock. Which after meeting Harley, Joker, Riddler, and Scarecrow, I should be over by now, shouldn’t I?

“He’s busy. I’m your babysitter, for now,” he vaguely replied. Gotta love that vagueness you must have in the Bat family.

“How long?” I asked just as vague.

“How long what?” he answered.

“1, how long have I been asleep, 2, how long has it been since you raided their house, 3, how long until you leave, and 4, how long till I go back to Hell?” I explained.

He thought for a second. “1, you’ve been here for about a day and a half, so at least that long, 2, whose house, 3, ‘f’ you, till dawn, and 4, what do you mean ‘Hell’?”

Shit! A day and a half?! “Edward and Johnathan’s house. How else would I be here? And by Hell, I mean home/school,” I tell him.

“Scarecrow and Riddler?” he said confused. “We never found their hideout. Nightwing ran into you in the park, said you looked…well, ask him,” he said pointing behind me. I turned around and nearly fell off the table until the Bird Boy behind me caught me. He snuck up right behind me! God, the Bat family annoys me!

“Hello, Richard,” I whispered in his ear as he caught me. He stepped really far back and I heard Red Hood load up his gun behind me as Nightwing charged up his stun batons.

“What did you say?” he asked defensively. ‘Well, I might as well go all out,’ I thought.

“I said, ‘Hello, Richard.’ Not that hard to misinterpret,” I said nonchalantly. Red Hood grabbed both of my wrists and held a gun to the back of my head. “I wouldn’t do that, Jason. Do you really want to die again?” I said under my breath. He just tightened his grip on my wrists.

“You bitch; how do you know that?!” he roared. It echoed all around the Batcave for what felt like minutes afterwards.

“Enough,” I heard from my left. I turned to see nothing but darkness.

“Batman, I thought you were too busy to come see little old me,” I said. “Now will you tell the birds to back off?” I growled.


“Short, annoying, and to the point. Trademark of the Bat family, like vagueness and disappearing/appearing,” I muttered. “Jason, I’m saying this for your benefit, I don’t care if I’m in handcuffs, but I don’t want to hurt anyone. Please back up, away from the metal table. Keep your gun pointed at my head, whatever you want, but back up.”

“Why?” he growled.

“Because before ya’ll found me, I ingested an experimental toxin of Scarecrow’s, and was injected with enough fear toxin to kill all of Gotham and Metropolis combined,” I plainly said.

“We know,” came the Bat. “I took samples of your blood earlier.”

“Of course you did,” I said. “Well, since we’re all here, can I please hear how the fuck you guys found me?”

“Not till we hear how you know our names,” Nightwing said.

“I’m from another universe. I have NO clue how I got here, for all I know, I could be sleeping in class again, but I got brought to Gotham by Joker and Harley. They came into my school and my classroom, and I did something really, utterly, stupid and got kidnapped. Scarecrow and Riddler rescued me from being shot by Joker’s goons. That’s where my memory cuts off, so I’d like to filled in on the rest,” I said quickly. Nightwing looked really confused at the ‘another universe’ thing. Batman, from what I could tell, wasn’t too confused.

“Wait, then how do you know us?” Red Hood asked.

I sighed. “In my world, you are all fictional characters in comic books, movies, and video games that I read, watch, and play. You’re all heroes, and my knowledge stretches beyond just you three and the villains. For example, you,” I nodded to Nightwing, “are Dick Greyson, formerly known as Robin, the Boy Wonder, also part of the Teen Titans. Now you’re Nightwing, who is normally prowling around Blüdhaven around now. And the one behind me is Jason Todd, also formerly known as Robin, but, well…”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Skip that part,” he requested. Who fights with the person holding a gun to their head?

“Ok! So, now you are Red Hood, part-time Merc-for-hire, part-time crime fighter. Basically, another person who shouldn’t be ‘babysitting’ a 17 year-old!” I continued. I turned slightly and saw him shrug. “No choice?” I asked. He nodded slightly.

I turned to my left. “And you, Batman, are, in fact, Bruce Wayne, the billionaire playboy.”

“That’s enough,” he said.

“I wasn’t going any farther. Now, could someone please un-cuff me, and/or tell me what’s going on!” I said. Jason took his cuffs off my wrists and pulled off his hood helmet thingy. He was cute under the mask, too.

“Oh, really?” he queried. I buried my face in my hands and blushed.

“Well, since we’re getting comfy in front of the person who could’ve just sold us out to our enemies,” Dick said, glaring at Jason as he took off his mask.

“I will say this once, and once only; I swear I will never reveal any of your identities. Besides, who’d believe me? A broken girl like me could just be lying to get warm, get food, or…other things,” I said sullenly.

“How can we trust you? You could’ve already told them about us!” he shouted at me.

I looked up directly into his eyes, and said, “If I had said anything to anyone, do you really think your head wouldn’t be a pike somewhere? I met Joker and Harley, they were about to kill me, and I said nothing. If they can’t get me to talk, who could?”

He looked pissed, but somewhere in that beautiful brain of his, he knew I was right. He looked away and sat down on the table next to me while Jason sat on my right.

“So, you believe me now?” I asked them.

Dick nodded, Jason slung an arm around my shoulders, being mindful of the stitches, and kissed my cheek. “You tell me what you think,” he whispered in my ear as he pulled me closer to him.

“Dick found you in the park, resembling the daughter of Trigon,” Bruce said, apparently tired of our bickering.

“Wait, I reminded him of Raven? In what way?” I asked.

“You were in the center of congregating dark energy, seemingly opening a portal to where ever until you collapsed, and you had four eyes when I got to you,” Dick told me.

“That’s never happened before,” I said. “Might have something to do with the blue toxin I drank.”

“Why would you drink toxin in the first place?” Jason asked.

“Why else?” I said, turning my wrists up to the light. “The fact that none of you saw them surprises me, honestly.” Dick and Jason each took one of my arms in their hands, seeing all my deep scars from trying to kill myself, then traded arms and repeated. Yes, I have tried to kill myself, yes, I have been put into a hospital for it, several times. The last time, I lost 7 and a half pints of blood. I was only hooked up to a blood bag for a day, then had healed enough to go home. Don’t know why, but I tried to take it as a sign of something, I don’t know what yet, but something.

I took my arms back and hugged them against my stomach. Jason tightened his arm around my shoulders and I nuzzled into his chest.

“You wouldn’t happen to have some toxin left, though?” Bruce asked. I shook my head, then realized he can’t see me when he’s looking at the Bat-computer, and said no.

“The vial it was in shattered and the rest of it ate through the floor,” I said. “But I think Johnathan has more.” I mumbled. I didn’t want them to find Johnathan and put them away again.

Dick stood up and went to talk to Bruce at the computer, with his back to us. “If you want, I’ll go with you, and I promise I won’t hurt them or lock them up,” Jason whispered to me. He may be hot, and willing to help, but he’s still part of the Bat family. Bruce has trackers everywhere, for one, and second, I have no clue where they are. But I need all the help I can get.

“Do you know where they are?” I asked quietly.

“Yes,” he replied.

“Tonight, then?” I asked. He nodded and we went back to snuggling.

After about another half hour of awkwardness and questions, we adjourned upstairs to eat. Alfred was surprised to see me upstairs, but Bruce explained everything and he asked what I wanted to eat. I asked for something small and easy to cook. I didn’t eat much of the mini pizza he made me.

Soon after, Dick left, heading back to Blüdhaven, and Jason left, heading where ever he goes. Bruce showed me to the guest room and left me alone, going to bed himself. I laid down about ten minutes after he left, and passed out fairly soon.

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