My Time In DC-Land

Chapter 4


Oh, goody. There’s a Robin rapping, gently tapping, on my chamber door. I stumbled out of bed and went to the door, and saw no one through the open doorway. “Oh, right. Bat family. Window,” I muttered as I walked to my window and saw someone standing a little way off under a tree. Even with the distance, though, you can’t miss that Red Hood.

“Romeo, oh Romeo, wherefore art thou, Romeo?” I acted through the window.

“Here am I, fair maiden. Come to save the dragon and slay the princess. Wait,” he said. I giggled and he came over to the window. He picked me up through the window and carried me over his shoulder out to the tree, where he set me down in front of him. I put my back against the tree and saw the upstairs windows.

And saw Bruce watching us.

“Upstairs, Bruce,” I mouthed to Jason. He nodded discreetly.

“Then he’s gonna hate me in a second,” he said, pulling his hood off. He dropped it on the ground and backed me into the tree and started kissing me. He tasted like liquor, metal, and death, which aren’t necessarily bad things. We kissed for about a minute before pulling away.

“Come on,” he said with his signature smirk. He pulled me along to the garage, not picking up his helmet.

Sometimes I forget just how rich Bruce is. Then I see his cars.

Jason led me to a red and black motorcycle and handed me a helmet.

“I’ve never ridden a motorcycle before,” I told him. He came over to me and put the helmet in my hands on my head.

“Don’t worry, just hold on to me tight and lean into the curves, and you’ll be fine,” he said. I nodded to him. He grabbed a helmet and put it on, then he and I got on his bike.

“We’re here,” he said, stopping in front of an abandoned warehouse. ‘How cliché,’ I thought. We got off the bike, took off our helmets, and gathered our bearings before entering. I turned around towards the road, feeling…watched, yet seeing nothing.

“Come on,” Jason stage-whispered from the door. He went in and I ran in after him, carefully shutting the door.

“Jason, wher-” I tried to whisper, but felt a hand covering my mouth before I could finish. “Shh,” I heard in my ear, then saw his hand, so I followed his hand, walking toward the kitchen.

The warehouse may have looked evil, dirty, and inhospitable from the outside, yet inside it looked like I remembered; clean, squeaky clean almost, and cozy. Maybe that was because I always idolized Dr. Crane and Mr. Nigma, but this place felt more like home than my house ever did. Jason went over to the window…for some reason or another. I just kept wandering farther into the warehouse.

I came upon a door, with a green and purple swirled design on it. I turned the doorknob, and it opened, so I went in. I saw a green room, with the walls covered in papers. I went over to the closest one and saw the riddle ‘how is a raven like a writing desk?’ written on it.

“This is not your room,” growled a familiar voice.


“You’re right, Mr. Nigma. It’s not,” I said. “But I need to know where Dr.-where Johnathan is. He did some tests on me, th- “

“Then you blew a hole in our ceiling and flew away. Or did you forget that?” He growled, coming closer to me. “Is that why there’s a bird in my home? Because you want your test results?”

He grabbed my hands from behind and handcuffed them together. “How long have you been working with them?” He whispered menacingly, and I was actually scared for a second. Then the door opened.

“Let her go, Riddler!”

“Oh, and why should I, Todd?” he asked. Jason didn’t answer. Well, he didn’t verbally answer. Then next thing I knew, I was on the floor. With my head was bleeding because of how hard Jason hit Edward, and in turn, me. Then I sat up and saw Jason pummeling Edward.

Suddenly my own pain was forgotten as I launched myself at Jason, throwing him into the wall and off Edward.

“What the hell?!” he shouted.

“You said you wouldn’t hurt them!” I shouted right back. Then I saw his earpiece. “You. Lied. To me.” I growled. I backed up as far as I could, not from fear but from not wanting to put his head through the wall.

I grabbed Edward’s arm and picked him up with me. “If you are not gone within a minute, you will regret it,” I said, not even looking at Todd. I backed up until I felt Edward’s desk, then laid him down on his desk. Turning back around I saw a newly-opened window. ‘Ah, damn,’ I thought. ‘I wanted to hurt him.’

Shutting the window, I heard a groan.

“What happened?” Edward said.

“I just saved you from a dead man,” I told him, then I went looking for Johnathan.

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