My Time In DC-Land

Chapter 5

I found him, tied up outside the warehouse. I must’ve scared the bird-boy so bad he forgot his prize. I picked him up and brought him inside to the kitchen, sat him down, un-tied him, and got him a glass of milk for when he woke up, then went to check on Edward.

Who wasn’t in his room when I got there.

“Looking for me?”

“Goddamnit! Nigma! I literally just saved your life, do you want me to change that?” I snapped at him. He just held his hands up, palms toward me and went to the kitchen.

“You found him, I take it?” he asked as we walked back.

“Who else would be sitting at the table in his outfit, Nightwing?” I grumbled. I sat down at the table next to Johnathan, who still hadn’t woken up. Edward saw Johnathan and immediately went to his side, trying to help his friend.

“He’s not my friend,” he muttered.

“Then why are acting like his nurse?” I asked. Edward looked at me and I saw in his eyes what he’d meant by, ‘not his friend.’ His head snapped back to Johnathan as he began to stir.

“My head…what happ-” he started, then stopped when he saw me. I just smiled and waved and sat there like an idiot. Edward had to hold him in his chair to stop him from attacking me.

“YOU! You led them here!” I shrugged.

“Technically, I only led one here, and I didn’t lead him, he led me. Second, hello to you, too. Drink this,” I said handing him the milk. He didn’t take it and they both glared at me. “Fine, make me the bad guy, I’m just the reason you’re both alive.” I slammed the glass on the table hard enough to break it.

“You are the reason we were attacked,” Scarecrow said.

“No, whatever shit you pumped me full of is the reason you were attacked,” I told them. “I came back here for a sample of whatever that blue stuff is so B-“ Shit.

“’So B- ‘? You’ve got a captive audience, act out your role in this story,” Edward said.

I sighed. “After I apparently blew a hole in the ceiling, I went to the park, and one of the birds saw me. Nightwing picked me up, brought me to the Batcave, and that’s where I woke up, after Batman had tested my blood.” I pointed to Scarecrow, who looked more pissed at me with every word that flies out of my mouth. “He knows…you have a new toxin, but he doesn’t know what it is, and I didn’t have any toxin left for him to test. Todd and I were supposed to be looking for more, to counteract whatever it is,” then I facepalmed. “And I just realized, even if we had gotten an antidote it might’ve reacted with the other toxin and killed me. I’m an idiot.”

“Yes you are, but that is beside the point,” Edward said. “The problem at hand lies within the Batcave.”

Scarecrow got up and stalked to his room, and we shortly heard a shout, a crash, and footsteps coming towards us. “Well,” I said standing up, “that’s my cue to leave. Good seeing you, Mr. Nigma.”

“Edward. My name is Edward,” he said. “And I would suggest not leaving at this point in time, even though it doesn’t matter, we’ll find you again anyway, but it save us the hassle. Take pity on two old, damaged men, would you?” That...was not something I expected to hear from the Riddler. Then I realized he was being sarcastic.

“All right then. Bye Edward,” I said leaving.

“Good night, Miss Nocturn,” he called.

I left the warehouse, then wandered around for several hours upon realizing I had nowhere to go. Wayne Manor would consider me an enemy by now, Scarecrow’s place was off limits, and the only other people I knew here were Joker and Harley, so no.

Around dawn, I found a nice abandoned building and slept there for the day. At dusk, I woke up and started going back to Scarecrow’s place, hoping he had calmed down. I didn’t get there.

As soon as I stepped out of the shadows, I got dragged back into the shade.

“Why did you defend them?” he said.

“Why do you care, Dick? No one important to you got hurt,” I said.

“Answer me. Now,” he commanded.

“No,” I said and started walking away. He grabbed my arm and pulled me back, this time closer to him. “Get off me!” I yelled, which resulted with him covering my mouth while I screamed.

“Red Hood said you took Riddler’s side, and threw him into a wall,” he told me. I bit his hand so I could talk.

“I threw him into a wall because he lied. He said he wouldn’t hurt them, then he starts wailing on Edward, and hits me in the process!” I said. “Then I saw his earpiece. Was it you or Bruce following us that night? Or maybe Barbara? Oh, wait…”

He threw me to the floor, and kicked me in the stomach. Ah, memories. “If you’re trying to kill me, you aren’t kicking high enough,” I said standing up. He just glared at me.

“Next time you go wandering the streets, beware the shadows,” he said, then flipped up to the nearest rooftop. I scoffed, then started my trek back.

I misjudged how far the warehouse was, as it was dawn when I got there. Edward opened the door for me as I was walking up. He gave me a look that said, ‘I told you,’ and I glared back. He smirked and invited me in.

“How’s everyone doing?” I asked.

“We’re fine, but a little birdy told me about your encounter on your way here,” he said.

“That little birdy is going to die should I see him again,” I growled. “No one threatens me or mine and lives.”

“You honestly think we’re your friends?” he asked smugly. I just turned my head back towards him.

“Would you have let me back in otherwise? You already know my information, and you have a bodyguard in the form of Dr. Crane, so why else would you let me enter?” I asked.


I sat down at the kitchen table while Edward walked off toward the door, and I heard a feminine voice say something, but I couldn’t tell what. They came this way and I raised my guard.

“Morrigan, may I introduce my partner, Pamela? Ms. Kyle will be along shortly,” he said, gesturing to the beautiful light-green skinned woman.

I stood up, walked over to her, took her hand, and kissed it like a gentleman. She seemed pleased, at least I think. I pulled out a chair for her, which she took, then sat down myself. Edward was about to sit, but the doorbell (until that moment, I had no idea he had a doorbell) rang, and he went to answer it, giving me and Ms. Isley a moment to talk.

“You are quite the gentle-woman, Ms. Nocturn,” she said.

“Please, call me Morrigan. And I thank you, Ms. Isley,” I said, trying like hell to not stumble over my words.

“Call me Pamela, Morrigan,” she said. I nodded, smiling slightly. Edward came back with a new guest. Ms. Kyle, of course. I shook her hand, and she seem impressed.

“Seeing as we’re all here, let’s begin,” Edward said, and we sat. “First matter, who knows where the clown is?” I stiffened.

“My vines can find him, or at least Harley,” Pamela said.

“Wait, you don’t even know where Harley is? Pamela, you said you’d keep an eye on her!” Selina said.

“I tried. Then the clown had all my babies removed and burned,” she replyed darkly.

“He’s by the harbor,” I said. “What the hell?” I muttered.

“How do you know that?” Selina asked.

“No clue, just do. Harley isn’t there, though,” I told Pamela. She seemed angrier, if that was possible.

“Where is she?” Pamela demanded quietly.

“I don’t- she’s heading here,” I said, suddenly seeing her in my head. “A mile west, and she’s not alone.”

“Right, I think that covers this meeting. Ladies, you are welcome to follow me if you wish. If not, I suggest you find a safe way out,” Edward said. I followed him after saying good evening to Pamela and Selina. He led me up to his room, closed the door, and just sat down at his desk.

“I thought you said something about getting out of here,” I asked him.

“I said they needed to find safe ways out. Not you,” he said. “Harley wanted to talk to you, and I couldn’t get around meeting with my partners.”

“Wait, how would you know I’d know she was coming?” I asked.

“I had my suspicions,” he said.


“I shall return,” Edward said standing up. Once he left, I sat down and tried to get comfortable. When he came back, Harley was trailing behind him, as expected, and she actually squeaked when she saw me. I just rolled my eyes.

She handed me a letter, which she said was, “From Mistah J,” basically saying he admired my bravery at standing up to him, and that if we ever crossed paths again, he’d kill me. Understandable, even though I did nothing to him. Harley left, but not before giving me a hug.

“I’m moving back in with Ivy soon, and you can come with me if you want,” she whispered in my ear. The prospect sounded interesting, if not dangerous.

“Well, will you be taking her offer?” Edward asked after she’d left. I shrugged.

“What, and miss annoying you every day?” I said smirking. He smiled.

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