My Time In DC-Land

Chapter 8


I looked over at the window. Oh, God damnit.

“What the hell do you want?”

“Open the window so I can come in,” he said.

“Fuck that,” I said standing up.

He rolled his eyes and started trying to pick the lock. I just stood there watching him. It only took about two minutes, then he was standing in front of me.

“What the hell do you want, Jason?”

“Do you really think I’m here for you?” he said.

“Then why are you in here and not getting your ass kicked by my allies? Oh wait, is Dicky-boy here, too? Maybe even Brucey?” I asked. He growled at me for making fun of him. I just smiled. Then I saw the plant in the corner of the room, behind Jason. And saw it growing rapidly. ‘Well, shit. That’s one promise broken,’ I thought.

Before I knew it, the door behind me got broken down by Harley and her hammer. She bounced past me into Jas-I mean, Red Hood, and hit him so hard, he flew back into the Venus-fly trap, now grown to man-eating size. I took the opportunity to bolt out the door and heard Harley running out behind me. We ran down the hall to where Pamela was and saw her fighting (and winning against) Nightwing, knocking him out soon after.

“Harley! Morrigan!”

“Red! Are you ok?” Harley asked. Pamela nodded and I walked over to Richa-Nightwing. ‘While he’s in costume, he’s Nightwing. And an enemy,’ I reminded myself. I turned him over with my foot and saw the damage Pamela did to him; there were scratches all over his face and his arms, some even puncturing his suit and cutting him.

“Bastard,” I whispered. Turning to Pamela and Harley, I said, “are you ok, Pamela?” She nodded. “Ok then. Can ya’ll tell me what happened? ‘Cause I was just relaxing, and the next thing I know, Red Hood is picking the lock on my window.” At the reminder of Red Hood, Harley ran off to check on him and/or tie him up.

“I don’t remember much, honestly. I was communing with my plants when all of a sudden I was thrown into the wall by that thing,” she said pointing at Nightwing, who was rapidly being captured by her vines, “and Harley and him were fighting as I tried to collect myself.” Harley came back into the room with a worried look on her face.

“He got out, didn’t he?” I asked. She didn’t answer meaning yes, he did. Meaning he got back to Bruce, and they know we’ve got Richard. “We need to get out of here. Grab what you need, each of you.” They nodded and ran off to their rooms.

And I went over to the tied up Nightwing who was beginning to stir.

“And here I thought you were worried about me running into you,” I muttered. Then I picked him up, took off the vines and replaced them with some rope I found nearby. And knocked him back out for safe measure.

I wrote Pamela and Harley a quick note, picked up and slung Nightwing over my shoulder, and left, heading for one of the worst places for me to be in all of Gotham.

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