My Time In DC-Land

Chapter 9


The door opened to reveal an old man. Alfred Pennyworth, who rushed me in once he saw what/who I was carrying. He quickly closed the door behind me and I removed the black cloak-like thing I’d draped over us both. Alfred helped me over to the couch, where I set Nightwing down, then he ran off to go find Bruce and Jason and whoever was here while I sat down.

They had a pretty good response time, I’ll give the Bat family that; it only took a few minutes until I had a gun pointed at my head.

“Hello to you too, Jason. Good to see you again so soon,” I said sarcastically. I looked over to Richard and Bruce. “Good to see you as well, gentlemen.” Neither of them responded. Richard glared at me, and Bruce just watched me. So I looked over at Jason, and kindly reminded him, “1, I wasn’t the one you fought earlier, 2, I brought him home,” pointing at Richard, “and 3, remember where I was. To get him here, I put myself on both Harley and Pamela’s hit lists, so I risked my ass getting him here. Now do you still have any reason to being pointing that thing at me?”

“Why should we trust you?” Jason asked.

“Because she didn’t kill me when she had the chance, and she had the chance,” Richard chimed in.

“That doesn’t mean she won’t try to now.”

“Jason, put your gun down. Dick, just because she brought you back doesn’t mean we should trust her,” Bruce said.

“Thank you,” I said as Jason stormed off. “I wasn’t asking to be trusted, anyway. I just wanted his gun off my head. Thank you for defending me at least a little, though, Mr. Greyson.”

“Richard. Call me Richard, or Dick. Not…not Mr. Greyson,” Richard said. “I’ll go find Jason.” he said, standing up. Once he left I relaxed more.

“Where did you go?” Bruce asked.

“Pamela and Harley’s home. As far as I knew, they weren’t doing anything but trying to live, then they came in. I just went there cause…” I trailed off. I didn’t want Johnathan and Edward getting caught, even though they weren’t telling me everything.

“Would you like to stay here for the time being? We could protect you from Ivy and Harley,” Bruce said with his playboy, media-familiar, voice.

“No thank you, but could I get some food, please?” I asked. He stood up and waved me toward the kitchen, where he made me some dinner. Surprisingly, Bruce can cook pretty well, even though he’s had everything served to him on a silver platter his whole life.

After I ate, I left. I walked for a few hours, after I checked for bugs/trackers from Bruce, eventually ending tonight’s adventure in the park.

And I saw the damage I did to the park.

There was a circle of blackness in the center, surrounded by trees bent outward, burned dead themselves. In the middle of the circle there was a purple staff-looking thing, and it was glowing slightly. Being my stupid self, I walked toward it, which made it glow brighter.

“You’ve returned, daughter.”

I turned around and saw no one there. I turned a full 360O and still saw no one. ‘Eh,’ I thought. And went on walking toward the glowing staff. Once I was close enough, I reached out for it and picked it up, right out of the ground.

It stopped glowing as soon as I touched it, and shrunk to fit my hand perfectly. I shrugged and put the now mini-wand in my pocket and sat down in the circle. I tried to relax after the events of today, but considering what happened, relaxation was not going to be my friend.

I must have fallen asleep soon after, since the sun woke me up. Sitting up, I remembered where I was. I looked around and saw the park; completely unharmed. The ground beneath me was soft and covered in lush, green grass, the trees were un-bent and so numerous, they formed a small forest around me. Out of the trees came a woman.

My mother.

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