It Was Over

Chapter 4

After our snogging subsided we made our way down to the great hall, in just our pajamas. We sat down with my family and ate quietly. Then my dad took a long drink of coffee and said “Let’s get ready.”

He looked so tired, and worn, even older. My mum looked worse, she was quiet and kept her head down. All this scared me, the war was over but the trace it left, seemed so much worse. My parents were always so strong, even when we had close to no money, they let us know that it was okay. You could live without money. But with my main source of comfort weakened, I had almost no one to turn to but myself, but if you turn to yourself for comfort too much, you could turn inside-out. At least that’s what my mum told me after my first year at Hogwarts, I had kept so much to myself, I had no one to talk to.

“Gin? Ginny? Go gather your things so we can go home,” my mum said without much emotion.

“I don’t have anything here mum, it’s all at Aunt Muriel’s.”

“Oh no Ginny,” my mum said looking at me, “I forgot to tell you.”

“What?” I asked terrified at what might come next. My mum just shook her head. “Mum what?” I grabbed her shoulders.

“As soon as we left, well, the house was raided and Muriel was killed.”

“Oh my God!” I said shocked. “But all my clothes!” I said to her.

“I’m sorry Ginny.” My dad said.

I turned to Harry, shook my head, and left the great hall. I walked out to the grounds and sat by the Black Lake, leaning against a large tree. I heard footsteps behind me.

“Ginny? Are you okay?” Harry asked and sat next to me.

“All my clothes, my school books……all I have left are the things I left in my room,” I said looking at the lake sadly.

“But they are just clothes Ginny, you can always buy more!”

“No, Harry, you don’t understand. Dad hasn’t been at work for at least a month. We have no money, I can’t just buy anything I want!” I told him angrily. I finally looked at him.

“Please, I’ll pay for-“

“I’m not a charity Harry!” I snapped back. He put his head down.

“I didn’t mean that, but you know I have more money than I know what to do with, and you guys probably need it more than I,” he said.

“We don’t need your money!” I said still angry.

“Ginny! I just want to help,” he said quietly. I sighed.

”I’m sorry,” I told him without much emotion, “let’s just go home.”

We walked back up to the castle in silence where we met my family, all looking stony faced and tired. Hermione didn’t come with us, she was meeting Kinsley to start trying to find her parents. My mum, dad, Bill (with Fleur), Percy, George, Fr-and Ron all apperated separately, and Harry took me. We spun in and out of a dark tube and landed in the front yard of the Burrow, it was so good to be home. But, something was wrong, as soon as we walked in, we all sensed that something was wrong. Cupboards open, shelves bare and everything (what was left of it) strewn on the floor. Our house was completely torn apart.

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