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Rising Sun (Twilight Fanfiction)

Chapter 1

At last, the mission had been completed. Riya breathed a sigh of relief. This mission had by far been the most challenging one she had encountered in her life as a vampire.

The culprit named Jeet, whom she had just destroyed and burned, had created quite a havoc in Southwest Asia, particularly Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka. Jeet had been creating an army of newborn vampires in the hope of overthrowing the Volturi and claiming the throne of Volterra, Italy.

Needless to say, he couldn't control the newborns, who went on rampage and started killing humans left right and centre, drawing a disturbing amount of attention to them from human world as well as the vampire world. Before the situation slipped out of hand, or their secret got unveiled to humans, Riya had been sent as mission lead supported by Demetri and Felix, to destroy the savage newborns and their over ambitious creator.

No doubt it was a difficult job, but she was also one of the best that Aro had in his guard. She had to be successful, which unsurprisingly, she was. Riya was a guard member, but unlike the others who were just a pawn in the hands of Aro, Caicus and marcus; the volturi trio had a soft corner for her. When they had changed her, she was just another addition to their prided collection of gifted vampires. But as time went by, they gradually grew fond of her. The royal trio actually cared for her and were protective of her. And it was justified to be, given the circumstances in which she was changed and her sufferings. Riya was like a daughter they never had.

Riya had been aware of the attachment the trio had towards her. Even she herself adored them and considered them her father figures. This was the main reason why she accepted the offer of Volturi.

But she did not wish to spend her entire existence in this manner. Hence they agreed upon an arrangement. Riya would be sent only on classified missions once in while, which involved high degree of law breaking and truly guilty perpetrators, so that she would not feel guilt while she annihilated and torched them to their fate. She did not want to behave like a monster that she had actually become. Also, when she would not be on missions, she would be free to roam the world and lead her life as she wished.

Riya didn't hunt humans like the Volturi. She had heard about the Cullen Coven and the Denali Coven and their way of life when she changed. And she had decided to follow their way of life. The Volturi trio tried to persuade her to hunt humans, but in vain. She hunted animals and drank their blood, and went through High School and College time and again when she was not on mission.

She had assumed the name volturi but she was unlike them, in every sense of meaning and being.

Riya acted fine and happy to the outside world. In reality, she was anything but happy, anything but fine. She was suffering silently, she was breaking more and more on inside, every single day. She wasn't able to forget that fateful night that changed everything, that took away her innocence and her soul, that turned her into this monster which she never wanted to be. She had entire eternity in front of her, but she had no wish to live through it. She was just a living corpse, with no emotion except sorrow. She had no expectations, no hopes for future, nothing. Her life was in darkness and she had accepted that was doomed to live like this, in the darkness of midnight, for the rest of the eternity. She had accepted that she would never see the rising sun.

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