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Turning Tables


It seemed like a good thing, two reformed bullies helping put each other back together. David and Sebastian seemed like a good thing, until they weren't.

Drama / Romance
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Chapter 1

“Alright new kids, listen up,” Jeremy spoke at the front of the Warbler’s practice hall. “Welcome to the Rocky Horror Picture Show’s shadow cast. You have each been chosen for this show because I saw something in you that wasn’t apparent in the other auditions,” a few of the cast members in the room smiled at this remark, Santana of course let out a cold, bitter laugh. Clearly Santana knew she was talented. From belting out all kinds of solos in Glee club to backflips and cartwheels with the Cheerios, Santana was beyond worthy of being in some lame show Brittany had convinced her to audition for.

“Now I’m fully aware that Rocky Horror isn’t the most serious show in the world, and we will be having plenty of fun and inappropriate rehearsals, but above all this is still a production and I expect everyone to be on professional, productive behavior at all times. Is that clear?” Jeremy asked, eagerly awaiting the part where they would actually start rehearsing. “Since today is our first rehearsal, I figured we’d kick back and do something simple. First we’ll go around with some introductions, talk a little about the show, and then watch the movie. For those of you who’ve seen it before please for the love of God, USE THE CALLOUTS. Everyone else, just follow along and enjoy.” In order to keep the mood up, Jeremy instructed each person to say their name, their character, and one surprising fact about themselves.

“I’ll begin,” Jeremy started. “Hi. My name is Jeremy, as you all know. I’m the director of our show and one surprising fact about me is I actually attended Dalton Academy back in the day. I know we have a few Dalton students in our midst. If any of you are up for a gossip session after rehearsal feel free to come by.” A few of the boys laughed shyly, exchanging looks with the director. The next cast member to introduce themselves was Marley Rose.

“I guess I’m next,” the girl began, smiling energetically. “Hi everyone, I’m Marley. I’m really excited to be playing the role of Janet and something interesting about me is that one of my first big roles was Sandy in Grease over at McKinley High School.” Following Marley was another McKinley student who wore a bright blue bowtie with a contrasting cardigan and dark pants.

“Hey everyone, um, I think I know most of you but for those I haven’t met my name is Blaine Anderson. I’m going to be playing the asshole Brad, and an interesting fact about me, hmmm…well I have a really cute daschund puppy at home named Timmy and he’s really adorable.” Blaine spoke, his voice growing higher with his sentence, eyes crinkling at the thought of his dog. He turned to the pale boy next to him, signaling him to go next with a smile.

“Hello there! I’m Kurt Hummel, I’ll be playing the character of Dr. Frank n’Furter, and actually I was in Rocky Horror once before at McKinley High School but the show was canceled due to the promiscuous content,” Jeremy and a few others let out an amused laugh. “Anyways what’s surprising is that Mr. Schue wanted me to play Frank n’Furter but I declined and played Riff Raff instead, so I just thought that was kind of funny.” Next to Kurt, Santana tossed her hair to the side carelessly, obviously sick of the rehearsal already.

“Hey losers. I’m just loving this introduction circle we have going on. Really entertaining,” the Latino said in her casually sarcastic demeanor. Kurt rolled his eyes with irritation, bothered by her obnoxious attitude. “Anyways, I’m Santana. I’m playing Columbia and something interesting about me is that I’m from Lima Heights so if you screw with me I’ll screw with you twice as hard,” she finished with her classic fake smile.

“I think she meant she’ll screw you twice as hard,” Kurt muttered back under his breath.

“Very interesting Santana…I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for any dead cast members,” Jeremy smirked playfully in response.

“Hey everyone! My name’s Jack and I’m playing Dr. Scott. And something interesting about me is that I was actually born in California and then lived in Texas for five years before moving here to Ohio.” Jack was a relatively cute boy with auburn hair and blue eyes. When he spoke his voice had a slight lilt to it and was accompanied by an interesting southern/mid-western accent. After speaking, Marley and Jack’s eyes connected for a minute, Jack smiling flirtatiously, causing Marley to giggle in response.

“Well, guess I’m in the same show as Gayface and his trashy best friend,” Sebastian took a pause to grimace and smile sarcastically at the Latino girl. “Hi Santana. Thankfully you brought the eye-candy with you, good to see you Blaine,” he continued with a wink. “For those of you who haven’t been lucky enough to meet me, I’m Sebastian Smythe. I’ll be playing the character Rocky and something interesting about me,” his eyes narrowed in as he lowered his voice with mock surprise, “I actually have a boyfriend for once. Talk about a shocker huh?” The response in the room of those who knew of Sebastian Smythe was comical to say the least. His no-relationship legacy had finally been broken and nobody knew exactly what to think. Kurt broke the brief, awkward silence with a crass comment.

“Wow, that’s even more surprising than finding out you auditioned for this show meerkat,” Kurt responded.

“Hey, there’s enough secrets and surprises in Sebastian Smythe to go around, trust me rainbow shit-face,” Sebastian replied with a wink. Kurt gave him the finger, ignoring the warning looks Jeremy was giving the two.

“As much as I’d love to watch a gay catfight, I’m not looking forward to getting blood on my dress,” the small blonde next to Sebastian piped up, fixing her floral blue dress.

Kitty’s comments were interrupted by a very entertained, laughing Jeremy, “Sorry Kitty, I’m still stuck on the rainbow shit-face insult. Where do you kids come up with this shit?” Sebastian’s mouth twitched into his signature cocky smile as Kurt let out an exasperated sigh. “Anyways, my apologies. Play nice you two.”

Kitty took the pause as her turn for an introduction, “I’m Kitty and I’ll be playing Magenta. Something interesting about me is that I’m the new captain of the Cheerios at McKinley high!”

“Wow, such a difference between you and the old one,” Santana rolled her eyes, irritated by Sue’s favoritism of white girls with blonde hair and blue eyes. Ignoring her comments, the next cast member went along and introduced himself.

“I guess I’m last. I’m Kyle, I’ll be playing Riff Raff, and um, I guess something interesting about me is I have three sisters, one of the reasons I’m thankful to be attending an all-boys school.” Sebastian flashed Kyle a smile, the two were actually as close to being friends as anyone could with Sebastian Smythe, especially someone who was on his Lacrosse team.

Once all of the introductions were finally out of the way, Jeremy put on the movie, especially excited to see the reactions of those who had never actually seen it. There was popcorn and cookies for everyone which seemed to get the cast excited. Everyone went up to get some of the food except for Sebastian who seemed absorbed in his phone.

The movie was definitely entertaining to all, especially with the veterans like Kurt, Santana, Sebastian, and Blaine who knew all the callouts. Despite the typical awkwardness that comes with the first day of any rehearsals, it was a fun one overall.

“Hey everyone, don’t forget this Saturday after rehearsal I’m throwing a small pizza party at my place. So you should totally come by and get to know each other a bit better. It’s going to be super fun with FREE PIZZA, so don’t forget to come by!” Jack exclaimed loudly, receiving some nods and audible responses from the group. As everyone began filing out Blaine and Kurt decided to find out a bit about Sebastian’s “interesting fact”.

“Meerkat,” Kurt stated simply, a mildly disgusted expression molding itself onto his face.

“Gayface,” Sebastian responded unamused. “Hello Blaine. Looks like you two are as freakishly gay as ever. I’m glad ugly’s not contagious, I always look forward to seeing your pretty little face Blaine.”

“Didn’t you say you were going to play it nice after everything with Karofsky happened?” Blaine responded, bringing up the promise Sebastian had made a few months ago, around the time of Karofsky’s suicide attempt.

“Oh, wow, funny you mention that actually,” Sebastian replied with his signature smirk, a quick flash of something too vague to place crossing his eyes. “Yeah, I’m definitely a lot nicer. At least, that’s what my boyfriend says. I think Dave would be quite flattered to know you Nude Erections kids still remember him, it seems like you haven’t talked to him in a while.” Kurt’s mouth almost fell to the floor in awe at Sebastian’s remark.

“Wait, what!?” Blaine responded, feeling slightly overwhelmed from his confusion. “You’re telling me that you’re dating the boy you persuaded to attempt suicide?” Kurt’s eyes met Sebastian’s gaze as he flinched, almost unnoticeably, at Blaine’s choice of phrasing.

“If you want to say it like that, say it that way. Though clearly inaccurate, yes Blaine, David Karofsky and I are dating. We have been dating for one month now and hopefully we will be dating for many more.” Kurt and Blaine exchanged glances with one another, both concerned and confused. Sebastian merely looked bored, rolling his eyes with a signature sneer.

“Well, this is…definitely surprising,” Kurt uttered, at a loss for words. “I mean, if you make him happy, I guess I’m happy for you two…” Kurt trailed off, trying to rationalize the situation. Barely three months ago had David tried to kill himself, and now he was in a happy and in a, hopefully, healthy relationship with the guy who triggered the suicide attempt; it sounded a bit too wrong to be true.

“I do make him happy. He makes me happy. We’re almost as gay as you two, though not nearly as nauseating,” Sebastian continued. As if on cue, the familiar stocky jock showed up in the doorway.

“Very true,” he commented on Sebastian’s reply, eyeing his boyfriend with a look of admiration and seduction. Putting his arms around the smaller boy from behind, David embraced Sebastian in a provocative kiss and protective hug. Sebastian smiled but subtly flinched at the sudden contact, most likely not expecting it. Lightning flowed through the two, connecting their expressions with apparent chemistry.

“Hey babe, I’ve missed you,” Sebastian said, pulling away from David to introduce him to Kurt and Blaine. “I’m sure you remember these McKinley freaks,” the brunette boy said harshly glaring at both boys.

“Oh my god, it’s been forever, Kurt! How are you?” Kurt came over and hugged David in response. After the suicide attempt, Kurt had felt somewhat responsible to help get Dave back on his own two feet; the two spent hours talking for the first month before slowly drifting away.

“I’m great! Glad to see you’re doing well. A little surprised about the boyfriend, but hey, as long as you’re happy that’s the important part,” Kurt replied with a wide smile.

“Thanks man, that means a lot to me. And Blaine! How are you buddy? You look great; is Kurt taking exemplary care of you?” Dave continued, switching conversations to include Blaine.

“Yeah, of course. He’s been phenomenal, as always. It’s really great to see you so happy David,” Blaine responded with an equally excited smile.

“Sorry to interrupt you four, but don’t forget tomorrow night, pizza party at my place!” Jack interjected, handing out little business cards with his address on them. “My dad runs a computer repair shop in our house, hence the business cards. It has our address and home phone on it if you need to reach me. Hope to see you there!” The boys said thank you and waved a goodbye as Jack went over to the next group.

“So, um, Sebastian, do you think you’re going to the pizza party?” Blaine asked, deciding to take on a more amicable approach when talking to his frenemy.

“I don’t know, maybe,” he replied with a passive expression. David took this moment to chime in.

“Really babe, a pizza party?” He asked with a disappointed tone, “I know you’re fit now but…lacrosse practice is coming to an end for the year and I don’t think you need those extra calories hun.” Kurt raised his eyebrows at David’s comments, after all he was one to talk.

“Excuse me?” Sebastian responded, face bitter and ready to pick a fight, “I’m sorry but last I checked I wasn’t the one who resembled a bear,” he criticized harshly, “plus I’ll still be practicing for lacrosse during the summer. And swimming, in case you forgot.”

“Yeah but you don’t need extra weight in those sports, that slows you down. I do football and wrestling, that’s when being heavier helps babe. You don’t need that,” David responded with an apologetic smile.

“So you’re calling me fat?” Sebastian replied, voice full of shock and sass. Blaine and Kurt stood awkwardly next to each other, completely stunned by the conversation between the two.

“Bas, stop twisting my words around. I’m just saying if you don’t keep an eye on what you eat—” David was cut off mid-sentence by Sebastian.

“No, fine. Kurt, Blaine, guess I’m not going to that stupid pizza party after all. You guys can go and mind your own fucking business now. And David, I guess I should just walk home then? Maybe I’ll burn some fucking calories that way,” His voice was shaky, a fact that concerned Kurt and Blaine; they had never really seen Sebastian Smythe falter like that before. The boy grabbed his phone from the side table it was sitting on and walked briskly away, heading towards the direction of the bathroom. An empty pause ensued as David looked from Blaine to Kurt.

“Sorry about that guys, he’s always such a girl about these things. I’m just trying to look out for him, you know? He’s not going to be a teenager forever,” Karofsky said, defending his words. The boys didn’t really know how to respond so they just smiled sympathetically. Shortly after the gap in conversation, Kurt excused himself to go to the bathroom, thinking he could try and find Sebastian and see what was going on.

In the restroom, Sebastian was absolutely furious. His fist collided with one of the stalls as his foot kicked another one. David always did this to him and it never made any sense. At first it seemed like it was out of jealousy, Sebastian’s six pack obviously looked nicer than what was under David’s shirt, but it kept coming back up. Anytime Sebastian ate something that was unhealthy, anytime he decided to skip practice, both which were rare but still occurred, even during intimate times, David would say something. It was really starting to get him. Turning around to face the mirror, Sebastian pulled up his shirt and stared at the reflection.

His well-toned abs and lightly tanned, white skin stared back at him. His fingers felt them, pulled at the skin, poked them, tried to figure out what he was looking at. They’re abs. Dave’s just being jealous, you’re not fat…and then he thought about the exact conversation they had, “so you’re calling me fat?” Sebastian had asked, “Not currently Bas, but I’m just saying if you don’t keep an eye on what you eat—” and that was where Sebastian had cut him off. It wasn’t that he was fat, yet. It was that Dave felt it was going to happen. His boyfriend didn’t trust him enough to take care of himself; that was something that really stung.

Sebastian felt sick, vulnerable and self-conscious all at once. How was he supposed to play Rocky, arguably the most promiscuous character in the Rocky Horror, when he couldn’t even take care of his own body? Pausing a moment, Sebastian thought back to the last meal he ate. It was dinner, he hadn’t had too much. Just a salad and some fruit. It had only been three hours ago, was it still possible for him to throw it up? Sebastian shook his head, trying to force the idea out as quickly as it had entered his head. No, you’re an idiot, he thought to himself, just eat a little less than normal and he’ll be off your back in no time. After his internal conversation, Sebastian jerked, startled as the bathroom door open. He looked up, trying to act in a nonchalant manner as Kurt walked in wearing an expression of concern.

“Um, hey Sebastian,” he said with an awkward side-smile. “Is everything ok?” Sebastian didn’t say anything at first. Why was Gayface asking how he felt? It wasn’t like Kurt even cared about him after all the drama that happened in the past.

“Yeah. It’s cool Gayface,” he replied, conceling the fear that had been in his eyes just moments ago.

“You know, Karofsky’s wrong.” Kurt said, his words catching Sebastian off guard.

“What?” Sebastian questioned with an incredulous tone.

“You’re not fat. Just because you eat the contents of a normal meal doesn’t mean your body’s going to change. He’s just jealous of you and it’s not fair for him to say those things to you,” Kurt continued with a justified expression. The comments were not the least what Sebastian had expected to hear. To say they did not sit well with him would be an understatement.

“I know I’m not, Porcelain. Thanks for the concern, but if you could kindly remove yourself from my business it would be greatly appreciated,” Sebastian snapped, leaving an irritated Kurt alone in the restroom.

Hurrying down the hallway, Sebastian hoped to God Kurt and Blaine weren’t paying that much attention to his conversation with his boyfriend. Anyways it wasn’t a big deal, he would probably just forgive David or admit he was right and drop it. As he walked down the hallway, Kurt followed at a decent distance behind until they both arrived at the rehearsal space. Except for the two couples, everyone had left. Blaine eagerly said goodbye to David and Sebastian and quickly went to accompany his boyfriend as they left Dalton as well, heading over to Kurt’s house.

“Well that was…unexpected,” Blaine stated bluntly, unsure of how he felt after their encounter with Sebastian and David.

“Am I the only one who felt a little uncomfortable with what just happened?” Kurt asked innocently. Blaine pondered the question for a while before responding.

“No, I agree with you Kurt. Something was really off about that. Maybe it’s just the idea of two former bullies dating each other. That prospect isn’t too appealing.” Kurt nodded but really had more to say on the subject.

“It’s not even that though, I mean yes it is that, but also— didn’t David seem kind of, I don’t know, controlling? Like, emotionally abusive in a way?” Blaine’s eyes widened at the severity of Kurt’s observation.

“Oh, wow. I didn’t even see it that way. I mean, I guess it could be seen that way. But come on, it’s Sebastian. This is the kid who blinded me and was only remorseful because the salt hit me instead of you. If anyone would be abusive it would be him, not the boy who attempted suicide,” Blaine replied rationally, acknowledging Kurt’s point with heavy skepticism.

“Yeah, I suppose,” Kurt shrugged it off as the two got in his car and began the drive back to Lima.

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