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Zafe Haven


What do you do when the world is no longer safe?

Thriller / Adventure
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Prologue: It Happened Then

It happened then...

Her world came to an end with a single solitary sentence...

The life she had, as normal as it was, became hell on earth. A typical day that turned into a nightmare. All that man had to say was one sentence and nothing would ever be the same. A simple phrase that could’ve meant anything except the end of the world. It should have been a line from a classic horror movie or maybe a really intense Brad Pitt thriller, but it was said by a man who wanted to tell her the truth. Tell the world the truth.

The warning rattles the floor of her apartment as the glass of water she had in her hand slid from her grasp and smashed on the floor. The sound is muted by the alarm, echoing in her head, along with the screams from the nearby apartments and the sounds of the traffic in the streets below. She wanted to scream herself but the shock had swollen her throat shut. The next few minutes would define whether she lived or died; a decision that still haunted her, even now.

That one sentence...

That damned sentence...

"They have risen...”

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