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The Secrets


This book based on secrets ,the dark secrets . A innocent girl Jaise , have no idea , what she is , and her dark past . She loves a man , who's name is Steve. Steve ten years elder with her .He take care of her like a baby . But sometimes his behaviour make her angry and disappointed . She thought that he hide something with her. No doubt Steve loves her most , but he always scare that if she will love someone else ,who will same age with her then . while other side Jaise also in tension because she know that he hide something with her what Steve hide let's check out.

Romance / Horror
Jaisemine Scott
Age Rating:

The golden morning .

❤ Jaise Scott ❤

"Honey wake up"someone told me but I still laying ." Jaise Wake-up or I will not give you chocolate ." I heard these word , my mind flushing and I immediately got up. In my front a handsome boy with good looks personally look me with his mischievous smile . He gave me quick and sweet kiss on my cheeks

" hurry or you will late sweety" . "But I don't want to go Steve " I nodded but He hold me in his strong arms and get me in the bathroom for take me bath . Steve gave me bath but soap all over his face , arms, and his shirt . Every time I want to far but he kept me and tried to bath me . I don't want to go to school .I don't want to take bath . After hard time and his fortunate I finally neat and clean . He wrapped me with towel and hold me in his arms . And get me in the room.This time is dress up . He tried to dress up me and I want to far . Finally I dress up ." You look so amazing sweety" this time He gave me kiss on my lips . Heard these words my lightling face pale , suddenly . I looked in to the mirror a girl whose features are not so good ,a round face.I look to him angrily how can he lie to me . I know I am not so good

I staring him and he smiled simply then he wrapped me in his arms from my back and mirror in our front.

" You are more beautiful than you think and look ,honey " he nodded . He turned me in his front " I am not lying. If your heart is pure then you are beautiful than every girl . And you are " Steve huge me tightly.

" There is something, you forget it" he said and take my blue Pendle .I do not know how long I wore this necklace .I saw that Pendle in my whole life .I always wear it.

" How I forgot it . I never complete without it ." I said and smiled.

" May I? " He asked .

"Ya, of course why not" I nodded.

He removed my hair from my neck and took my Pendle in my neck and locked it . then he wrapped his arms around me .

" let's go you will late honey" he said.

In kitchen he make breakfast . And I sitting on the kitchen counter . He busy to make breakfast and I am busy to see him. I looked at him deeply . Handsome personality .he is so nice . Browned hair and his green eyes

O M G !

He looks so perfect with his muscular arms , pink lips and his nose .......... "I think today I am looked very handsome what you think" he nodded without looking up . "Hmm maybe" I nodded "so you think I am not handsome" he said and look into my eyes his green pupils eyes do something to me . I start looking other side .

"Hmm ya you are ....." . When he continuesly looked me then I nodded.

" how much time more to Eat breakfast I am hungry very badly " .

He smiled and worked fast.Then he feed to me with his hands .I know this sounds like wired He always feed me.

After breakfast, He sat on the bench And he started wearing me shoes. Then he hold my bag and went to the out side of the house . I still playing , in our main gate we both wait for my bus . He kept my hand and I tried to catch the butterfly who look so beautiful. "Hm Jaise don't " he nodded.

" why" I said with confusion he sat on his knees in front of me and hold my hands both.

" because if you catch her then she will not able to fly . " He nodded . my bus was come and he gave me my bag and I hold it on shoulder with bag straps . Steve kissed on my cheeks and then I sat on the bus . Then I see him to window he smiled and I was also smiled .Then the bus start and my school journey start.


"Hee Jaise right ? " I stopped walking when someone called my name . I turned , and forget about turned . A handsome , gorgeous boy stand in my front .

" Ya , hmm I am Jaise . Jaise Scott " I replied. He smiled and I feel like something familiar with his attraction Iike I know him . Suddenly his smiled gone when his eyes looked at my Pendle , he looked like confused and sad. When he feel awkward then tried to smile and said.

" Hy , I am Herry knight by the way" he invited me to hand shake.

" Nice to meet you ,Herry " I said .

"So, first day of school . Are you nervous ? " He asked .

" Amm , little " I said.

" Don't worry , every person in here are nice. Can I help you to show your class room ? If you don't mind ? " He asked.

" Ya , Sure " I replied. He smiled, and his dimple told me that he is very cute.

" Can I see your class period list.? "

He asked. I pulled a paper of my schedule and give him . He just take a one look at the paper and returned me .

" Well , I think we will spend many times together because our 1 ,2, and last

Period are same and bascet ball match also . I am captain of your team. " He said and I am astonished how he read the paper in one look.

The first class is history class . We sat first bench .Herry sat just my other side . All time , I feel like he looked my way . I can't concentrate in class but I am not sure he really starting me or not. When bell rung. Herry invite me to walk in garden .I need some fresh air so, I agreed .

" Hey ! Herry. what are you doing here . and who is she ?" A girl talk to Herry .

" well , she is new student."

" stupid , obviously i know that " she turned to me" well , I am Jenifer " she invited me to shake hand .

" Hello, Jenifer . I am Jaise ." we talked to eachother then i realized second period.

"We have to go our second class will be start in few minutes." I said .

Then we attended our second class which was English class.

Then Time was passed and our match practice start. Herry help me in all time.

Then finally our last class also over.

Herry come towards me " That was my amazing day of my life. It is nice to meet you . I hope your first day was good. " He said .

" Ya it was nice. But honestly if you were not help me then I detach my school" I said and laughed.he just smiled.

"You look amazing when you laughe heartly "he nodded . And I am confused what to say now.

" Amm , thanks ,"

he still smiling and there was something in his grin eyes Like thousands words thousands thoughts were exists there , he smiled but his eyes looked like sad .I feel his eyes looked on my Pendle .

" Ok , we will meet again. I see you in the bascet ball practice. " He said and walk out .

When I walk up stairs of the my bus I saw a familiar face , beside on the road . I ran towards him and climb on him . My hand on his neck and my legs wrapped his waist .

" Oo you missed me that way. "

He said and hold me tightly. I forgot About everything in his arms . I always forget when he cover me like a shield . I always feel safe and I want to stay here in my whole life , every second of my life I just stay here, stay in his arms.

" Jaise , now you have to put your legs down because all students look towards us " he said . I opened my eyes . I feel so embarrassed . every one staring me . I put my legs down . He smiled and hold my backpack and get into the car . He opened door and invite me to in I smiled and take my seat . He closed the door. Then he sat on the driving seat and start the car.


In the afternoon my basketball practice was started and Herry will be there these thoughts make me goosebumps.

When he comeb in my hair I was thinked about Herry , I was continuously smiled but as I look towards Steve to the reflection of mirror he straying me tanshanized ." What " I nodded ."Amm nothing" he said and comeb faster . He was looked very sad

" What happened why you are up-set " I said but he said nothing . When he finished and tried to went out from the room I jumped to the bed from dressing table and then jumped on his back I wrapped my ams to his neck .He laughed and said"Jaise you will be fall "

He removed my hands from his neck and slides me on the floor then he turned to me " you are so naughty and mischief girl " he hold my face in his hands and up close my face to his .our nose touched .And he inhaled my breath my heart pounded in my chest he was closed his eyes and inhaled me deeply then he opened his eyes and looked to my lips then pressed his pink and soft lips to mine . His kissed so gentl ,so sweet . He kissed me deeply . I wrapped my arms to his neck and kissed faster when his lips more demanding. Then he re-moved his lips to mine and touched my nose to his we both tried to breath . he smiled and nodded" wow ! you are so amazing " . I looked into his green eyes and smiled" wow ! Your eyes so amazing"

He laughed and wrapped his arms to my waist. " Really I never noticed that" he said and playing with my hair. He was thinked about something very deeply and tanshanized. " What happened , why you are so upset sudden" I nodded .He smiled half and said " Amm actually hm ... " " Nothing, let's go or you will late honey" .he kissed on my forehead


When we entered the stadium there was my coach .I said him hello and then run towards my team.

Steve talk to my coach . Herry was late , me and my team practice . when I looked towards Steve I realized he was sad and up set very badly . I don't know what happened to him . Steve walk sadly towards exit gate . he was walk sadly and his eyes on his foot and ground. At the same time Herry came towards us ,he was late so he run . He did not noticed Steve and Steve not look Herry the result was that they both bump and fall on the ground we all run towards them . I sat on the ground and looked at Steve ."Are you OKAY , Steve " he smiled and said " Ya I am " then I looked to Herry who looked at me and Steve with confusion . " Are you oK ,Herry " I said he replied me to shake his head ."thank God," I turned to Steve " What happened Steve, I don't think you are Okay , you are up-set." I said " No , Jaise I am ok" he moved my hair to my face. " Ok , gentle, then we have to start our practice" our coach said we stand . Then he turned to Herry " Next time If you will late I replace you , you are captain of your team , be careful next time" Herry listened quite . Then we all take are positioned Steve site on near stadium chair . I noticed Herry also up set I think he was sad because coach rude with him but why Steve sad I don't understand . We practiced very hard

Finally our practice finished . Then Herry came towards me " Hmm so you enjoyed your first day,I mean school and practice both" he said with smile "Ya almost " I nodded then I looked towards Steve . Steve still sitting on chair and his one hand on his lap and one hand on his chick . when our eyes melt he gave me a smile .OMG he looked so cute so amazing so gentl and so sexy . But I know he upset I don't know why. Some one smashed in front of me and pulled out me from my day dreaming. I looked towards Herry " what happened , where are you " he said then I looked at Steve who smiled mischievously. I shake my head and said " nothing I want to go back to home And take a shower." Then Steve came towards our. " Jaise you should go,if your practice is over " Steve said

" ya I want to go too ,Bye, Herry see you later " I said.

"ya Ammmm see you soon "Herry said then he turned to Steve "see you later " he said and gave his hand to shake but Steve ignored him and turned to me

" we should go now "

" Ya Sure " I said . I gave a smile to Hery and gave me .


our car run on road I see out side of the window.

" Ammm so you make new friends" Steve said I half turned to him.

" Ya , finally you know I am not comfortable with friends" I said.

" who know you better than me and this is shocking to me that you have friends "

I noticed Steve was upset from day afternoon but this time his face expretion was mixed with angry.

" So that is worng I have friends" I said with confusion he looked to me and open his mouth to speak but he did not speak just looked to me.

" Steve you want our car accident concentrate on road " he laughed " ok " he said " I wasn't know you irritate by me " I started staring him angryly

" that was not mean of my words . what happened to you today . I can't understand why you are so upset and angry so badly. " I nodded He looked towards me again exhaled breath deeply.

" I just wanted to say that hmm Nothing please let me consentret on driving " he said I turned my face to window quitely I looked towards forest .

That was hill forest area . I looked deeply in the forest and inhaled fresh air . The forest was quite and air was cool and pure I tried to observed that seen then suddenly I saw someone in the forest . I am damn Sure that person was a man but that was almost night so I can't see his face . He looked towards me .I turned to Steve " Steve stop the car " Steve turned to me and said .

" what happened Jaise this is hill forest area I can't stop the car "

" someone staring me from the woods " I said Steve laughed and said " Jaise some people living in the forest so you see someone of them . and maybe he was not staring you maybe he looked our car model " he said and laughed " very funny" I said . Then we both quite . After Few minutes Steve stopped the car in the side of road I looked at him.

"you said that is dangerous area , then why you stopped the car " I said.

" this is not, but that was" he said and turned to me he hold my hands.

" hmm, I just want to say hmm " he Trying to say something but He not spoken "nothing, I just wanted to kiss you , may I ? " He asked me and looked straight into my eyes . I was angry him 5 min ago. I want to say no but I don't know what wrong to me.

" if you want " damn what happened to me I looked into his green eyes his eyes so amazing He smiled OMG his smile and eyes drive me crazy . he looked my lips and came towards me when I inhaled his chocolate flavour and vinalla like smell my heart pounded little bit but when he pressed his lips to mine my heart pounded in my chest speedly he moved his one hand to my back side and then he slid his hand to my hips when I climbed on him I moved my hands on his hair and kissed him deeply he catches my lips hungrily . Then I realized his one hand on my hips and other on my breast he unbuttoned my uniform and touched my skin . Suddenly he removed his hands and also removed his lips to mine I sat on my seat . We both embarrassed and Steve looked at window I know he tried to composed himself . Few minutes later he stared the car and our car run on the road again . We both quite when the car stopped in the front of our house . I opened the door and out of the car Steve hold my bag and opened the door of our house .

" I have work so I have to go , I made pasta salad for you Go inside and eat first ," he said .

. " you know I can't eat alone and I can't eat by myself " I said he smiled and removed my hair from my face.

" I know but you have to , I will not be every where you have to change your habbit " he said and gave me a smile .

"Go inside and locked the door and remember don't opened it without check " he said " Steve , I am not a kid now I am young . not realised me like I'm still a kid " I said " Ya I forget you are young now , you are not my that girl Who played with me " he said I looked towards him he smiled like he just kidding but I know he was serious .He walk towards his car and before he sat he turned to me and gave me a smile then he sat down on his driving seat and start the car . I looked towards his car when his car disappeared I locked the door I was hungry so I left the bowl of pasta salad from the refrigerator and let on microwave I need the shower . So went to the my Room I was never bath by myself . Steve was taked me bath and chosed the dress for me but today

I have to do it by myself I pulled one dress from the cupboard and closed it then take the bath I realized I am so loser for doing my work by myself I missed Steve very much . finally the hard work was done . I wrapped my self with towel and then went to the kitchen I take out the bowl from microwave then I stared at the bowl I was confused how should I eat . I kept the spoon and tried to eat but half food in my mouth and half fall on the table .

When I finished I stand and then went to the living room and opened the TV .I was totally bore. When I bore with too I closed it. In living room one glassdoor was there which was opened in backyard. Through the glass door I saw a person who staring me from the backyard .

I shouted and run towards corridor Suddenly someone hold me in his arms I shouted again . " Jaisoo , it's me ,calm down honey. what happened.why are you shouting? " I calm half when I hear Steve voice. He hold me tightly. In his arms I always feel I am safe . " Steve someone staring me from out there . " I said . " Where , honey, are you sure." Steve said .

" ya I am damn Sure someone stand out there" I nodded .

" Ok , I check out. stay here " he said and kissed on my forehead. I stay in corridor Steve went into living room. After few minutes later he returned ." I check back yard and front also but there was no one out there , maybe you are just scared with something other thing" he said.

" No , I saw a person. I can't see his face but I know he was a man and he was staring me believe me Steve I really saw...." "Shuhhhh " he put his finger on my lips before I complete my sentence.

" Ok , if you want then I check out again , but calm down , ok " he hold my face.

" take a breath , and release it ." He said , I obeyed.

" You are scar , your body is cool , where is your medicine , honey" ? He asked me.

" I ... I don't know , where I left it " I hold my head " why I don't know where is my medicine ,why I always forget it ?" I said " OK, don't worry I will found it , stay here and just take Breath and release it ok" he said and I replied with shaked my head . He went to the bed room . After few minutes he returned with my medicine " Jaise , take the medicine ." he gave me the medicine and glass of water. I take it , I totally lost myself because of the headache.

" Come and sleep, you will be fine." He kissed on my lips and hold me in his arms . He laying me down in the bed .

" Just sleep and don't think about something else. " He run his finger in my hair ." Steve,"

"Ya , honey , " he hold my hand and kissed on them."what happened? You want something" he smiled

" I... I am abnormal. " His smiled gone.

" I...I always forget my medicine and other things. Why I can't remember something, I don't remember my passed.why I can't do my work by myself, why??" Steve still quite he tried to hide his tears .

" No , you are not abnormal Jaise and every one can't remember his passed every one lost their things. That is not mean they are abnormal . "

" But why I......"

" Shuhhhh... enough .now relax and forget everything.just sleep ok" he kissed on my lips" closed your eyes honey " I obeyed he run his finger in my hair and finally I fall sleep.

When my eyes open I found myself alone . I saw the time , this was middle of the night , and I was confused about Steve . I jumped to the bed and stand on the floor.

"Steve , where are you" I said but no answer. Then I walk towards the door.i opened it the corridor was also empty . I checked kitchen living room and then guest room but there was no one. Then I heard something from up stairs. I put my foot on stairs .as I climb as the voice was clear ." No, you don't diserve her " Steve said. he stand on the balcony and talk some one in his mobile.

" you know what Dado you are selfish, one time I destroy my life but now please I bagged you please leave me alone. Maybe she not happy with me maybe she chose some one else who better to me

And if she have any problem with me then I leave her . She is free to choose her life partner . I know I am too elder to her and she diserve better to me . But today she is live with me. And you have not opportunity to take her from my life again." Steve disconnected the call . He covered his face with hands and wept .

He crying and I was confused. he tried to compose himself . "Steve, what are you doing here." I said then he clean his face and said.

" Ya , honey do you want something " he was normal suddenly .

"Amm, nothing I just woke up and you. What are you doing here?" I said.

" Hmm, nothing , this is middle night so let's go to room and sleep" he holds me in his arms I wrapped my ams to his neck and my legs to his belly . He taken me in the bed room and lay down me to bed and lay down too next to me. " Steve" I said .

" Hmm what Jaise " " how many years you elder to me " I asked him.

" why you asked me," he said.

"casually" I said.

" Amm 10 years I am elder to you" he said " this is not to much , and hmm why are you live with me" I site on his belly and fold my legs

He stared at me few minutes then said" Amm Jaise it is painful stay out of my belly you are not a child, you are heavy now." He said and smiled but I ignored him.

" Why I live with you and what are relationship ,Steve " His smiled gone and he seems serious

"Ammm you live with me because you are my....... Amm actually we are ......." He composed himself .

" I tell you that tomorrow what are relationship but now just sleep" he said and looked my lips he put his thumb on my lips and then lay down me Next to him and now his one hand on my belly when our eyes melted I want to kissed him deeply .

"Me too" before I say him he replied me " But I don't tell you what I want." I said he smiled .

"But I know what you think and want . May I? " He asked me and I have no reason to stopped him I sat on my knees and

Show my lips to invite him he laughed and sat also then he hold my face and slide his one hand on my back and pulled me closely. Then he stared kissed to me his soft lips on mine that think drive me crazy . I slipped my hand on his chest and tried to unbuttoned his shirt .but he stopped kissing and hold my hand he taken breath when I let his hand on my chest he removed his hand.

And said"What are you doing, Jaise , you are only 15 years old and this is wrong" he said.

" almost 16 " I nodded .

" Ya , but....... i laying with you because you scars with alone I can't live you alone but you are too little for that " he said .

" But I want to kiss you deeply I want to bit you hardly " he laughed.

" You want to bit me like a cat " .

" what ever you think but I want that " I said and climb on his lap and pressed my lips to his and open his button before he protest I slide him on bed he laughed"Jaise, you have no experience for that , so please " he want to sat but I climb on his chest. I tried to removed his shirt . But he stopped me " Jaise I say something to you , what happened with you , " he moved me from his chest and sat

" Don't do that next time you are innocent and you have no idea how strong I am you can't control me if I lost myself " he said .

" Steve , I can control it but you have no idea what I feel , I feel like I pulled towards you . Something pulled me like magnetic power , you never realized like that feelings " I close myself to him . Now we have no gaped between us . I tried to opened his mouth to mine . " Jaise , don't do that ," he said tried to protest .

" But why ,I want that badly I can't explain it" I said and tried to kiss him but turned his face and he sat.

" Jaise , you are too little for that . I love you damn it but I don't want this. I am strong and you can't control me. If we will done this One day you will regret for that" he said and lay down . When he continuously ignore me . I stay from the bed and walk towards the door before I opened it Steve come quickly and hold my hand .

" Where are you going" he said.

" I want some fresh air" I said with out looking him .

" Then I will come with you" he nodded.

" Leave me alone , few minutes , please" I nodded and opened the door . I walk towards the balcony . I stand on the balcony and inhaled the fresh and cold air . Then I sat on the chair . I don't know why Steve do this with me .

He always say he love me but he was never touched me that way.

Our house was exist in the highway side . In the front big garden .our house covered with forest.

I don't know how much time I was spent there . Then suddenly I saw a man from the woods ,front of house. I want to shout but I don't. Because I know he will gone and I want to know who was he? . He staring me and I staring him . I tried to clear his picture

but in the night this not possible. He stand long distance from me and I can't see his face. But I realized he wear coat suite .

Someone pulled me in his arms tightly. "Steve " I said.

"Shuhhh" he said and leaned me up close and his arms tightly hold me.

"Steve , I saw a man there" I pointed there . But he pulled my hand.

"Jaise , there was no one who staring you , I damn Sure you saw something else." He nodded but his eyes narrowed where I pointed.

" No , I saw him not his face but I saw him he wear a coat suite and......"

" You was not see his face but you see what he was wear . From this distance " he said and pointed there.

" Why you not believe me , Steve .

I told you I saw some one damnit . " I nodded.

"Jaise , no one is there. Let's go you need to sleep." He said before I say something he pulled me in his arms.

" Not a word , Jaise." He said. Then went me to the bed room and lay down me to the bed.

He gave me a kiss on my forehead. "Just sleep" .

And I closed my eyes and tried to sleep. He moved his finger in my hair.and finally I fall sleep.


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