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After getting arrested for allegedly killing 4 people you find yourself joining CIA to find out who the real culprit is. With a criminal background yourself how will you gain trust of the CIA and find out the real killer?

Mystery / Action
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Chapter : 01

Euphoria club, Seoul

A groan left your mouth as you bumped into someone, mumbling a little sorry the man left.

You turn around to have a look at the man, it was hard to see his face as it was dark. He was tall and had a fit body based on how bad it hurt when he bumped into you.

You massaged your left hand where he bumped and looked at the man sprinting away as if he was in hurry.

You shook your head at him as you watched him go. Stupid people don't even have a decency to ask if you are okay, you thought huffing in annoyance.

You straightened your coat and you made your way towards the club.

"You there?" you heard through your Bluetooth device attached on your left ear.

You shook your head as you decided it would be a lot better if you just do what you came for rather than wasting the time.

"I'm here, I just bumped into someone. I'm fine."

You entered the club from the backdoor, wincing the moment you stepped inside.

The club was rowdy and the music was too loud for you but you came here to complete a task given to you and then you would be done.

Sighing you started looking out for a man in black clothes with a red bandana on his forehead. That's what Woozi has informed you.

Another sigh left your lips as it was getting hard for you to find the said guy in the middle of such a big crowd.

You cursed Woozi to send you in place of Jeonghan for this task. He was out of town for business and Woozi thought you were the second best option for smuggling drug even though you had no prior experience in this field whatsoever.

He said that the work is petty and a good deal will be gone if he just waited for Jeonghan to return and carry out his work.

So here you were in the middle of the club, trying to find the guy to whom you have to give the product and take money and give it to woozi.

"What's up with that furrowed eyebrows on that pretty face of yours honey?"

You turn around tracing the owner of the voice to find out a handsome looking man in front of you. Rolling your eyes you ignored the man and decided to go towards the counter.

You were hesitant to be in such place not that you were scared but it was your first time to have a deal. Most of the time it was Jeonghan who handled this type of things very well.

"Is someone trying to get you?" you heard through your earpiece.

"Mingyu I'm totally fine and will inform you if anything gets out of hand okay? Just lookout for me that's it. I'm capable of handling myself."

You don't know why you were this edgy today. It wasn't like you couldn't look out for yourself. You were more than capable of fighting someone.

But there was something on the depth of your stomach which told you something was awfully wrong, the feeling you get when something is going to be bad.

You shrugged that feeling as you moved ahead finally finding the guy you were looking. You looked at your watch as you approached him. It was around 10 Pm.

"Mind sharing a drink with me?" you asked as you approached him. It was a code sentence for him to recognise you and so he did, nodding in your direction and leading your way to a more scheduled area of the club.

You gave the man the drugs and took money from him, instantly making your way out of the club. You just wanted to go home and rest.

As you made your way back to the main road you saw Mingyu's car coming towards you. You quickly got in and he started to make his way to your apartment.

You took out the earpiece from your ears and relaxed in the passenger seat and let out a deep sigh.

"It wasn't that hard right?" he asked as you side eyed him making him chuckle in response.

"It's not hard, it's nerve wracking and next time I'll ask Woozi to just allow me to stick to my job as to spy of people or to collect their information. It's much easier that way."

"Where's the fun in that?" he chuckled ruffling your hairs and you pushed his hands away.

"Don't you dare." you glared at him and he shook his head.

He stopped the car as soon as he reached your apartment. You gave him the money and made your way out of the car, Mingyu following suit.

"Take care of yourself I'll see you tomorrow." he said as he hugged you.

You smiled at him and bid him goodbye. You entered your apartment putting your shoes on the stand and directly going to the bathroom to have a quick shower.

A knock on the door startled you as you thought about who could possibly be looking for you at this late hour given that you weren't expecting anyone to visit you.

You made your way towards the door to have a look at the person behind the door through the peep hole only to find 3 person wearing cop's uniform.

Sweat formed in your head as you gulped already beginning to think of the possible reason of them visiting your apartment at this hour.

You were subtle with your actions at the club and you were sure you never left any particular evidence while smuggling the drug.

You contemplated as you figured out what to do. You decided to open the door. It wasn't like they couldn't break-in if they had to.

Wiping the sweat formed on your forehead and palms you open the door with a confused look.

"May I help you?" you asked as they eyed you.

"Search Warrent" the one in the middle showed you some sort of paper which had the stamp of the head of the department to have a search in your house.

"But for what?" you questioned as they entered your house and began searching.

"There has been a murder in the Euphoria club just few hours ago and we are afraid that you are one of the prime suspect."

As soon as those words left his mouth you could feel a cold metal being attached to your right wrist.

"You can't arrest me if you don't have a proof." you exclaimed.

Although you did have a hand in the wrong side of the world you could never kill anyone. You never went that deep inside the criminal world.

"That's exactly why we are searching your house and till the time you aren't proved innocent we need to have you under arrest."

"I'm telling you I'm not-"

You were cut of by another cop who yelled from your bathroom. You and the other two cops made their way towards the bathroom.

You followed the cops moment and your eyes widened as you saw your coat in his hands which you wore earlier.

He took out a plastic piece from your coat pocket.

"Sir, this is similar to the piece of mask we found on Gil Eunhye's hand when we investigated her dead body one week prior and this girl was found near the area where Kim Sungjun was found dead few hours ago." he exclaimed as if trying to solve some puzzle.

Your heartbeat quickened. Where the piece of plastic came inside your coat? Was the very first question that came into your mind after observing the piece in his hands.

You knew you weren't the one who killed them, scratch that you have never even heard the name of the people whom you have supposedly murdered.

The cops handcuffed you as they made you sit on their car and taking you towards the police station.

You couldn't help but let tears fall from your eyes. You knew something was going to be wrong but getting arrested for allegedly killing someone was beyond your imagination.

You couldn't help but wander as to what you were going to say or how you were going to prove your innocence to the police.

Of what you were doing in the club alleyway at that time. But the only thing you were sure of was that you are doomed and you regretted joining this side of the world at that very moment.

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