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Beautiful Mistake (Park Jimin Fanfiction)


I made a lot of mistakes in my life but you are the most beautiful one.

Drama / Romance
Levi Levi
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Chapter 1

I'm Inoue Maria. I'm a 18 year old girl. I have a black hair and red chubby cheeks. I have a poor vision so I have to wear glasses. I'm from Japan and I have to move to Korea and live with Grandparents who moved there 5 years ago. I have to leave my parents here in Japan because they have to run our business. Today I arrive at the airport and I saw my Granny and Gramps. I hugged them and Gramps took my things and went home.

"Maria are you excited for tomorrow? Your Gramps already passed your requirments. And the school already accepted you." Granny said

"Granny, I have a piano recital tonight. I don't think I can attend to school tomorrow." I said

"But it's first day of school tomorrow. You shouldn't miss it." Gramps said

"Please Granny, please Gramps." I said

"Okay okay but be sure to attend school the day after tomorrow." Granny said

I jumped in joy and hugged my grandparents. They really love me so much. I do play instruments and I agreed to move here because of the theatre performances. Gramps lead me to my room and I unpacked my things. I went to the bathroom and take a bath. I wear a dress and get ready for recital. It's already 5:00 in the afternoon and my recital will start at 6:00. I'm a lazy student that's why I don't want to attend school tomorrow. I have a strong feeling that I will wake up late because I'm coming home late tonight. The recital started and I played The Marriage of Figaro by Mozart and Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven. After the performance after the performance I went backstage the staffs offered some food and I roam around the city. Hours passed and I already went home it's already 4:00 in the morning. I went to my bed and fell asleep.

-Time skip-

"Maria wake up." Granny said while shaking me.

I opened my eyes lazily and sat on my bed.

"What day is it Granny?" I asked lazily

"It's already Tuesday." Granny said

"What! I slept the whole day and night yesterday?!" I asked

"Yes darling. And you should prepare yourself. Your Gramps is going to send you to school today." Grany said

I looked at the clock and it's already 9 am. Oh my I'm already late. I jumped my bed and take a shower quickly I wear my uniform, grabbed my bag and went downstairs. I didn't have time to take my breakfast Gramps drive me to school and I run fastly and find my classroom. Year 4 Section 1(4-1). The teacher already started her class. I knocked at the door and everyone looked at me.

"How may I help you miss?" The teacher asked

"Uhm.. I'm a new student and sorry I'm late." I said and bowed

"Oh. Is that so? Take a seat then." The teacher replied and continued her lesson

I sat on the empty chair beside a boy. Maybe he's my seatmate. I didn't know him. He didn't even pay attention on me. Hours passed and finally it's already lunch time.

"Uhm excuse me. Can I ask you a question?" I asked my seatmate

"What is it?" He asked

"Can you tell me where the cafeteria is?" I asked

"Yes. I'm going to cafeteria too wanna join me? I'm Park Jimin by the way." He said

"I'm Inoue Maria." I said and smiled

Both of us went to cafeteria and I opened my bag ready to eat my lunch but my bento isn't here. Maybe I forgot to bring it. I looked for my wallet and it's not here too. I have forgotten my wallet too.

"What's the problem Maria?" Jimin asked

"I left my bento and my wallet." I replied sadly

I'm really hungry I didn't eat my breakfast because I'm already late. And now I can't have my lunch.

"Here take this." Jimin said offering his bento.

"No, it's your dont worry I can handle this hunger." I said

"I'm not hungry take this." He said

"Uhm are you sure?" I asked

"Yes." He said

I thanked him and take his food. I eat his lunch and after that we separated ways. I want to go to the music room. He said he's going somewhere. I went to the music room and played the piano. After that I heard someone clapped. I looked at the direction where it is and saw Jimin. I meet his eyes and stared at each other for almost ten seconds. My heart is beating so fast. It feels like the time stopped. Until we heard the bell rang and we went back to reality. We smiled at each other.

"Let's head back together." He said

I nod and both of us went to our classroom.

-Time Skip-

Finally the class is over. I packed my things and almost ready to go home.

"Maria see you tomorrow." Jimin said

I smiled at him and I went home. I have forgotten my wallet I have to walk. But our house is too far from here. I give my gramps a call and he said he will be here in 30 minutes. While waiting for him a girl stand beside me and introduced herself.

"Hi. You're Maria right? My name is Oh Sunshine." She said

"Uhm nice to meet you." I said shyly

"I saw that Jimin and you are having a good time." She said

"Uhm yeah." I replied

"I want to be your friend. Actually both of you are cute." She said

"Thanks." I replied

"So I guess I will see you tomorrow. Goodbye." Sunshine said and walked away.

After 30 minutes Gramps arrived. He drive back to home and asked how my day is.

"It's fine. Uhm Granny, Gramps I will look for a job tomorrow. I don't want to be a burden to both of you." I said asking for their permission.

"Darling your not a burden but if that's what you want." Granny said

"There's a daycare nearby. Maybe you can work there as a baby sitter." Gramps said

"Really? Thank you Granny, Gramps." I said and hugged both of them.

"Okay change your clothes and I will cook for dinner." Granny said

I went to my room and change into shirt and shorts and went downstairs. We ate dinner together and I washed the dishes. After that I went to my room and fell asleep

The next day came and I get ready for school. I take a bus since I don't want my Gramps to send me to school. I arrived at my school and went to my classroom. No one was there I guess I'm the first one to arrive. I take a seat and played on my phone. While playing on my phone someone snatched it from me.

"Yah how dare you-" I said

"Oh let me see, what are you playing?" Jimin asked

"None of your bussiness." I replied and glared at him

"Give it back to me!" I said

Yesterday he was so nice but today what a complete jerk he is.

"Give it back you gay!" I said

"I'm not a gay." He replied

"Yes you are." I replied

"Shut up or I'll kiss you." He said

"You ca-" He cut my words and pressed his lip to mine. I was in shock and I freeze.

"Oh my you two what the hell are you doing!?" Sunshine yelled

"Who's gay huh?" Jimin said and smirked

I was in shocked and I fell on the floor. He stole my first kiss. That jerk. The class started soon I didn't speak a word. What the hell is he thinking when he kissed me. It's lunch time and I went to cafeteria with Sunshine.

"Are you two dating?" She asked

"Ew no. Nothing happened okay." I said

"Why are you kissing him?" She asked

"You didn't saw anythig okay?" I said

"Okay." She replied

I sighed and just eat my lunch. While having my lunch I saw Jimin sat beside me.

"Why are you here?" I asked

"Nothing." He said

I quickly finish my lunch and stand up leaving Jimin behind. I was ready to walk but he grabbed my wrist.

"I'm sorry." He said

"Okay." I replied

He let go my wrist and went back to our classroom. Afternoon class was so boring. So I just slept.

"Maria wake up." Jimin said shaking me.

I lazily opened my eyes. And saw everyone gone. Except for Jimin and Sunshine. I packed my things and exited the room ignoring my seatmate. Sunshine followed me and both of us went home

"Maria I think Jimin likes you." Sunshine said

"No. It's not gonna happen." I replied

"He does. Look he's not like that before you came." She replied

"So? It's impossible." I replied

"Wait, do you like him?" She asked

I felt my cheeks burning and I can't help but to smile but I still said no. It's impossible that he will like a girl like me. I don't want to be attached to them because I know one day I will come back to Japan.

"Okay. But if you like him already you should tell me first." She said

I laugh at her and we separated ways. I stopped at the bus station and waited for a bus to arrive. After 10 minutes the bus finally arrived. I entered the bus and it started to drive me home.

"Granny, Gramps I'm home." I yelled

I went to my room and change my clothes. I should go to the daycare nearby and ask for a job.

"I'm leaving again." I said

"Darling, where are you going?" Granny asked

"I'll apply for a job." I replied

"Okay. Be safe." Gramps said

I stepped out of the house and walked to the daycare. It's only 4:00 my class ends at 3:00. I could see the children playing around they're so cute. As I was going to enter I saw Jimin walking to my direction.

"What are you doing here?" He asked

"I'm here for a job." I replied

"Oh. Okay. I'm going to pick up my little sister here. I guess I will always see you around." He grinned

We both entered the building and separated ways. The manager asked me a lot of questions about children. Finally I'm done. They said I could start at Friday. I go to school 4 times a week to work 2 days

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