Fallen Arrangement || Jungkook


You are the princess of a grand kingdom. Your father is the king. Suddenly, there is a proclamation that you are to wed and be made queen in only six months! Little does your father know that you already have a secret romance with the stable boy, Jimin. What do you do when prince Jungkook vows to make you fall for him?

Romance / Drama
Age Rating:


You feel his fingers untie the blindfold around your eyes. Your eyes flutter open and you see a small pond with fireflies. Bright, happy, dancing fireflies. Beside it, you spot a blanket with maybe five pillows and tiny lanterns lighting up the dark sky.

"Jimin, what is this?" You smile and stare at the scene in front of you, truly speechless to really process anything to say.

"Your surprise." He says, softly taking your hands and you turn to face him, "Happy Birthday, Beautiful." He kisses you softly. His lips once again finding their against yours in an all too familiar feeling. You live for his kisses.

After he breaks the kiss, he rests his forehead against yours, looking into your eyes with a dumb smile on his face, "I love you, Jagi." He whispers to you.

Your cheeks burn up. You two have been dating for almost a year and you still get butterflies whenever he says it. You lick your lips and try to calm the tingly sensation he left from his kiss. You could stay there and stare at him all night.

"I love you too." You giggle and squeeze his strong hands in yours.

Jimin smiles and gives you one more quick peck on your lips, which you gladly accept.

"Come on." He pulls you behind him as you both run to the pond (well, more like Jimin drags you). The smile on your face grows as you watch his hair gently bounce in the wind, trying to keep up. Jimin glances back at you twice when he hears your giggly laugh.

You sit down with a pillow and a blanket laid over your legs after reaching the pond, and Jimin pulls out a small box from his jacket pocket before sitting beside you.

"This is for you, Happy Birthday, Y/N." He's nervous when he hands it to you, but his smile tells you how long he's waited to see you open it.

You gasp in excitement, "What is it?" You ask as you take it from his hands and put it up to your ear, shaking it slightly.

"Open it up." He smiles, the excitement in his voice making your heart beat faster.

Jimin has always been the kind to give you gifts. It's his love language. Doesn't matter what it is. Presents, kisses, cuddles, hugs... he just adores showering you in gifts from his heart.

You untie the bow and open the box. Inside is a necklace.

"It's beautiful." You say as you hold it up. It dangles in front of you. The silver chain is long and light. At the end is a silver half moon.

"A half moon..." You whisper to yourself, remembering the moment. Your eyes instantly start tearing up.

"Our first kiss." Jimin says lovingly, taking the necklace from you, "Here." He motions for you to turn around.

You sit with your back to him and lift your long hair out of the way. He clips the necklace around your neck before wrapping his arms around your waist in a warm hug. He leans back and you automatically leans into him, letting his chin rest on your shoulder.

"I remember the moment perfectly." He sighs as you relax into his embrace and place your hands over his.

"Me too. I was so nervous." You chuckle, recalling the whole scene.

"You were nervous?" Jimin scoffs, "I thought my heart was gonna jump out of my chest!" He buries his face in your bare shoulder and sighs, "I was beside myself. I was internally fighting with myself the whole time thinking 'What if she doesn't want to kiss me?' I was a mess."

You laugh and pull his arms tighter around you, "Well, I'm glad you got over it and kissed me."

"Do you remember what I said?" He asks, his lips pressed against your skin.

You pause for a moment. "You said you couldn't breathe," you say with a giggle.

He lifts his head and spins you around to sit on his lap, facing him now "What? No! I mean after that!"

You laugh and readjust yourself to strattle his hips, "You said you loved me." You say, looking directly into his perfect dark eyes.

"And I meant it." He smiles at you, and you calm down by taking deep breaths after laughing.

You steady your breath before speaking, "Do you remember what I said?" You say leaning into him.

His smile grows, "You said...'oh'." He chuckles, bouncing his eyebrows.

"And I meant it." You say playfully as your noses touch. You give him an Eskimo kiss before pulling back and seeing his smile. His smile warms you to your core. There were very few precious moments lile these left in your life, and seeing Jimin smile whenever you rubbed your noses together was such a little thing, but you cherished the little moments like these.

Your fingers hold the necklace and you look up at the sky, "I bet the actual moon is so jealous right now."

"I know the stars are. They just can't compete with your eyes."

You try to hide the fact that you are blushing like crazy, "Wow, that was really bad." You gently hit his shoulder.

He smirks at you, which makes your heart beat faster, "Was it good enough for a kiss?"

"Hmm..." You pretend to think about it, "No."

Jimin's face drops in confision.

"But I would like to thank you for the necklace," You tilt your head and look down at his lips, "Is there anything I can do for you?"

He let's out a small smile before giving you a serious face, "Well, you're putting me on the spot, but there is one thing I can think of."

You bit your bottom lip as he leans into you. Your lips touch and his hands immediately come up to hold yours, holding tightly to the neck. His lips are so familiar. They are soft and you hold to them instantly as you fall into the kiss.

His kisses are always filled with so much passion. You're usually the one to break them. He always looks at you the same way whenever you do. Like he just wasn't ready for it to be over.

"Really, I could kiss you forever." Jimin sighs against your lips. You feel a shot of electricity burn through you.

You give him one more quick peck before wrapping your arms around his neck in a tight hug. You just really wanted him to hold you and tell you this moment never had to end.

"Don't let me go."

"Never." He whispers into your neck.

He gives you butterfly kisses along your neck as he murmurs how much he loves you. And it sends the perfect amount of shivers down your spine.

"Jimin?" You ask after a few moments of trying not to sigh too much over his delicious kisses.


"Will we... be like this forever?"

Jimin grabs your waist and pulls back just enough to to see you staring down, waiting for his answer.

"Always." He looks into your eyes and tucks your hair behind your ear carefully. He stays close to you, telling you he's not going anywhere.

Your hands cup his face and pull him into another kiss. This one is different. His hands hold your hips in place as you sneak your tongue past his lips.

Your fingers entangled in his hair as his quiet sighs push you forward. You feel so right being pressed against him, his body keeping you warm as he takes dominance of the kiss.

Jimin suddenly takes a firmer grip of your hips as he flips you to your back and hovers over you, never once letting his lips leave yours.

You let out a slight grunt as his weight is suddenly on top of you. Not that you mind..

You stay like that for a while, and you don't want it to stop. You could kiss him forever.

Jimin slows the kiss to a stop and pulls away from your lips. You sigh, already missing his lips on yours.

He rests his forehead on yours once again. His eyes are still closed, but you stare at him anyway.

"Jimin?" You finally say.

His hand comes to hold one side of your face and his eyes open. His dark orbs seem to stare into your soul.

"I love you." He says carefully.

"I love you too." You say immediately back.

"Promise me something." He whispers, and you can feel his hot breath on your lips which make you crave him to kiss you again.


It's silent for only a second before you hear, "Wait for me."

You jerk under his body, surprised and confused. Jimin watches you cautiously.

"What do you mean, Jimin?"

"I mean that... I know what we said. I can't marry you... but I want to. And I will one day... if you can be patient. If you will wait for me. I promise to make you happy. I promise to marry you, Y/N."

Tears start to form in your eyes and you stare at the desperation on his face. You had taliked about marriage before. You both just figured with your situation, it would never be possible. And so you both understood that this "Arrangement" could never last forever. But with this man, leaning over you with so much desperation in his eyes, you desperately want to say yes.

"...of course I will wait for you." You say with wet eyes.

Jimin let's out the deep breath he seemed to be holding and smiles at you. His lips crash into yours again.

You feel one hand slip to your side and the other cup your face, guiding the kiss.

Your arms slide around his neck, pulling him as close to you as possible.

He kisses down your jaw to the soft skin on your neck. Your body catches on fire with every kiss from him.

"I love you." He breaths against your ear.

"I love you, Jimin."

Sadly, this moment does have to end. You have duties. Things to do. Parts of your life where Jimin doesn't fit. But right now... You don't want to picture that part of your life. You can only think of your lover.

Little do you know what is to come...

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