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One of the smuttiest things you'll ever see.All of your favorite hot scenarios with your favorite BNHA characters.🍋 🔞 (Includes fluff too)

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Teachers pet/// Shoto

“Come on y/n your gonna be late for school!” Your mother yelled to you from downstairs.

“Im coming” You yelled back at her.

Brushing your hair, you took notes of all the things that were going on today, what homework was due, what quiz you forgot to study for. Make-up’s overrated you thought as you straightened your skirt & grabbed your backpack. Jogging down the stairs toward the door you blew a kiss to your mom & walked out the door.

As usual Mina was leaning on the gate of your front lawn, waiting for you.

“Good morning......” You said questionably as you looked at Mina’s face.

Mina ran a hand through her light pink hair & sighed.

“I take it last’s night's date didn’t go well?”

" Miro had the audacity to take me out to dinner and hand me the paycheck. Then takes me back to his place, whips out that pendulum he calls a dick, and tries to get me to smoke his hog!”

You could barely contain your laughter as she went on about the luscious details about her date with Miro togata. This all started about a week ago when Denki & Mina had a big fight about when Denki spent the night at jiro’s. Even though it was raining so hard there was a flash flood warning, Mina didn’t take that as an excuse. So she broke up with him and no less than 24 hours realized it was a mistake & planned to get him back by making him jealous.

You waved over at some of your fellow students as you walked into the gates of UA.

“Listen..im not saying what Denki did was right. But don’t you think it's time to make ends meet and link up?”

Mina looked sideways at you and smirked. ” You know the first three letters of the word diet should tell you what I want to do in this situation.”

Walking into class you went straight to you made a beeline for your seat to try and avoid the boy-

" Heyyy Y/nnnn!” You hear Denki say in a singsong voice. Shit

Sighing & turning around to face him you say ” No Denki she hasn’t said a word about you and even if she has it's your business, not mine.”

Denki’s smile deflated like a balloon. It was genuinely said to watch.

Before you could even try and console him the bell rang signaling class was about to start. The class went to their seats & quietly chattered while waiting for Aizawa to show up. 10 minutes later you whisper to Mina. ” Hey do you know where Aizawa is?”

She curled her hair around her finger as she looked intensely as Denki talking with jiro. “Wha- oh didn’t you hear? Professor Shoto’s gonna be teaching us today, That sexy beast of a man.”

The second she finished that sentence your body froze. Today wasn’t his day to teach..was it?

" Im gonna go to the bathroom before class starts.” You whispered to Mina. She nodded still looking at Denki.

5 minutes was all you needed to get your thoughts together. Hell, Your life together. All these thoughts clouded your mind and you couldn’t tell where you were going and ended bumping into someone literally.

“Oh hey im sorry are you alright?”

Looking up about to assure them you were ok, you stopped. It was Shoto.

“what are you even doing here? Its not even your day to teach.” Wiping off your shoulder where he had bumped into you.

Shoto smiled. ” In the workplace, its professor Todoroki and I wanted to surprise you.”

You put your hand on your hips and looked up at him without an ounce of a smirk on your face. Damn, he was so tall it was aggravating.

“I bet Momo gets to call you that doesn't she?”

Shoto sighed and walked past you. ” We can talk about this later y/n right now I have a class to teach.”

The day was excoriatingly long. Everyone had seemed more lively since professor Todoroki came to teach. Who could blame the? He was hot. Even the boys in the class had a hard time focusing. Momo had managed to hit your last 1.7 million nerves when she volunteered to go up to the board. She “dropped” the chalk and deliberately bent down to pick it up, giving shoto a full of everything he seemed to be missing.

“Don’t you think Momo’s being a little...I don’t know extra today?” Mina whispered.

“When is she not? She's always like that.”

Shoto cleared his throat bringing your attention to the front. ” Something you’d like to add miss y/n?”

“Ummm no thank you ill keep my goodies to myself.” You said glaring at him.

Snickers circulated around the classroom as you stared at each other. “Y/n could you please see me after class?”

“only if the doors open.” You said smirking.

Not long after that the bell had rung signaling the end of the day. You sighed in relief in knowing you could go home and-

“Y/n please stay in your seat.” Shoto said looking at you from his desk.

The rest of the students hurried out of the door. You turned to Mina and said “Dont wait for me you need to work this thing out with Denki.” So I could work whatever this is out with shoto.

She nodded It was just you and shoto now. A moment of silenced passed as he got up and closed the door, earning a soft click from the lock. He walked over to your desk and pulled up a chair beside you. Neither of you spoke as seconds passed by.

" One month,” Shoto said smiling at you.

Like the stubborn jackass you were you replied ” You know who else’ll be 18 in a month? Momo!”

Shotos smiled slipped of his face and he grabbed your chin and gently turned it towards him so you were met with his mesmerizing eyes. ” I know what this is about y/n and let me assure you it's not going to come to that.”

You jerked your chin out of his grasp and stared at him. ” Like you CAME with Momo-”

“Don’t even go there” Said shoto glaring at you. ” Shes my student same as she was back then. Yes her parents tried to sell her off to me yes she tried to seduce me and failed but failed. And that was all because of you. When I realized I had feelings for you I knew it was the worst of the wrong but I couldn’t stop myself.”

He smirked and trailed his finger up your thigh as he leaned closer to you and whispered in your ear. ” Besides don’t you think after all we’ve done you'd be a little more trustworthy.”

“How can I not be worried when she has her ass in your face every two seconds-”

" Y/n take off your panties.”

You could feel your eyebrows fly off your head. “Excuse me? Didn’t you just say something about one more month-”

Quick as lightning Shoto got up and pushed you over onto the table, putting your hands up over your head. His knees were between your legs the last place you wanted them to be. Still you couldn’t help but admit this was hot as fuck.

“When I tell you to do something you do it..do you understand?”

“Yes” You said looking into his eyes.

“Yes what y/n?”

“...yes sir.”

“Now your gonna get up and your gonna take your panties for me do you understand?”

“Yes ir.”

He got up from on top of you and set down in a chair.

Your face turned bright as hell as you got up slowly and pulled your panties down look everywhere but him. As soon as your panties hit the floor he got up. “Now lean over the table.”

You did as he asked, Turning around and leaning over the table so both of your hands were flat against the desk and your ass barley covers by your skirt mind you was up in the air. Your palms were slick with sweat as silence filled the classroom. It wasn’t like the act was new but it usually consisted of him driving to his apartment where he would blow your back out. However, this was a risk. And you fucking loved it.

You heard the unbuckling and unzipping of pants and couldn’t help but rub your thighs together in excitement.

Shoto gripped the sides of you hips in his hands and started palming your ass cheeks.

“Fuck y/n..I ever tell you how great your ass is?”

You looked back at him and smiled. “A couple of times yeah.”

He positioned himself in front of your entrance. “Try not to make too much noise ok?”

” Shut the f-”

Before you could even finish your sentence he thrust himself into you. You wince as the burst of pain and pleasure spread through your body.

“Come on y/n..open up for me a little more.”

It took Shoto one, two, three and four thrusts before he had you moaning.

“What did I tell you about the noise.” Shoto said panting.

About two passionate hours went by and you and Shoto had just finished. It was around 8:00 when you got home having to make up an excuse for your mother saying that you and Mina were working on a project. Shoto promised tomorrow since it was Friday ( and your mom would be out of town) that he would take you out for a nice dinner and you could spend the night at his house. With the exception that you bring birth control pills.

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