Peace never lasts


Harry and Susan are enjoying their hard won victory when they get dragged into conflict once more. A fanfiction fanfiction of jbern's "To fight the coming darkness", so I recommend reading that first.

Adventure / Action
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Chapter 1 - Disturbing the Peace

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This includes everything created by jbern. I do not know him, and if he ever complains about this story I will wither remove it or alter it so it no longer is dependent on his story.

The cover picture is taken from flikr, where it was uploaded under the Creative Commons license by Robert Couse-Baker.

Saturday 21 February 1998

Susan was doing the dishes. By hand. She did not have to, as either their house elf or a flick of a wand could have it done in no time. It was something she chose to do because it was the one chore her mother and aunt had insisted she do. It was also one of the last things she had been doing that fateful night almost two years ago when Voldemort and some of his lackeys had attacked with a horde of Inferi and killed her family.

A lot had happened since then. She had become emancipated, as she was the last Bones, meaning that she was the head of the family. She had also gotten married not long after to a boy she had rarely spoken with before. Even though they only did this because of an end-of-the-line clause in their parents’ wills, she definitely did not regret it. The increased fertility had also caused them to have triplets. In spite of her young age, she did not regret that either.

Oh yeah, and her husband, the famous Boy-Who-Lived, defeated the Dark Lord Voldemort. That was her main regret. That her newlywed husband had had to put himself in such danger to save the world from Old Moldy. After the many battles where he was out risking his life while she could do nothing but wait and hope for the best, she had promised herself never to let him go out alone in that way again. It was the reason she had started training with him. She was far behind and it was hard work, but she wouldn’t let herself be a liability again. It was also a chance to spend even more time with him. Now that they had finished school, there would be more time for that, amongst other things.

"Are you almost finished with the dishes? There's something I'd like to show you." Harry called from the next room.

"Almost done, just a few more" Susan replied.

When she had said that she wanted to do the dishes, Harry had offered to help, but she had declined. Not that she didn't like him being there, she just liked some time for herself to think things through.

Walking into the living room, she saw one of the most wonderful sights: one of her daughters was walking! Admittedly, it wasn't particularly elegant and she would mostly stumble after no more than two steps, but that did not diminish the pride she felt. Looking at her husband she saw the same.

Before she had a chance to go over to him, Sirius appeared in his portrait.

"Harry! Narcissa is under attack!"

"What! By whom?" Harry asked, already with his wand out.

"Some Death Eaters and a few not in uniforms."

"Trixie!" Susan knew where this was heading.

"Mrs Susan called?" the elf asked as soon as she appeared.

"We'll be going soon and I want you to take care of these three, ok? Get them to bed, I don't know how long we'll be gone."

"No. You stay here with them." Harry said.

"No way. You're not leaving me again. I've had enough of waiting in safety not knowing whether I'll see you again."

"It'll be dangerous. I don't want them growing up with no parents."

"And I don't want them to grow up with only one, so I'm making sure you come back. Besides, if we can't help Narcissa and Charlie, Sirius will grow up without his parents."

Harry wanted to argue, but he didn't need their slowly developing bond to know that he would not be able to dissuade her.

Harry wanted to argue, but he didn't need their slowly developing bond to know that he would not be able to dissuade her.

"Alright, but stay close to me."

"That's why I'm coming isn't it?" Susan said with a smile as she went to join Harry.

"Which of the Black residences are they at?" Harry asked Sirius.

"They're at Grimmauld Place."

"Grimmauld Place? Why are they there?" Harry asked

"The reparations are almost finished. Unfortunately, the wards are one of the few things not in place. You should be able to apparate directly into the parlor."

When they appeared, the first thing they saw were two downed Death Eaters. The whole place was a mess. There had had clearly been a fight, and from the sound of it, the fight had not stopped, merely moved.

"Come on, let's see what's going on," Susan said.

They could hear spells being fired on the floor above, so they rushed up the stairs with Harry in the lead.

After Snape and Harry had all but destroyed the place almost two years earlier, it had mostly been rebuilt. It now looked as though that had been a wasted effort.

At the top of the stairs, Harry saw Charlie trying to fight off two assailants while guarding the nursery from behind a rapidly disappearing bookshelf. The two invaders were also behind cover.


The spell hit its mark, and the Death Eater fell to the ground. Cover rarely covered your back.


Harry tried to hit the other, but he was now aware of them and managed to dodge Harry's spell while shielding himself from the spell from the portrait. He was not as lucky with Susan's silent stunner. This was the first time she had tested her training in the field.

"Charlie! Are you hurt?" Harry asked.

"I'll be fine, just go help Narcissa. They went upstairs." Charlie replied as he sat down, obviously in pain.

The two had not needed Charlie to tell them where the fighting was. As they climbed the stairs Susan had to duck her head to avoid being decapitated by a stray Lacero.

Harry could see one Death Eater, and two others whose uniforms he did not recognize. He also saw one Death Eater lying face down on the floor. Narcissa was holding them back, but she was tiring.

Jumping into the fray, Harry fires two stunners to divert attention from Narcissa. One of the ones in a uniform Harry did not recognize blocks with a Protego, while the other dodges.

He was about to cast a shield against the Death Eater's cutting curse but stopped, as he somehow knew Susan was doing the same. Instead, he retaliated with his own Lacero. The Death Eater was hit in the stomach and was incapacitated.

Grabbing her chance, Narcissa quickly shot an Ice Spear through the chest of one of the unidentified assailants.

The last assailant saw that he was defeated and cast down his wand. Harry non-verbally summoned the wand and put it in his pocket.

"We'll find out what we can from him. You go down and see to Charlie." Harry said.


As Narcissa hurried down the stairs, Harry turned to their captive.

"You're not a Death Eater. Who are you, and why did you come here?" Harry asked.

The man looked around desperately but did not answer.

"Who are you!" Harry demanded.

"I must not zay." The man replied with a strong french accent.

"You're french? What are you doing here?" Susan asked, curious as to what a frenchman was doing assaulting a home in the middle of London.

"Pleaze, I did not vant to do zis. zey 'ave my family."


The man was not of the talkative persuasion.

They could hear someone walking up the path from the road to the door. Harry walked over to the window.

"It's the aurors. Just in time as always." Harry said.

A scared look flitted across the man's face.

"Look, I've spent enough time fighting bad guys to know that they aren't good at keeping promises. As soon as they find out you've failed, they have no reason to keep you family alive."

The man hesitated before finally speaking.

"Zey approached me while I vos on my vay 'ome from work. Zey threatened me vith never zeeing my family again if I did not do as zey said. Ve vere told to kidnap Madame Black. I could not see any other vay."

"We'll try to help your family, just tell us who was behind this," Susan assured the man.

"Zey didn't tell-"

The man was cut short by two aurors coming up the stairs.

"We'll take him with us." one of the aurors said.

"We were just questioning him." Harry countered.

"He is coming with us. Now."

The tone of the auror's voice left little room for argument.

Harry didn't need much.

"We are hit wizards and are interrogating a captive who might have valuable information."

"I'm an auror, that gives me precedence."

The other auror had now pointed his wand at Harry.

He didn't like it, but couldn't see any way of interrogating the captive further without attacking an auror.


The auror went took hold of the captive and apparated right there and then.

Going downstairs, they found Narcissa trying to comfort Sirius in the nursery. Charlie was looking on with a pained expression.

"Thank you, I couldn't have held them off for much long. If they had gotten into the nursery…" Charlie failed on the last sentence.

"They're gone now," Narcissa reassured him with a quick look to Harry and Susan to make sure she was not mistaken. Seeing them nodding, she continued.

"You should get to St. Mungo's. You're heavily wounded."

"Someone else might attack."

"We'll be here until you return," Susan said.

Charlie hesitantly nodded and, after saying a quick farewell to Narcissa and Sirius, flooed to the hospital.

After he had left, Narcissa turned back to her friends.

"Who were they? I recognized the Death Eaters, but not the others."

"Before the aurors took him away, we managed to get the survivor to reveal that they were french. Why anyone would want to force specifically Frenchmen to attack is anybody's guess." Harry replied.

"Didn't you find it odd how the aurors were so eager to get him away? They didn't even gather statements. It seemed as though there was something they didn't want him to tell us." Susan said.

"Why would aurors be covering for a home invasion?" Narcissa asked.

"And attempted kidnapping," Harry added.

"What?" Narcissa had a frightened look on her face.

"The captive told us they were told to kidnap you," Susan explained. She shot Harry a look for being so tactless.


Narcissa looked relieved. At least they weren't after her child.

"I don't understand either," Susan said.

The couple stayed with Narcissa until Charlie came back, before apparating home.

The next morning they received a letter from the Ministry. As Harry read it, Susan tried to read the expression on his face, though she did not know whether she was getting most from his face or over the bond.

"What does it say?" Susan asked.

"It's from the Minister himself. He wants to talk with me as soon as possible. He says it is a matter of 'national security'. I presume you're coming with me?" Harry said.

"It's nice to see you're finally learning," Susan said with a smile.

After letting Trixie know what they were doing, they apparated to the Ministry.

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