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Confession | Yoonkook



At the distressed call of Jungkook, Yoongi runs as fast as he can 9which isn’t very fast but hey, A for effort right?) to his maknae’s room.

Once he reaches his destination, he leans against the doorway to pant out, “What’s wrong, Jungkook?”

“Awe, hyung are you tired?” Jungkook giggles out, momentarily forgetting his problem.

Yoongi glares at him as he stands up straight.

“Yeah, well I was in my studio, which mind you is across the dorms, when you screamed at me and you sounded like you were being murdered so I ran,” he grumbles mostly to the ground.

“Technically, I just said ‘hung’. I didn’t say which hyung I needed,” Jungkook points out, going into deep thought about why Yoongi of all his hyungs showed up.

The elder moves to sit on the bed as he rolls his eyes, “WHatever Jungkook. why did you need a ‘hyung’?”

Jungkook’s face instantly falls, “I lost my Timberlands!”

A moment of silence fills the before Yoongi gets up to leave. Jungkook watches in sadness before mumbling softly.

“I thought you could help me find them, hyungie...”

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