Who Is She


Johnathan doesn't know who his half sister is, she may be in his house but he doesn't know her at all. All she does is spend time in her room or in the gym instead of being in their new family.

Romance / Drama
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Who is She

Hi. This is my new story called Who is she... All human. This is my fist time publishing on Inkitt, this story was previously published on Fanfiction. net so a massive thank you to Theresa for inviting me to publish here :)

Also, Thank you for clicking onto this and I hope you enjoy it, and if you do leave us a review telling me what you thought. :)

Beta: MusicallyChallenged *Thanks ;)*

Disclaimer: All characters are Cassandra Clare`s who is AMAZING! and crushcrush is all Pramore`s, plot is all mine though :)


It`s been three months since Jocelyn and Clary moved into my home. Jocelyn has settled down fine with my father smiling laughing having parties and generally being happy.

It`s Clary everyone worries about, in the three months since she moved in she`s only been talking when asked and either in her room or over in the local gym, when my father and Jocelyn tried talking to her about it she just became even moodier refusing to even acknowledge anyone unless absolutely necessary and spending more time In the gym doing whatever she does. To say I'm worried isn't exactly right, I mean I probably should because she`s my half sister now but I can`t say I'm not thrilled that she isn't trying to come into the family, I've always been the only child and the apple of my father`s eyes. Forgive me if I didn't exactly get up and do a happy dance when I was told I was getting a sibling.

Groaning I go downstairs and always Clary`s note is on the counter top in the middle of the kitchen, as always it's as vague as possible, Gone to gym ,don't know when I'll be back. Sighing I grab my cornflakes out of the cupboard and turn on the radio to drown out the silence that has consumed the way too big house that I've grown up in.

I'm casually dancing around the kitchen in my boxers with the spoon in my hand waving it around like a wand from Harry Potter ,something incidentally Clary was clearly re-reading judging by the dog eared copy of the book that she had left on the window the first and last time I'd seen her willingly out of her room

Just as the memory makes me smile my phone blares up with Jace`s annoying face on it, I frown wondering what he wants and I answer it cautiously. "Jon?" he says breathing hard, "What`s wrong Jace you sound breathless there, been eating too many enchiladas again?" I joke after he ate at least eight of them yesterday at Sebastian`s after training.

"Ha. Funny, just wait till were on the pitch I`ll rightly kick your ass as I always do, no the real reason I called was because I just saw Cla- I mean your half sister walking into the gym. Just thought you`d wanna know" Jace says going silent waiting for me to say something. I pause, to tell you the truth I've always wanted to know what she does but don't want to ask her for fear she`ll do whatever it is she does to me. Smart aren't you Jonathan, scared of your sixteen year old half sister who doesn't do that much. Terrifying isn't she. "Jon?" Jace says on the other line waiting for my answer.

"Give me ten minutes" I say hang up and race upstairs to get changed into day old jeans and a black polo neck shirt, I ruffle up my hair knowing the cheerleaders train right besides the gym in the field, hopefully Aline will see me and we can pick up where we left off last. Not the time to think about it, you can finally understand why your half sister can`t be bothered meeting my friends yet it`s totally grand to wake up at god knows when to go to a gym to train with strangers.

With that I grab my jeep keys lock the door and drive towards our little town of Idris hoping to get there before the traffic starts building up for the festival for the cheerleaders who made county finals, I'm secretly disappointed when I don't see Aline but in her place is Jace and.. All of the guys.

Groaning I get out of the car banging the door shut, "What?" I say trying not to frown "Was seeing whatever she`s doing this interesting?" I say which is met by grins and enthusiastic nods. I shake my head but inside I'm buzzing, I finally get to see what my little sister gets up to when she`s not in her cave which is what me and the guys have started calling it.

We get into the gym which is all white tiles and smiling instructors, we walk up to reception and the girl behind the desk looks up from reading some soppy romantic book which only lonely teen girls would be reading. "Can I help you?" she asks wearily not even bothering to try hiding the sarcasm in her voice, which seems oddly familiar.

"Maia?" Kyle gasps out looking straight at her blushing slightly, I smirk there`s something going on there that he hasn't told us about. "Wow you remember my name now, how convenient" she snaps at him making him flinch, whoa ok definitely something going on there. "Umh were looking for my half sister Clary. She left her water bottle at home and we thought she`d need it".

Maia just snorts and says; "You might as well just say sister, just because you don't share the same DNA doesn't mean you aren't related, your father married her mum and she`s pregnant with their love child so you`re siblings anyway. Yeah she told me about it." We all look at her like she`s grown three heads one is a puppy trying to lick your face but the other is a camel spitting in your face.

"Oh for crying out loud. Third door on the left, careful though she plays loud music and can do stuff others can't" then went back to her book leaving us to slowly make our way down the corridor, we get to the door open it listening to the blaring to the burning music and gasp.

When I was twelve I used to get teased by girls in my year for my hair colour. Then when I got older and other girls developed and became available I became more awkward and still five four with burning green eyes and no hint of a chest.

Kids used to corner me in the playground and kick me for the music I was into saying that I was being stupid and not even trying to fit into whatever the class likes, I used to take it letting them kick me to the ground steal my lunch and my bus money so I`d have to walk three miles home come rain or shine.

Then my mother went and married her professor. Ok that sounds bad, she had graduated last year and two months after he asked her out and they`ve been in "Love" ever since getting married tying me to this stupid "happy family" and then getting my mother knocked up again just so we could add another one in.

I was supposed to act happy and for a while I tried but it soon it became apparent that it just wasn't going to work, so I hid in my room watching Supernatural, Merlin , Doctor Who or Sherlock. Yeah I'm a fan girl what can I say. Anyway I started talking less and less to avoid awkward conversations and only ate when I had to remembering kids calling me fat because I offered to finish some girls roll and it ruining my appetite.

Now I'm tougher. I'm going to the gym six times a week boxing with the trainers who say I've got real potential, let`s see thebullies try hurt me now I know how to defend myself. No longer am I the pathetic little girl who cried if you touched her, now I'm a something to be reckoned with.

I enter the gym and smile at Mia who as always got her head stuck in a book, she waves it over at me and winks, "Like Loki yet?" I say walking over to her having a few minutes to kill before I'm due with Luke. Mia chuckles and says; "Nope still Finn" I throw my head back and laugh, "Dude Finn is such an asshole just wait and see" I say waving bye then walking down to my room and enter where as always Luke is wrapping his hands waiting for me.

"Hey" I say tossing down my bag and walking towards him to swallow me in a hug, see though Luke is forty something he`s the only one who knows how painful the move here has been to me, leaving my only friend Isabelle behind to come to this alien place. "Hey yourself, how's my Clare Bear?" I groan at the name he`s decided to call me. I push out of the hug and say with a smirk on my face "Ready to kick your ass as always".

After a half hour warm up and wrapping my hands we go in to the main circuit of the training, I box to defend myself. I'm never going to be a girl who lets anybody she loves try defending a defenseless little girl. No I'm going to be preparing for the worst so I can save everyone I love, even if that includes my UN born brother or sister and my idiotic brother.

"Ready?" Luke asks me strapping on his head guard and gum shield before waiting for me, I hold up my gloves runs over to the speakers, take out Luke`s phone and insert my old ratty iPod Nano and clicked play. Paramore crushcrush comes on then I go on the attack. I don't even notice somebody open the door just keep walking on the defense until Luke comes at me and I go at him. I duck his attack throw my leg out and Luke goes tumbling but springs right back up.

He grins and I turn in a circle and run at him, but at the last moment I use the moment to jump and tumble over him then just as he turns I punch him straight in the nose and he goes reeling. Thankfully we wear enough padding that at worst it`s been bruised. He gets back up and laughs "Well done, nice jump, were..." but he doesn't finish and before I know I'm on the floor with him leaning over me grinning like a wolf.

"Try get out of this" and he leans his whole weight on my stomach and I gasp as all the air leaves me. "Clary!" somebody shouts and I and Luke turn to see my idiotic brother and his friends staring at us wide eyes. Luke uses that distraction to flip me over and sit on him. "Tap out." He says sweetly to me and I turn to glare at my brother who seems to becoming more and more nervous. I look back at Luke who's grinning like a Chester cat that got some milk then swear under my voice just so I and Luke can hear. "Fine, I'm out but don't think this is over that`s one out of how many for you, don't get cocky.".

Luke just smiles grabs his bag waves at me as he leaves the room leaving me and this pathetic group in this big rec room. "What" I snarl causing them to back away from me towards the door, "Do you think you`re doing here? Was it too much to resist seeing his little half weakling of a sister try fight someone that you just had to see it?" I walk over to them who are satisfactorily cowering beside the door.

"We." The guy I think name is Kyle stutters out, I snap my face towards him and snarl "We what?!" making them all jump again. "What Kyle is trying to say is that we don't really know you. I mean all you do is stay in your room so we wanted to know something you like, we just weren't expecting that" The golden haired guy says.

I snort and say "BS. When you come up with a better excuse I`ll be at home having a shower and praying I don't have to see any of you for a while" with that I grab my bag and phone and pug myself into my iPod drowning myself in music hoping no one will notice the tear running down my face, I mean I do keep to myself but it hurts when some golden boy points it out. I quickly wave good bye to Mia and walk outside before she can question the tear.

"Well that was..." Sebastian said looking around the room. I'm not listening though one thing running through my mind. "We have to apologize" I say thinking of the flash of pain in her eyes when Jace said that. Without thinking I jog out of the room with the guys following behind me, yet I already know we`re too late and it`s confirmed when Mia just points to the door with a glare on her face.

I run out to the vacant car park and just think what have we done now...

I enter the empty house and another tear running down for the life I left behind, I jog up the stairs to the bathroom slam the door and get in not even bothering to try dry up the tears just let them roll down my checks. For my lost at war dad, for my mum dragging me into this hell hole, for the friends left behind and over all just for the black hole that`s filling my heart with loneliness.

I can't do this anymore...

A/N Please tell me what you think :)

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