Who Is She

Chapter 12

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Jace italics

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It`s the next day and I'm walking out of school after another torturous day just looking forward to going to the gym and seeing Maureen and Mia again. I don't even tell the guys I'm off I just walk straight past the jeep where the guys are smiling and flirting with the girls, I unwontedly turn and glance at Jace who is whispering something into some blond haired girl who kept flipping her hair and fluttering her eyes at him, and by the looks of things he was drinking it up. Pathetic I think as I make my way out of the school and what I don't notice is that when I've turned my back a pair of eyes are on me.

This is hard. Harder than I ever thought this was going to be, I'm Jace Wayland for crying out loud! I can make any girl fall on the floor pleading with me to go out with them but the one girl that doesn't and incidentally is the girl who won`t leave my thoughts alone is the only one I want. Yet I know I can`t have her for so many reasons, so instead I try concentrate on Kaelie who is batting her eyelids at me like they are some fan or something like that.

I nod along to whatever she`s saying and laugh whenever it`s appropriate but honestly my hearts not in and all I can think is ways to make the guys leave so I can stop pretending I give a crap about whatever Kaelie is saying. I look around and Jonathan is still kissing Aline their hands entwined and I can`t help but wish I could have what they had with somebody. Not just somebody you idiot, Clary. That girl you kissed already and made you feel whole for a second, you wished you had it with her because after kissing her every other girl in this school looks pale and grey compared to her.

I shake my head, this is not happening to me I can`t and won`t let this happen to me. So without warning I grab Kaelie around the waist bringing her towards me and crush my mouth onto hers pleading that this kiss will remove all thought of Clary and what we did.

Kaelie doesn't complain and gives me full entry to her mouth too easily I think as I explore her mouth, this is pathetic. You`re kissing a girl who by the way has more saliva than a ocean has water just to compensate for the fact that you can`t kiss somebody else, get a grip man stop being such a wimp and accept the fact that kissing this girl won`t wipe your memory.

I pull away trying to hide the disgust and resignation on my face as Kaelie opens her green blue eyes pleasure all over her face, she trails a manicured hand down my shirt which leaves a disgusting burn down my chest while whispering; "I don't know where that came from but I'm not complaining, here's my number I`ll be waiting for a text" she says placing a piece of paper into my hand winking at me before leaving with her little posy following. Aline kisses Jonathan again then follows Kaelie frowning slightly at me as she passes me, I choose to ignore it though just looking at the car park numbly.

"What the hell was that?" asked Sebastian as we got into the Jeep, the others nod along and get in never taking their eyes off of me the whole time, sighing I get into the jeep and say; "Just drive" tiredness washing over me.

Something was going on between Clary and Jace, I didn't know what but I was determined to find out no matter what, at first I thought they might like each other but then I saw how they acted towards each other at dinner and instantly dropped it. Nobody who likes each other treats the other person with such coldness as Clary and Jace did to each other.

So what was it? Did something happen between them that has this tension building each time they come into contact or did they just not get along? I hate not knowing this stuff, I mean Jace is my best friend so why can`t I just ask him about it. I look at his stony face looking out the window as we drive towards his house and I clamp my mouth shut, now is not the time to cause a scene especially as Jace`s face looks like the next person who talked was going to met his fist.

Sighing I continue driving as the awkwardness grows more and more in the car until I can`t take it anymore, screw his feelings I want to know what is bothering him and how I can help him. I stop the car in a stop off point on the way home and turn to Jace who doesn't bother looking up just says; "I don't live here John"

I bang my fist on the dashboard causing him to look up raising an eyebrow in response. "What the hell is wrong with you all of a sudden, you`ve been acting so strange the last few days. One minute you`re all happy then bam! The next two days you`re like the Grinch at Christmas. We want to know what the hell changed!" I yell probably louder than I should but hey too late to change it now.

Jace just shakes his head and continues to look out the window at some trees, I soften my voice then say; "Please man, come on we`re your best friends we can help you with whatever is wrong with you." Jace just snorts shaking his head then says darkly "Nobody can help me with this ok? I've got it under control, so shut up turn around and drive."

I don't believe him and tell him so which just gets a laugh this time humorless and dry; "You say you`ll help me through whatever I'm going through but what if you`re part of the problem? No I think I`ll walk down the crappy path on my own thanks"

I look at him like he`s mad. What the hell is going on here, how in the hell am I part of whatever is wrong with him? Jace just sighs and says; "Look forget I said anything I'm just tired and on edge, I`ll get over it as soon as I can lie down and sleep it off.

I steal a glance at Sebastian and Kyle and the look in their eyes tell me they agree with me, this isn't something that`ll leave overnight, we have to watch out for him like we`ve done since first class. I nod pretending to let the matter go and we get back into the jeep and start the journey to Jace`s for real this time with one thing ringing in my head we will figure out what`s going on.

The next day goes by in a blur and then it`s time for cross country again which has now added another day because we all need it apparently, I get changed on my own again then trudge out trying to stay as far away to Jace as I can. I walk out on my own iPod blaring to La Roux bulletproof which has become a new old favourite of mine I get out and see coach is setting things up for relays and I groan, one thing I hate is relays just because everybody is in competition with each other no matter how much they deny it to each other.

I walk silently and start up stretching while the others walk out in their respected groups, I pretend I don't notice Jace but it`s like my body`s on high alert when he`s around and I can`t stand it so instead I make my brain sing along with the music as Jace talks to the guy who has the broken leg.

Coach blows the whistle and we all draw in to listen to what he has to say; "Right, I'm not going to sugar coat this because you`re my team and I expect honesty from you so I`ll give it back. We are screwed at qualifiers next week if we don`t pick up the pace, some haven't been pulling their weight" he says glaring at some guy in the back who shuffles looking down at his shoes.

"Others" he says glaring at me while saying "Haven`t even started yet and already skipped out, that has to change" he says looking at nobody in particular now as I glare back at him. If he knew what happened he`d be more sympathetic not this crappy attitude he`s playing right now.

"We are going to spend the next two hours perfecting the relay team, Jace we`ve talked about the plan, everybody else get into your respected places. Anybody not doing the relay on Monday set up the hurdles or whatever you`ve decided to do and get on with it." Coach says then blows the whistle and everybody is off like a rocket leaving me to stand there confused.

"Hey" a voice says behind me, I turn and there`s Jace standing there hands in his back pocket looking at my feet, I sigh and start walking away towards the cone I was on last time trying to ignore him cursing to himself.

"Hey" he says again catching my wrist and turning me around to face him which leads me back to thinking of our one kiss, I yank my hand out his grip and say "What do you want Jace, come to insult me some more because I'm not really in the mood to be honest. Go find some teenage girl who`s hair doesn't look like a hornet's nest and is cute, you`ve made it obvious that I'm not what you`re looking for"

I run off relishing in the pain in my legs as I pick up the pace leaving Jace behind me eating my grass dust, I arrive on the cone I was on last time and stop staring straight ahead as I plug my earphones back in willing myself not to cry and give him the satisfaction.

Jace just walks past me ignoring me and breathe a sigh of relief, he won`t bother me again hopefully and we can get this over with so I can go home and drown myself reading or Supernatural. Coach blows the whistle and the first runner is off, I turn my head to the side and arch my arm out ready to carry the baton to the finish line.

I take a slow deep breath and let it out just as the baton gets onto the group before me, Jace is running full pelt at me and as he nears I jog forward as he presses the baton into my cool hands. Then I'm off like a rocket of coke and mints sprinting down the track ignoring everything bar my music and the determination to show coach I'm not a slacker.

I don't even hear as the others cheer me on, just keep running until I sprint past coach who shouts out something but I'm too busy slowing down and not hurting myself to care what he said. When I've come to a complete stop I walk slowly back catching my breath hoping beyond hope I'm not too red in the face.

I walk up to coach who is looking down at the clip board and his stopwatch calculating times up, he turns to me and wallops me on the back causing me to pitch forward slightly, he starts laughing a full belly clenching laugh holding his sides. I cowardly look up to the others who look as confused as me, this man doesn't look like the type of person to start randomly laughing, so why is he laughing.

He wipes his brow then says; "I`ll be darned, that was the best bit of running I've seen for a good while lassie. Altogether that was ninety seconds, ninety goddamn seconds! Do you know what that means? It means my dear Clary that we can finally beat those stuck up pricks in Westfield, see how they like getting the awards wiped in their face!" he laughs as cheers erupt around me.

"Uh, don't get me wrong or anything that`s great but shouldn't we keep going instead of celebrating? I mean I don't know these Westfield people but they sound good so if we want to beat them, those ninety seconds or not we have to be amazing..." I say somewhat awkwardly to a whole group of sixteen seventeen year old guys staring right back at me.

"Girls right, let`s do this again and beat those Westfield's once and for all" Coach says slapping me on the back again and again I'm pitched forward, I come back up shaking my head rubbing my back. Everybody cheers again and goes back to their starting points somewhat happier than before.

I walk slowly back to mine wondering who the hell are Westfield and why in god`s name do we care so much about what happens with them? As if reading my mind Jace jogs up beside me and casually says "Westfield is the catholic school in the main town here. You have to be extremely rich to be even considered a place there; they have top class teachers and trainers for everything you can possibly imagine. For the past couple of years they`ve beaten us in everything from relays to looking cooler coming off the bus, makes me sick" he says bitterly.

"Wow." I say looking out to the field behind the track "Is it bad that I'm more grateful that my mum sent me here instead?" Jace laughs running his hand through his hair then says; "You`d be fine it`s everybody else I`d be afraid for" I shove him gasping and he shoves me playfully back.

Coach blows the whistle and Jace curses, "Bye" he simply says then jogs off leaving me to stare at him and think did we just get along? Before I snap out of it and wait my turn for the baton. When I get the baton I start sprinting again letting every emotion flow and go into running making me run faster.

Training finishes and for once everybody is happy walking out into the car park going to their respected car in the lot, Jace and I make our way towards the jeep not saying anything but staying in a comfortable quietness neither one of us wanting to be the person to break it.

I'm about to say anything just so we can talk again when a figure comes running towards us and jumps on Jace causing him to stumble back with a oomph, I take a step back to see the person squealing clinging onto Jace burying her face into his shoulder as he just stands there looking helpless.

Knew it was too good to be true I think bitterly as I walk by them towards the Jeep where Jonathan and his friends are waiting for the pair of us, when I get to them they stop me and Sebastian asks; "Who is that, and why don't we know her?"

I look at him and wonder if all men are like this stupidly blind and ignorant. I shake my head and simply say; "Ask him I'm not his personal assistant, beside he`s your best friend not mine." Before getting into the jeep plugging myself into my iPod and ignoring them.

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