Who Is She

Chapter 13

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It was all going so damn well, Clary and me were talking again and I know I have to pretend I don't like her but damn it she makes it hard for people who know her to dislike her. You don't really know her though do you, I mean bar the fact she is Jonathan`s little sister and you`ve kissed her once how much do you actually know about her, oh that's right nothing, nada, aon rud, rien nothing at all that would indicate you know her better than this girl hugging you who is extremely loud.

I laugh and let her down forcing a smile on my face; she giggles and says in what she believes to be a flirtatious voice; "Bet you weren't expecting me huh?" trailing her manicured hand down my chest which to be honest feels more creepy than turning me on, which is what I'm assuming she`s aiming for.

I force a laugh out; "Uh... no I wasn't, man wasn't I surprised. Look it was really nice seeing you but my friends are waiting there and I don't want to keep them waiting, so I`ll uh see you tomorrow?" I say somewhat nervously, is this what you say to girls? Jesus I need to get back in the game here.

"One quick thing though" she says drawing me in the smacking her lips onto mine with so much force I wonder how I'm still standing, somehow her tongue enters mine and she starts expertly running her tongue over my teeth. I don't know what to do except continue kissing her as she groans and drags me closer, though as I'm being drawn in I can`t help but think of the kiss with Clary.

Clary`s was all fire and ice, burning sensations running up my spine. Kaelie seems to be confident in what she`s doing where as Clary was nervous making the kiss sweeter and less eager to impress. STOP this is not healthy, Jesus Christ you are Jace Wayland, you do not compare girls kisses you pick the cutest girl in the room, hit on her get a good make out session with her and then leave her, Not any of this comparing crap.

With that I deepen the kiss until we`re pretty much glued together ignoring the thoughts in my head warning me this would turn out bad, instead we kiss until neither of us can breathe anymore and we had to come up for air.

"You" she says breathlessly looking at me with pure delight patting me on the chest "You can call me later, you have my number" winking at me then strutting off with her cheerleading group.

I walk over to the guys, who are staring at me funnily, "What?" I say questioning their look but knowing full well why they`re looking at me, Jonathan shakes his head at me then simply says; "I didn't know you were into her is all." Then he gets into the jeep with the guys following.

"So come on then, tell us when did you start tailing that chick?" Sebastian says getting into the jeep behind me, Jonathan throws a glare through the mirror then says; "Can we please not talk about this when there`s a girl in the jeep!" Clary just snorts from the back seat looking up for the first time since Kaelie jumped me.

"Don't worry about me I`ll be fine, actually is it ok if I run home? I'm not in that much of a mood to listen to the gory details of your bachelor over there banging her" causing me to start coughing and the others look between us with confused faces.

"Uh, if that's what you want to do, though what should I say to Jocelyn?" Jonathan asks awkwardly from the front seat keys halfway into the ignition. She just smiles and says; "By the time he`s finished the story and you`ve dropped them all off I`ll be showered and doing my homework. Also my mother and your father are both at work and will be there for a while finishing things off before they go away for the weekend!" she unlocks the door and gets out of the car before I can correct her on the whole banging her stuff.

"Well that was weird" states Kyle grinning at me.

Something is definitely up between the pair of them I just don't know what, as they were coming out of the school they were standing so close together it looked like they`ve been friends for years and they both looked as happy as they could, which is saying something when Clary is involved.

I watch her as she runs out of the car park picking up speed and again I'm overcome with questions that can`t be answered without the huge risk of tapping into Clary`s rage or Jace`s at times over bearing cockiness. Sighing I start the car and ease out of the parking space as the others grill a pale looking Jace on how he "Bagged this chick", after he says what happened which to me seems somewhat sketchy but I drop it guessing that he`s probably just tired.

"Talking about my parents being away we need to plan the party tomorrow night" I say as we pick up speed through one of the country lanes. This is meet with a buzz about all the crap we should buy and who to invite. "Why not just everybody in our classes?" Kyle asks puzzled as we stop at a stop sign heading towards my house. We nod along then I bring up the only problem with that; "We`d have to hide everything remotely important so nothing gets broken and I don`t lose my right to live another day, also no psychopaths. Got that Seb?" which is received with indignation on Seb`s part but hilarity by the rest of us.

We turn into my estate and before I park I can see Clary sitting on the step singing along to her music with her eyes closed smiling along, when she hears the Jeep though she shuts up and stands up brushing invisible dust off her pants. When we get out of the car she just goes to the back of the jeep and opens it up grabbing her bag before brushing past me mumbling; "Forgot my keys" before yanking the door open and leaving it swinging open on its hinges.

What in the hell is going on with her?

I'm being childish, ok so he kissed you and he`s moved on. This is what he does, you were just stupid enough to believe it for a split second and you`ve become just another girl Jonathan's delightful friends thinks he`s banged. I let a little growl out as I get into my room which is still filled with boxes I've yet to empty.

Sighing I throw myself onto the bed and bury my head on the pillow wanting to scream but instead just taking deep breaths trying to calm myself down. After a while I get up have a quick shower change into pyjamas and go downstairs in search of sugar. I enter the kitchen as Jonathan and his friends are talking about this infamous party they`re going to throw tomorrow night.

"What about drinks?" Kyle says biting the top of the blue pen cap he has in his mouth, despite myself I speak up; "You might want to make it bring your own, my mother doesn't believe in drinking and I don`t know about your father but whatever my mother says he ninety nine point nine percent agrees with." All the guys stare at me and I shrug at their stares then go towards the fridge to grab a can of coke.

"Ok... Now that that's sorted, how about the little fact that we`ve got zilch money to actually buy any of this stuff?" asks Sebastian tapping some list they`ve written up. I can`t help but speak up again as I leave the kitchen. "Try the old dolphin cookie jar which is missing part of its tail, my mother always keeps a twenty in there, just put enough back in so she doesn't expect anything"

I go back upstairs smiling, that right there is the point of staying silent, they never expect somebody listening to their iPod to hear what they`re discussing, Clary one guys zero I think walking back up the stairs.

"Ok don't get me wrong here, it`s amazing that we got this twenty euro but how in the hell did she know this was here and you didn't?" I ask a bewildered Jonathan as he stares at the twenty in his hand amazed just like the rest of us. He just shakes his head and says quietly; "I've no idea. Though we can do the stuff we need to do and buy loads of crap!" he says smiling.

We all whoop then walk back to the table and we decide once and for all who`s coming tomorrow which is pretty much everybody. "Send out the text Jace!" Kyle says excitedly and I laugh as I quickly text out a short and to the point text for all our friends to see; House party! Jonathan`s house 7:30 to late ;) tomorrow, be there or be square. BOB! I show the guys and then send it.

We grab our coats and head to the front door with the intention of buying loads of crap for the party, it`s all laughter until Clary comes back downstairs with an empty can in her hand and instantly I feel insanely guilty for kissing Kaelie in front of her and of every crappy move I've pulled against her. She just ignores me which hurts more than I care to admit and says to Jonathan; "Are you going to the shop?" we all nod waiting for this to finish so we can leave.

She nods to herself then says; "Do you think you could buy me two little things?" she hands over a slip of torn out of paper to Jonathan who smiles weakly then walks out of the door without saying goodbye. She smiles a little smile and goes back upstairs as we follow John back out onto the driveway.

He hops in and as we get in he looks at the little slip and laughs causing all of us to stare up at him. When it`s apparent that he`s not going to just tell us I pipe up and say; "What does it say?" but before he can answer Clary runs out in panda pyjama pants and a baggy shirt on red flaming hair blowing everywhere as she runs to the car, she yanks the door opens and gasps; "I nearly forgot to give you money for it, don't want you spending your hard earned twenty on a few things for me. Here you go" she says handing him over some change which he thanks her for then lets her close the door and walk back inside the house.

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