Who Is She


I know I'm going to hate this party already and it`s not even close to starting, all through the day it`s all that anybody has been talking about and how they`re going to "hook up" with Jonathan or one of his friends who are "The most popular people like ever" some blond girl gushes to her friend across from me as we are supposed to be trying to finish our maths equations.

So when break comes I storm over to Jonathan`s table grab and drag the first person I can which incidentally is Jace outside the canteen while everybody stares at us. When we get out of earshot of everybody I spin him around and glare at him, he looks scared and impressed at the same time; "Want to explain why you just dragged me out of the canteen in front of everybody, which by the way I'm not complaining about" he says winking and I stomp hard on his foot causing him to howl in pain as I stand there smiling sweetly.

"What the hell!" he shouts anger and pain in his eyes and for a second I feel bad then shake it off thinking of why I've brought him here. "Look I'm sorry about that but I really need to talk to you about something." He raises an eyebrow as he rubs his toes slowly.

Exhaling I sit down on the floor wondering if this was such a smart idea as I thought it was in my head. Jace sits down silently and looks at me waiting for me to continue, "Clary?" he says bringing me back to reality. I decide to just say it anyway, no point keeping it a secret now I've dragged Jace into it.

"I was in maths today and some of the girls were talking about putting something into your drinks to, and for the record I hate this saying, "hook up" with you, Jonathan and the others. I just thought I should tell you so you can avoid it, if you want" I say quickly looking down at the floor design wondering what the hell has come over me.

Jace just huffs and gets back up from in front of me, I scramble up as well wondering if I should apologize for saying anything but keep my mouth shut, no way am I apologizing for trying to help him and the others.

"Thanks Clary but I think we can take care of ourselves , you probably just heard some rumour and thought of playing saviour to get some alone time with me" he winks then says; "Which is quiet pathetic to be honest, you`ll forgive me if I don't believe you" then smirks at me. I'm enraged, what the hell is his god damn problem? I'm trying to help him not spend time with his sorry excuse for a human being.

I shake my head and say; "Fine but when you pass out and have to go to the hospital I'm not coming, I`ll stay home with a smile on my lips and the satisfaction that you were wrong and I tried warning you!" with that I turn and walk away leaving him to stand there smirking.

I stomp out to the tree to angry to read or eat so I go to the abandoned bleachers and do laps up and down until the bell rings and sweat is dripping down my forehead. I grab my bag and wipe my head with the back of my hand as I enter the school again. After that I tune everybody out and just concentrate on getting this day over so I can go home, grab my provisions and lock myself into my safe haven for the night.

I don't know why I didn't believe Clary, probably because she hurt me and I wanted to hurt her back but still I'm wary as I walk back into the canteen ignoring the stares and sitting back down taking a bite of my sandwich while the guys stare at me waiting to hear what she said.

"Well?" Seb asks, as I take another bite of my now bland tasting sandwich, "Well?" I ask faking innocence while taking another bite and counting to twenty before swallowing. "What did Clary want with you that made her give up her secret eating place to drag you off for a good five minutes!" Jonathan asks with a serious look on his face.

I laugh and say;"It was just some silly thing she thought that I put to rest, it`s all good now. Now what was our biology homework anybody?" I ask changing the subject even though I know neither John nor the others believe me.

They're both keeping something from me, I don't like it. I thought by now that Jace and I shared everything but apparently not and that upsets me. We get home and Clary is first out of the Jeep grabbing her bag and slamming the Jeep door shut causing all of us to jump. We all look at each other and I see a flash of what looks regret fly through Jace`s eyes but is covered with indifference just as quickly as the emotion came.

We get out of the jeep and head inside into the kitchen where Clary is sitting on the tabletop routing in the cupboards for something, when she sees us she stops and glares at us her death glare which has us backing slowly away. Instead of smiling in victory she shakes her head and continues rooting in the cupboard until she obviously finds what she`s looking for and grins, she grabs it closes the door and jumps down and in her hand is a big bag crisps that is covered with Clary Fray`s stash, touch at your own peril.

She smiles sweetly at us like she doesn't give a hoot that we saw this, goes to the utility room grabs a twelve pack of 7Up and Coke then walks out of the kitchen and goes upstairs, "Well, there`s one person prepared for a party" says Kyle grinning. We all laugh then start getting the house ready for the party messing around with the paper cups; streamers that we thought looked funny in the store.

I go downstairs at half five and grab some food from the fridge making a point of ignoring the guys who are doing homework at the table before people start arriving, I grin at the kitchen it looks really corny with all the streamers up but decide not to say anything.

At exactly seven Aline and Kaelie come to help set up, or as I believe to get an extra make out session in before people start coming. At half seven there`s loads of people here already and already I know it`s going to be packed, I throw a little thanks up that I don't have to go downstairs for any reason.

I'm trying to concentrate on watching Supernatural but the music is way too loud downstairs and already people are upstairs, sitting gossiping on the stairs waiting for the bathroom complaining that it`s taking so and so for ages. I text Izzy again but she doesn't reply and I throw the phone down frustrated, I'm bored but don't want to go downstairs for obvious reasons.

Reason actually and that comes in the form of Jace Wayland who is probably in a corner getting to second base with Kaelie. I hear a thump on my door making me jump slightly, I don't get up just shout; "Bathroom is across the hall!" then wait to see if they left. They don't and a second later someone shouts back "That`s the problem!" I sigh and get up and go to the door yanking it open to see some senior with a close shaved hair.

"Hi" he says then turns and points at the bathroom door, I look out to see the line is about twenty people over every shape and size jumping up and down muttering profoundly glaring at the door. I turn back at the guy and ask; "I see there`s a line but what do you want me to do about it?". The guy laughs embarrassed; "The thing is my best friend is in there and I promised not to let him go near his ex girlfriend. Me being the idiot that I am lost him for about ten minutes chasing a girl of my own and now they`re in there doing something they shouldn't."

"Still trying to figure out why you`re disturbing me with this?" I say too sharply then sigh and say; "Sorry I'm tired, what can I do to help?" by now everybody is watching us whispering silently and I'm getting frustrated. Shaved guy turns to look at what I'm looking at and then says to them; "Guys shut up she`d be nicer to all of you and get this line going if you didn't continue to stir the pot with all your stupid whispers!"

Everybody shuts up and he looks at me and smiles, I smile back instantly liking him and say; "How can I help?" he goes on to show me that they locked themselves in from the inside and I curse at Jonathan`s stupidity. I examine the lock then turn to the shaved head guy and ask; "What`s his name, your friend?" "Alex" he says.

I nod then turn to the bathroom door and bang hard on the door and shout; "Alex get out of there right now!" causing everybody to move jump or cover their ears, I mumble an apology and am about to bang on the door again when a "Just leave us alone!" comes through the door.

I look at shaved head guy who shouts "Alex mate please!" banging on the door, "Shut up Derek and leave us alone, we both want this so why can`t you let us be happy!" I bang on the door again and say; "Alex trust me you`re not happy, you`re bloody intoxicated there`s a difference. Come out go home with Derek and in the morning if you still want to do what we all know you`re doing Derek will let you go no questions asked. Just come out!" I shout banging the door.

Another "Just go away and leave us alone!" comes but this time it`s a girl voice that says it and that confirms what Derek has said, Derek is pale and the others are watching this commotion like it`s a reality show and they get to partake in it.

Pausing for a moment I come up with an idea that will probably get me grounded for a month but who cares. I bang on the door and say; "Guys this is the last time! Come out now and go home or I'm coming in and will make you!" Derek looks at me like I'm mad and the little audience start whispering to each other.

"Shut up!" I snap as; "We`ve locked the door from inside, no way in hell are you getting in here!" Alex says laughing. I smirk even though they can`t see it and say; "Do you want to bet on that?" then turn and examine the little audience eliminating the guys instantly and then a few girls with too short hair to be any help to me. Then a little girl with a pixie cut dyed neon blue has the exact thing I need.

"Can I borrow one of your hairclips?" I ask her and she hands it over with a questioning look. I thank her then say; "I owe you one hairclip ok?" then bend it out straight and go to the door while everybody crowds around the door to see what I'm going to do with the hairclip. I pray I haven't lost the skill my dad said I had doing this.

"Are you sure that`s going to work?" Derek says doubt evident in his voice, I don't even look up just concentrate on trying to get the hairclip to get into the right spot, then when I think it is I start turning it slightly until I hear a click and stand up grinning. I look at Derek who is wide mouth looking at the door then to me.

I point to the door then hold up three fingers indicating I'm opening it on three, one... Two... Three! And push the door open with force as Derek leaps into the bathroom while the others cheer. I smile and bow then make my way into the bathroom as said Alex is dragged out by Derek who throws me a quick smile as he leaves.

This leaves me to deal with the girl who is seething, "You" she snarls then comes at me; I dodge easily and grab her in a lock making her unable to scratch my eyes out. "Let`s get you out of here, you`ve had too much to drink" I say leaving the bathroom letting the first person come in with a relived smile.

"Get off me you little bitch, just wait till I get out of this then I`ll come for you!" she snarls as I get her down the stairs just as Girls Aloud Something New comes on the speakers. I smile and say "Keep telling yourself that love but I'm the one who has you in the lock" as we enter the kitchen which is packed with sweaty bodies and drunk teenagers.

I let her go and she swings at me with her fake nails, I laugh and catch her arm easily. "Hard luck better luck next time" wink then turn walk away leaving her there burning holes into my back. I don't get very far though before I'm pushed out into the front garden where there`s a lot of shouting and chanting.

I wonder what`s going on and try see what everyone`s chanting over, I gasp as I come in the front where Jace and Jonathan are wobbling around in a circle fists limply in the air as a seriously muscled guy is stalking them a snarl on his face.

I'm about to ask someone what`s going on but don't have to because he shouts; "Thought you`d make out with my girlfriend and get away with it? Well you`ll soon learn I don't back down!" and he charges towards them, and before I can even think I'm in the ring the crowd has made charging at the muscle guy who isn't expecting me.

I catch him on the chin causing him to stumble backwards to "Ohhhs!" of the crowd who start chanting my name, "Weren't expecting that were you muscle man?" I sneer at him who slits his eyes at me and starts getting back up.

"Clary get out of here, we`ve got this covered" Jonathan slurs stumbling slightly, I snort and say; "Oh yeah that`s obvious, you`re not bleeding or drunk out of your freaking minds, so course you can take him on, nope I think I`ll stay and beat this guy up for the fun" as muscle man comes forward again.

Jace just throws me a worried glance then averts his attention back to muscle man who is evaluating the both of us.

"I usually don't hit girls but you, you`ve asked for it now girly" he says grinning coming towards me, I just lift my arms and say; "I usually only hit guys who are idiots, but you`re... oh wait you are an idiot so it`s all good" I laugh as he snarls charging at me.

I wait until the last second push Jace and Jonathan into the crowd who are smart enough to get them out of the way leaving just me and him in the ring. "You`re getting it now honey, nobody calls me an idiot and gets away with it" muscle man says charging me again. I lift my hands up and place them where my dad always told me to, one near your face and one slightly down at your stomach.

When he gets near enough he swings his fist aiming for my face and I use that to connect with his stomach causing him to stumble back, I charge at him and punch him another time in the stomach then I kick his unmentionables and he collapses on the floor groaning as everybody goes quiet. I kneel beside him and say; "I'm nobody`s honey and if you touch me or any of them I`ll do worse, understand that?" he nods with his eyes squeezed shut.

I get back up and head towards the crowd who part to where Jace and Jonathan is lying on the floor breathing hard, I kneel down beside Jace who isn't that intoxicated and say; "Are you ok?"He nods and I punch him hard on the shoulder.

He yowls in pain and holding his shoulder with his other arm in his hand he looks up at me and says; "What the hell was that for?" and I simply say; "I tried to warn you" Then grab Jonathan who from the looks of it is screwed out of his mind.

I look up at the crowd and say; "Could anybody please go and get Aline and Kaelie and tell them their boyfriends could use them right now?" Jace coughs and is bright red still rubbing his shoulder says; "Don't bother with Kaelie she`s off screwing some footballer".

The moment he says it my heart does a little flutter in my chest but I ignore it, no way in hell am I letting myself be as foolish as I was when I came, so instead I just say; "Ok not Kaelie, but definitely Aline. Thanks" I say as a guy sprints into the house to get them, I turn and sigh at Jonathan who is passed out on the floor.

"I just had to get the weak brother didn't I? I should start charging your asses for protection; it seems to be a popular thing." I say looking down at John and brush his hair away from the little scrape he`s gotten on his forehead, Jace laughs sitting beside me and says; "You make it look too easy, also he`s your brother so technically we don't have to pay" he points out and I curse realizing he`s correct and he laughs.

"Holy crap, how long were we gone?" asks a shocked Sebastian with Kyle and Aline right behind him, I stand up and say; "Jonathan has a scrape on his forehead and cheek that you might want to check and Jace just has a wounded pride so please make as much fun of him as you can." I then get up and leave not even bothering to turn around just walk inside go upstairs into my room and close the door again.

I turn Supernatural off and start on Sherlock which is one of my favourite series ever, it`s late now around at least two in the morning but I don`t care I'm wide awake and hungry, I'm snacking on another packet of popcorn when a knock on the door stops me. I sigh, I swear to god if this is another person asking for my help all they`re getting is a door in their face, I don't care who it is.

I get up anyway and there standing is a bandaged Jace who looks sheepish and simply says; "Hi"

I don't know what I'm doing but as soon as Clary leaves the garden the whole party becomes dull again and I miss her joking around and though I`ll never admit it I think she`s extremely sexy when she defended me and John`s sorry asses.

So after Aline looks me over and says I'm good to go I know exactly where I wanna go, I brush off Kyle and Seb`s attempts to go play pool or something saying I need to go to the bathroom and that I`ll catch up with them later.

I jog up the stairs and stop in front of her door, I hear the music of a dvd start its chorus and I'm about to leave her alone when I knock without realizing I`ve done it . I stare at the door willing her to ignore it, but after a pause and a sigh the door is unlocked and there she is again staring at me confused but beautiful all the same.

All my stupid brain can think of saying is "Hi" which the instant I say it sounds extremely corny and stupid and I want to slap myself but she just smiles and says; "Hi, I'm about to watch Sherlock, the whole two seasons. Do you uh want to watch it with me? I mean you don't have to it`s just I just thought you might not have seen them before" she babbles blushing which is adorable.

"I`d love to, are these ones with Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch?" I ask stepping in looking at her bedroom which is covered in band posters and quotes written neatly on the wall with magic marker. She grins and says; "Yeah that's the one, I love this version"

She directs us to the bed where she has it plugged into her computer and we end up sprawled on the bed laughing, arguing about characters and crying when things happen that we weren't expecting even though we both knew they were coming.

I fall asleep through the last episode and when I wake up Clary is asleep where she`s laying sprawled out on her single bed, I smile at her turn her laptop off and put it under the bed for safety I fall back asleep not even bothering to get up I'm that exhausted.

Though just before I fall asleep I turn to look at the sleeping figure of Clary and whisper; "Night Clare" then turn and fall asleep.

Sebastian`s point of view.

I wake up bleary eyed and my mouth full of sand, I get up groaning and go to the bathroom, when I get out though I'm not the only one on the landing, there standing at Clary`s room is Kyle.

"What the hell are you doing?" I hiss at him going over to him, "Bathrooms over there idiot, remember where it`s always been." He just shrugs me off and hisses; "I have to show you something, see I was going to the bathroom as well and well I took a wrong turn and opened her door, you know what I'm like without my glasses or contacts" and I do ever since he was seven he`s been blind without them, though he always wears contacts in school after being called four eyes.

"Ok, so what did you want to show me" I whisper getting worried, Kyle just grins though and says; "Remember last night when Jace went missing for the rest of the night and we presumed he went to bed, then we were too tired to notice when we came up?" I nod wondering where this is going.

"Well look what I just discovered" he says and opens her door quietly, there on the bed covered with a blanket is both Clary and Jace who has his arm around Clary his head in her hair while Clary is tucked neatly into Jace. I gasp as Seb closes the door with a grin on his face.

"Do you know what this means?" he asks smiling and I laugh quietly and say; "Jonathan is going to flip out" before grinning along with Kyle.

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