Who Is She

Chapter 15

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I wake up my mouth tasting like sand and one of my arms are numb. What the hell? I think trying to move hand but failing because something is pinning it down.

I rub my eyes still covered in sleep and look down, Oh crap! Please please please tell me I did`nt sleep with her, I quickly look down and sigh with relief both of us are fully clothed though Clary is in some sleeping shorts and a baggy top.

I take a minuet to look at Clary properly for the first time since she and Jocelyn moved in here,while she sleep she looks her age not the bad ass girl who can beat you up in an instant if she so desires. She looks innocent and fragile even though I and the rest of the town know different and I can`t help but wonder what made her start acting the way she did.

Clary sighs still asleep and turns facing me freeing my arm in the process with her mouth slightly open as her stomach slowly rises and falls her beauty hits me, parts of hair is lit up in a bright red by the sun filtering through the window and how eve though it looks likes it`s been dragged through a bush she still makes it work.

Ok stop right there, the voice in my head that sounds suspiciously like Atamis says; you are being creepy and quiet frankly ignorant. You did`nt sleep with her, you sat on her bed like little four year old's watching her shows that are honestly rubbish. Do not say you like her because of that because that`s pathetic also how could you properly date her when her brother is your best friend. Get a freaking grip! "But..." I mutter to myself and again the voice in my head over powers me saying No buts! Seriously get a grip you like her fine, but she is not the "one" or whatever you want to call it. Think about it, what if you did date her and then broke up. You`d see her everyday for the rest of your 2nd level education. Is that what you want? The hurt and pain in her eyes everyday as you walk past each other in the hallways. I flinch at the thought and look down at the still sleeping Clary who is oblivious to the civil war going on inside my head.

I did`nt think so, so get up quietly and slowly grab your shoes, go downstairs and pretend like this didn't ever happen. Sighing I take one more look at Clary be sliding off bed as quietly as I can trying to locate my shoes.

"So this is what you do to all the girls I suppose." and I whisk around and there is Clary sitting up wide awake arms folded glaring at me. "I mean I should`nt be surprised but I just thought you say goodbye to the girl first' she snorts shaking her head 'Wasn't I the idiot. Your shoes are beside the door be careful the door squeaks" then turns around grabs her iPod off her stand puts in the earphones and lies with her back to me.

So much for not hurting her.. I think then sigh getting up and going around to collect my shoes hoping to catch her so I can apologize but when I get close she turns the other way her music blasting out so loud I can hear it.

Looking at my shoes then to her back I sigh tossing my shoes against the door and go towards the hostile girl on the bed, I go towards her front but at the last secnd she tuns so I'm facing her back again.

"Clary please" I say reaching out and touching her on the shoulder, she throws my hand off and glaring at me again says; "You know I should`nt even be surprised to be truthful with you. This is your thing and hey we did`nt even do anything so why am I so angry about this?" she looks at me like I should know but when I don`t say anything she just shakes her head and turns away again.

"Just leave Jace, door is right over there" she says in a tired voice, I refuse to though leaving me standing there like an awkward penguin wondering what I should do. Without even thinking I stride over to her bed turn her around and kiss her, I'm waiting for the rejection but I get a surprise when she kisses me back with those soft lips of her.

We kiss until we both have to come up for breath yet a we try catch our breath we`re looking at each other and I can`t help but feel I'm being judged so I straighten up and resist ruffling my hair trying to get it into a respectable shape.

Clary just snorts and says; "You look grand Jace. Can I ask a question?" biting her lip slightly making her if possible look any cuter than she did, I nod and she shifting slightly away as if if I said the wrong thing she`d be out the door in five seconds flat.

"What made you change your mind?" and I know what she means,if I had left when I was told I would`ve made it final about where we were together. Now, well now it gets complicated and messy between the pair of us.

I'm about to say something along the lines of "I don`t know" because how the hell can I say 'I saw you sleeping and I thought you were beautiful.' that`s not creepy as hell at all when Clary`s mobile rings breaking the building tension.

She points at the phone and says; "Just give me a minuet ok, won`t be too long" before picking it up while I'm sitting here trying to figure a good answer.

"Mum hey, everything all right ?" Clary asks phone leaning on her shoulder as she ties up her hair, she nods at something Jocelyn says then says "Ok, well I`ll see you later than, ok love you bye bye" then hangs up eyes wide. I move towards her grabbing her hand before asking; "What`s wrong? Clary?" she looks up and says in a small voice;"My cousins are coming over to meet me" I sigh thinking something bad had happened to Jocelyn.

"That`s not so bad is it, you'll only have to see them for a day and then not until Christmas" I say soothingly as Clary looks like a deer in the headlamps. She shakes her head before saying silently; "You don`t understand, they`re here to move down here and will be staying here with us for a while. Oh my god the house!" she screams then jumps out of bed and out the door leaving me to sit on her bed thinking You've done it now Jace. Then follow her down the stairs smiling despite myself.

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