Who Is She

Chapter 16

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My cousins are coming. My cousins are coming. My cousins are coming. That`s on repeat like a broken record in my head as I sprint out of the room and barging into Johnathan's room trying to ignore the sour smell that wafts throughout the room as I grab a pillow from the end of the bed and start hitting John's head with it shouting; "Get up! Your cousins are coming and you and your friends haven't even started cleaning yet!" hitting him until he yanks the pillow out of my hand and glares at me.

"Calm yourself, who let you into my room?" he asks groggily sitting up rubbing his eyes tiredly, I choose to ignore him and say again; "My mother and your father bumped into your cousins who have decided to take a holiday down here looking for houses. My stupid mother decided that they could come here to bloody stay. Stay in this house, the house you had a party in. The house that you haven't even started to clean yet. My mother said they`d be here for lunch time and it's ten now so get the hell up!" I yell hitting him as he tries to block himself pathetically.

"Ok. Ok I'm getting up Jesus Clary calm down it's only my cousins from Ohio right? They're not that bad I promise." Johnathan says then flops back onto his pillow covering his eyes with his arm. I grab the ends of his duvet and tug until they fall on the floor and John's left lying on his bed in boxers and shirt. "Sorry" I say to his protests "But my mum said that they were from Washington. They any better? What?" Johnathan had gone pale.

"Are you sure?" he says eyes wide face deprived on the seconds ago colour, I nod recalling my mother telling me so. He jumps up swearing grabbing jeans from the chair before saying; "get Jace and the others downstairs to start cleaning up now! Tell them code blue and they`ll understand. I'm going to clean my room and then I'll come help you"

When I don't move he gently pushes me towards the door saying; "It'll be fine Clary. Just do as I say and hurry ok?" I nod then leave trying to calm my beating heart. What if they don't like me? What if they take one look at me and think I'm some washed up ginger hippo?.

Shaking my head I go downstairs and enter the kitchen where the guys were talking about something important until I come in. I look suspiciously at Jace who just gives me a small smile then goes to the coffee machine to fill up his cup. Kyle and Sebastian glance at each other then start doing other things like looking out the window or eating cereal.

Fine don't tell me. Shaking my head I say; "My brother told me to tell you code blue" all heads snap towards me eyes like hawks. "Did he tell you how much time we have?" who I think is Kyle says staring right at me making me a bit uncomfortable. "I've no idea in hell what code blue is but if it helps my mother will be back at around twelve half twelve."

The guys look at each other as if having a silent conversation around me. Thanks guys as if I'm not here at all yeah? I bitterly think as they continue to stare at each other. "Right I'll take the living room and the dining room." Sebastian or Kyle says placing his cup down and taking off straight away. The other one says "I`ll take the front and back garden. Make sure there's no stragglers." he smiles at both of us then leaves me and Jace alone in the kitchen.

"So what were you guys talking about?" I ask touching the coffee cups looking up when Jace snorts looking outside. "Twiddle dom and twiddle dee wanted to know where and who I was with last night. Don't worry I told them I left with someone." he says at my worried face.

Sighing in relief I look down at the cups again and say; "So are you going to do the kitchen or am I?" grinning at the look of dread on Jace's face.

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