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Turns out with three guys and a panicking teenage girl a lot can be done in just over two hours. By the time my mum's car parks in the driveway every room has been cleaned, even if there wasn't much mess in there it was cleaned until I swore I could see my reflection in it.

After god knows how long it took us to do it despite wanting to go back to bed (maybe not with Jace this time) I had to run up stairs and jump into the shower and wash my hair so as when John's cousins came I didn't look like some homeless girl they picked up who has greasy dust hair. I took the quickest shower I could trying to keep my nerves together unless I wanted to throw up all over their shoes. Shaking my head trying to rid myself of that thought I turn off the shower power and towel drying my hair slightly before slowly opening the door making sure nobody was on the landing before I sprinted into my room across the landing.

Using my hairdryer I quickly dried my hair and shoved a fancy going out shirt my mum bought in case anything like this ever came up on short notice so that I'd at least look somewhat smart. I send a, silent thanks up to my mother for her clothes smart before shoving a pair of skinny jeans and a cardigan on then getting my old battered grey bear hat and yanking it onto my head.

Just as I debate, whether to brush my teeth, or not on the landing, the door opens and voices drift upstairs. Suddenly all I want to do is go back into my room slam the door shut and not meet these people whoever they are.

Get a grip Clary, Jesus if you really need to, you can hurt them all in five seconds flat if it comes to it. As bad as it sounds it somewhat calms me down enough to cross the landing and slowly go down the stairs where the voices are at their loudest. Jocelyn hears me and looks up smiling and I know something instantly is different with her since before she left. Though after looking at her for a few seconds nothing is jumping up at me so I shrug it off as nerves and change my attention to the people who have just came into my house.

There are two guys and only one girl. The girl notices me first and comes towards me where I'm frozen to my spot on the stairs. "Hi. I'm Tessa. What's your name?" Tessa looks about my age with grey eyes and long wavy brown chestnut coloured hair. I realize I've been quiet too long and that everybody is waiting for me to answer her question.

"I'm Clary. Hi" I mumble throwing her a small smile before shutting up again. One of the two guy's smiles and moves forward saying, "Hey Clary. I'm Jem, I'm your sort of cousin I suppose." he laughs at the end and then moves back like he realizes I'm not going to move from my spot. I look to the last guy who is staring at one of the pictures on the wall until Jem nudges him.

Without looking up he waves and says; "I'm Will, call me William and you'll have a broken nose before you can say it again" and then he goes silent. I can't help but laugh, if he thinks he can beat me up he's got another thing coming.

"I could definitely beat you up quicker" I say as a matter of fact causing Tessa to snigger beside me and Jem to look mildly impressed. Will- not William looks up from the painting and says in a voice laced with doubt; "I don't think so darling". Now, I'm going to say something when Jonathan pipes up and says; "Don't be so sure Will, I've seen Clary in action and she can seriously kick some major ass."

"Jon!" Jocelyn exclaims looking at John angrily, "We don't use such language in this house!" which gets a mumbles apology and Will just smirks and says; "I still doubt a little girl like Clary could beat a tough guy like me" and before he can say anything else I'm out of my spot and have him pinned on the floor with me sitting on top of him trying not to laugh as he rages about being pinned.

Tessa and Jem take one look at each other and burst out laughing before Jem comes over laughing saying; "Oh my god, the guys on the team have to see this. Our team captain the famous all time champion William Branwell beaten by his cousin. His, girl cousin after all!"

"Get off of me!" Will not William rages trying to wiggle out under me. Laughing I say; "Admit that I could beat you hands down and I'll gladly let you up." this enrages Will who starts having a fit while my mother, Valentine and Tessa's parents stand around look at the situation and can't help but laugh.

"Mum, Dad come on!" Will whines to his parents who just stand there and laugh. After struggling another few seconds he slumps and mumbles; "Fine. Clary. Fine. You can beat me in an instant and I admit defeat. Now let me the hell up" smiling I jump up and grab his hand helping him up.

He brushes off dust and then says to Jem; "Don't you dare send that to anybody or I'll kill you." Jem just laughs and says; "Oops too late. Sorry William." before darting into the living room before Will goes to grab him.

I turn to Tessa's parents and go to shake their hands saying; "Hi, I'm Clary, hope you didn't mind me pinning you son to the floor." The lady laughs and hugs me instead, when I get hugged I can smell her perfume of jasmine and something else. "Don't worry that was the funniest thing I've seen in a good long time. I'm Charlotte and this is my husband Henry" he nods at me and then goes back to something on his phone.

We all go into the dining room where I set up the table for all of us and we all sit down in respected seats. We start handing out food giving food to the person on their left, smiling and talking to each other while William sulks in the corner picking at the food on his plate. Tessa and I start a conversation about books that we've read and soon I realise how much we've got in common book wise.

Soon Tessa and I are fangirling over book characters that we love and how we can kidnap them. Soon we're having dessert and everyone is talking quietly so you can hear everybody's conversations and then just as I'm beginning to relax Tessa turns and asks a question I was totally not expecting.

"So, how long have you and Jace been going out?" she whispers to me taking a sip of her glass of water as she does so. I choke on my piece of strawberry and start slapping myself to dislodge it catching everybody's attention. After I swallow it I gasp for breath and then choke out; "I-I- I don't like Jace like that. What the hell gave you that idea?" as I take a sip.

She shrugs her shoulders and says; "It's just the way you act around each other, like you throw each other little smiles whenever you give each other stuff, also just the way you look at each other it's just kind of obvious"

I sit there shocked and try think back to the dinner. "Ok yeah I looked at him, I was just giving him the food, it's not like I looked over every ten seconds just to make sure that he's still there or anything." Tessa just laughs and then says; "Yeah but he sure did"

I look over at Jace who is talking to Will about something, like he knows I'm looking at him he turns to me and grins before turning back to William. I blush slightly and Tessa just grins whispering "I told you so" and I'm about to say something when Valentine stands up and says...

"I've got an announcement to make"

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