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I know I'm acting babyish. I know I should be happy for them, but I can't. So instead of being downstairs cooing over the ring and questioning how Valentine proposed, I'm in my room. For the record I'm not sulking I'm just protesting silently. Twice today, after Tessa came into my room to grab her toiletries found me laying on my bed and told everyone. This led to Valentine trying to convince and then try bribing me to come out from my room.

Obviously I told him where to shove it, that didn't mean I couldn't enjoy listening to him try convince me to come out. "I'll give you the car!" he begged banging on my door again.

Instead I've spent my time watching shows and ignoring the hunger noises my stomach has been making. Jocelyn leaves food outside my door but I don't eat it. So by the time Monday rolls round I'm dying of starvation but won't tell anybody because "Hey who even cares about my opinions"

I get up knowing I'm going to have to go downstairs and see everybody; it just doesn't mean I have to talk to anybody. So after getting dressed and making sure I have everything I need for training after school I plug my earphones blaring out Girls by The 1975 one of my favourite bands of all time.

I get downstairs without any bother yet the second I enter the kitchen all eyes are on me. Will- not William stops eating, his toast half way up to his mouth and the others all stare at me like I'm some rare animal that never comes out of its cave. I don't bother saying good morning to anybody just go the coffee pot and fill up my flask before going to the fridge for the milk.

During that it's obvious that all eyes are on me but I choose to ignore it as I add a few drops of milk into the flask take a sip then leave the room everybody's eyes burning into my back as I leave. I go back upstairs tears burning in the back of my eyes but I refuse to cry over something so pathetic so I bite my lip and focus on the pain instead.

I storm into the bathroom and glare into the mirror until my eyes get sore and then I blink, blinking away all the crap that's happened in the last few days and accepting the fact that I'll never fit into this stupid family. Sighing I grab a bit of tissue make sure I don't have tears in my eyes then leave plugging my iPod and going downstairs to wait for the others to be ready to leave.

I don't have to wait long, for as I'm going down the stars everybody is entering the hallway I can't help but notice Jace's worried look but choose to ignore it, instead I pretend to be checking my pockets for something making him have to walk by or block the whole hallway.

Throwing one last glance at me he ducks his head and walks out into the driveway. Tessa, Will and Jem all say goodbye from the doorway, they get the lucky job of waiting for their parents to wake up before they go house hunting. Leaving Jonathan, his friends and I, on an awkward car ride to school.

Yanking the boot door open I jump in and slam the door as the guys get in talking to each other. I stare out the window the whole time listening to music watching houses blur into one as we get closer and closer to the school.

When we get to the school and Jonathan parks everything goes silent. Not even a good silent, but before anybody says anything I'm unbuckling my seatbelt, jumping out of the car and walking away slamming the door shut.

Everything is going well. I ignore everybody and by the start of first class everybody seems to realize that I'm not talking or taking any prisoners today so they stay well clear of me. Going to my locker I grab my books for up till lunch trading them for books I don't need then head outside to the tree where I know nobody will come if I'm there.

My stomach growls again and I take a sip of coffee trying to convince my rumbling stomach that that's all I need. I'm not starving myself, just in the whole not leaving my room in protest stuff has left me foodless and honestly I'm not eating with the dope I probably now have to call brother and his friends.

So I'm not eating right now, it's not a constant thing. Hell when I get home after training today I'll make a ham and mayo sandwich and eat it but right now I'm going out to the tree and reading until I have to go into a class of thirty stupid Mundie's.

When the bell rings for break I'm out the door like a bullet, before I kill one of the girls in there for wanting my ears to bleed. I sprint out of the room and out the door not realizing that a set of eyes were watching me from a little way away.

My stomach is rumbling obviously loud. I haven't got any food though, so instead I go out to the tree again after eighty minuets of torture listening to people gossip about their weekends and who hooked up with who and how devastated the girlfriend of the guy is.

I know there's something different with Clary. I mean after the whole marriage/ baby thing which has Jonathan fuming as well. Yet at least with Jonathan I know he can't hold a grudge that long and wants his Dad to be happy, which he seems to be with Jocelyn.

Clary though? Well she's a totally different story all together, I don't know if she's come out of her room since I left on Saturday evening. Hell I don't know if she's even talked to somebody or anybody for that matter since Jocelyn announced the news and she did a runner.

I don't want to ask Jonathan, though from the looks of him I think he's still trying to come to terms with it too. To be totally honest Clary's beginning to scare me. She's usually moody I've accepted this but neither I or Jonathan or even Jocelyn have ever seen her like this.

So when she came down the stairs this morning I was going to ask her about it, that went totally out the door though when she stormed in her face making it obvious that if anybody talked to her they'd find their nose broken and probably some fingers.

I resist the urge to look back at her throughout the car journey just to make sure she's still there. She jumps out of the car before Jonathan mumbles "We need to talk" and we all look at him who looks wounded but somewhat relieved.

My classes go by in a blur of girls batting their eyelashes at me like they're fans and guys discussing who they would bang if they got a chance. I block it all out trying to think of an excuse to talk to Clary so maybe she will maybe talk to me about it. I snort getting the attention of the guys around me. "Anything you want to share with the group there Jacey boy?" one of the guys ask raising an eyebrow at me.

I shake my head then look back down at my history book thinking; yeah because Clary will take one look at you and spill her darkest secrets free of charge. When that happens I sell my soul to science.

The break bell rings and I collect my essay back smiling at the result I got then shoving it into my bag before anybody can ask what I get. I'm about to turn and ask one the guys what we have after break but I'm distracted by the blur of red hair whizzing past me.

I keep walking but keep one eye on the figure who darts in and out of the crowd running to the double doors at the end of the corridor. That's when I know I have to talk to her, no excuses.

Watch out Clary because at lunch I'm coming I think as she charges through the double doors and run out to the tree she eats at.

Break seems to end as soon as it started and soon I'm back sitting in a stuffy classroom listening to some teacher yak on about something that is" of high importance" and "Something you'll need later on in life." While I stare out the window gulping down coffee ignoring the rumbling in my stomach that already has caused quite a stares my way.

I give them my death glare and they turn away leaving me to look out the window in peace. Though by the time last class before lunch even I have to admit that they are getting louder, I make the excuse that I missed break to anyone who asks and that seems to shut them all up.

When Lunch comes around I know I'm just relying on coffee to keep me moving at the snail pace that I'm going right now. So after going to my locker and gulping another bit of my alarmingly dwindling coffee I make my way out to the tree and don't notice the three people getting off the wall and following me.

I'm nearly at the tree before I even notice and before I can even turn the strangers have me in a lock, my arms behind my back gripping them tightly as I struggle to free myself from their stone grips while another person comes out from behind the tree.

"Raphael" I snarl as the boy comes towards me an evil grin on his face. He chuckles and says; "We meet again" and before I even have time to breath he leaps forward and punches me in the stomach causing me to fall to the floor gasping.

Gasping for breath and trying not to cry out with the pain I kneel there gasping for breath while Raphael struts around me grinning all the time. When I have enough breath I croak out; "What do you want Raphael?" spitting out a bit of bloody saliva.

Raphael just chuckles again clicking his fingers which make his sheep who are just standing there watching this whole scene pick me up again and death grip me, Raphael comes to a stop in front of me and rests his hand on his chin while pretending to think.

"Let me see, why would I want with you? You, the girl who beat me up for no apparent reason, just to show off to your boyfriend and the whole damn that you're some bitch who can beat people up. Well I for one am not taking that crap. So what we're here for Clary darling is a sweet, sweet thing called revenge."

At this he punches me again and again as the other two hold me as I struggle to free myself as he punches me in the stomach over and over and then the one that finally gives him the satisfaction of seeing me in pain. He goes for my face and gets me smack bang on the nose punching me full force as my nose bursts into white light and intense pain.

I scream in pain and that's when they let me go, not before Raphael kicks me one last time in the stomach before sauntering off back towards the school. I don't remember much after that, just intense pain and the sense that something wet is dripping from somewhere onto my hands.

I crawl slowly and painfully towards the tree having to stop what felt like every ten seconds to spit out another saliva filled with blood. After what feels like eternity I finally get to the tree and prop myself painfully up groaning at how painful my stomach actually feels.

I feel the edges of unconsciousness starting to roll in and I fight to keep my eyes open. I have to get back in and knock Raphael and his friend's brains out, not sit out here and pass out like some pansy girl.

It doesn't work though because the darkness is staring to cloud my vision and just as I know the darkness is going to take me I don't know whether I'm hallucinating in the pain or if there is an actually voice shouting my name before I pass out.

I'm determined to find her at lunch. First though I have to come up with a good enough excuse so that none of the guys will follow me outside and find me with Clary.

So when lunch falls around and we're all hanging around Jonathan's locker talking I try think of a worthy excuse. Turns out I don't have to though because the others are in the football team apparently they have a meeting which will leave me eating on my own at lunch.

"Sorry mate" Jonathan says patting me on the back. I laugh; "That's fine actually, I have to go to the library and study for an English test anyway so that sort that out. Have fun though!" I say as we go our separate ways. Them towards room eight where they always have their meetings and me pretending to head towards the library until they turn the corner and I double back the way I came and out the doors towards Clary.

Something is wrong. I don't notice it at first but the closer I get the more obvious it becomes. It's something about the way she's sitting with her eyes closed and her face. "

"Holy shit, Clary!" I yell running up to her staring at her face which is covered in her own blood. Where did this all come from? I wonder looking at the pale girl propped up against her only support the tree. I look at her face more closely and realize her nose looks bent out of place.

Swearing again I go to pick her up and she groans, I apologise and pick her up gently trying not to hurt her any more then she already obviously is and then I run. I run like there's no tomorrow only one thing running through my brain. Please let her be ok.

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