Who Is She

Chapter 2

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Disclaimer: All characters are Cassandra Clare`s. Harry Potter is J.K Rowling's (my queen) Great Expectations is Charles Dickinson`s, Percy Jackson is Rick Riordan`s, The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings is by J.R.R. Tolkien and Pride and Prejudice is by Jane Austen :)

Bold-Clary Normal-Johnathan (hope that covers the confusion)

Three months earlier:

Time to meet the people who`ve ruined my life I think as my mum drives into a housing estate that I've never seen or heard before smiling all the way ,yapping on about how fun it will that we will finally be able to become a real family.

What was wrong with our old family? I think again glaring out at the too perfect estate with it`s perfectly clipped grass and lines of straight little trees, I don't want to be here. I`d rather be in a swamp being chased down by week hungry alligators than here in the car with all our stuff stuffed around me being driven to our "new home", yet here I am with my earphones in ignoring my mum and trying not to cry remembering how heartbroken Izzy looked saying goodbye.

I don't have any time to think about it though as we`ve arrived to a cream white house with loads of windows and a tiny front garden. Mum stops the car and we sit in silence for a minute just staring up at the house. "Please try Clare, for me" my mother whispers to me not even looking at me. I don't answer just put my earphones back in and get out of the car grabbing my bag pack and one of the boxes and going up to the big red door.

I knock loud enough for someone to hear then go back to help my mum with the photo albums that she can`t carry. She smiles crookedly at me and says; "A year ago you wouldn't have been able to do this with such ease" then quickly turns away before I can say anything as the door opens and Valentine comes jogging out to kiss my mother passionately on the mouth, which I really didn't need to see and to help her with the box she`d taken out of the car.

I don't even say a hello just grab the other box that he didn't even notice and go inside the house, I'm not going to lie and say it was horrible because it wasn't, but to be honest it looked a little too done up and modern for my taste, I make my way into the kitchen place the boxes onto the table then go back outside to get others.

When I go back outside they`re both still there acting like teenagers which they are definitely not, Valentine is whispering something in my mother`s ear and she's blushing like a school girl, shaking my head I walk past them causing my mum to straighten up and blush again but not for the same reason, even valentine looks sheepish and comes to help me with the last few boxes.

"Thanks Kiddo" he says grabbing one of my book boxes, I snatch it back from him shoving toiletries into his hand then growl; "I'm not your kid." Then stalk back into the house ignoring his surprised face.

I look up at the house I've grown up in and for some unknown reason to me it feels like it`s changed. I mean I know it`s changed inside there`s two girls living here now where as it used to be just me and my dad eating off of disposable plates shouting at the football but now he`s all business and acting like he thinks a father should act. I don't know what they`ve done to my dad but I don't like it.

My house hasn't changed on the outside but as the saying goes "It`s the inside that counts" I laugh humourlessly at that as I make my way to the front door. This is the first time I'm going to enter the house and not have my dad`s bad singing meet me or him walking into my room in pyjamas asking what day it was and why was his alarm going off at an ungodly hour. No, now my father has Jocelyn for all that and some teenage girl coming for the ride.

Sighing I unlock the door and enter the house to see boxes piled everywhere, So much for keep the house clean Jon, we don't want to be embarrassed now do we seems they already did that and all my father will do is look gooey eyes at Jocelyn. I carefully make my way into the kitchen and head straight towards the fridge and grab myself a coke crack it open and take a sip relishing the sweetness of it trickling down my throat.

After throwing the empty can in the recycling bin, another new thing to our house, Jocelyn apparently outraged when we didn't have one I jog up the steps to stop short cause in the spare room is the teenage girl who is tied to this nightmare as much as I am. She`s standing on the bed hanging up some poster that I can`t properly see, she`s small enough for her age with bright red hair and green eyes that can turn icy in an instant, which I learnt firsthand first time I met her.

She must know I'm thinking about her because she turns and the smile that was her face has turned into a blank face as she jumps daintily off the bed and slams the door in my face. Nice to see you too I think before going into my room and finishing what little homework I had from the day before.

Bloody pervert. Not twenty minutes in this hellhole and already somebody is staring at me. Just wait till school on Monday then you`ll be in for a treat I think pinning my last poster onto my wall then looking around my bleak little room, Grinning I go towards the last and most favourite thing in my room. My bookshelf, I grew up reading over my mum`s shoulder be it newspaper or her thesis. Reading became my sanctuary, in books I could pretend to be anyone I wanted, fighting the bad guys and falling in love with a prince or learning the entire magical spells the book provided, instead of facing the harsh reality of being a weak bullied kid who got teased for how she looked and acted.

I line them out on the shelf from series then to just once off books; I smile as I place up books like The Chronicles of Narnia, the book my dad read to me every night before he was shipped out to fight. Then comes the obvious ones for a teenager like Harry Potter and Percy Jackson. After that I place all what I call classics like Great Expectation, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit and Pride and Prejudice onto the last remaining shelf the other two filled with all my photos I've collected over the years with friends and my gran before she died.

I sit down on the bed fall back and close my eyes loving the peace I'm getting and just then loud music comes blaring from the room across the hall from me. Jackass, I think glaring at the closed door.

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