Who Is She

Please let her be ok

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Please let her be ok. Please let her be ok, for the love of anything still worth it in this hellhole please let her be ok. This is all that's running through my head as I run towards the school not caring how weird or wild I look.

Barging into the school with my shoulders I ignore the pain running up and down my shoulder, I just keep cradling Clary in my arms and continue running towards room eight where hopefully the guys still are.

"You're going to be fine." I tell Clary who looks as pale as a ghost and yet the blood is the only indication that something terrible has happened. She obviously doesn't answer just stays silent lying in my arms, that's when I start to become desperate.

Picking up the pace I sprint the last one hundred metres to room eight banging into people but don't stopping just keep running. I yank open the door standing in the doorframe panting "C-Clary, don't know what happened" then start coughing.

Surprised by the sudden commotion everybody is up and staring at me in the doorway not even looking at who matters here, "Clary!" I wheeze out opening my arms to the storming forward mixed emotions Johnathan coming to see what the hell I'm on about.

"Shit" breathed out Jonathan looking down at his step-sister. He looks up at me, anger visible in his eyes and says in a deathly calm voice. "Tell me everything."

Coughing out a short breath I take gulps of air before saying; "Can I at least sit down first, I did just run all the way here" Jonathan doesn't even laugh at the joke just looks stonily at everybody else indicating that it would be best if they leave before he blows up.

Everyone scrambles up stealing glances at Clary before they leave which makes me unusually furious. How freaking dare they even look at her when all they've done is treat her badly! I glare at the next poor bastard and he flinches at my glare and skirts out the door.

"Tell me what happened, and don't you dare leave anything out or I swear to god Jace" He growls stalking towards me where I'm standing just inside the room. I stand my ground and am about to raise my hands in surrender when I remember what, more who is in my arms.

"Can I at least set her down first John before you start the interrogation?" I ask as calmly as I possibly can. John just silently nods as I bring her forward to the makeshift bed Kyle and Kyle have been making out of tables.

Not the most comfortable spot but it'll have to do for now, I think placing her down gently before brushing a strand of hair away from her face. Turning I see Jon pacing and Kyle keeping a wary eye on him, we made a pact to watch out for each other, even if the other was one of us.

"Right you've put her down, it's just us in here so sit the hell down and explain why my step- sister is lying there dried blood on her face and you carrying her in here like a damn maniac." Johnathan turns back around and growls glaring at me like I was the one who did it.

"I know about just as much as you do. I swear!" I say when John scoffs shaking his head turning around again. He turns back around and quiet unexpectedly yell; "Then why, in the name of the freaking angel was it you to bring her in here? Why couldn't it have been some teacher or freaking hell some stupid kid who "Just found her!"

I sit there opening and closing my mouth in shock. Then I lose it, I stand up so quickly the chair goes flying back crashing into the wall behind me. "Do you want me to bring her back out there?" I yell at Jonathan who isn't used to be shouted back at, which is evident in the shock in his eyes.

"Do you want me to bring her outside to the old rotting oak tree where nobody goes anymore and leave her there! Is that what you want? Cause say the damn words and I will be freaking happy to!" I yell at him while Jordan comes over and stands beside me.

"Dude calm down" he says worry evident in his voice, I just brush him off with my shoulders and keep glaring at Jonathan who is getting paler and paler by the second. "You didn't know she sat at the old oak tree did you? Where the hell did you think she went when we were all sitting with friends gossiping about useless stuff?"

There's a pregnant pause as I wait or Jonathan to admit what every single one of us thought up to a few weeks ago for me. That we didn't care where she was, she wasn't trying to be with us so who the hell cared?

"Well?" I ask still looking directly at Johnathan who after taking a breath to which all the fight leaves his body he whispers; "I never thought to ask" looking at me like a lost puppy being told off.

I make my voice gentler when I say; "None of us did Jon, I only knew because I followed her back outside after break once to give her jacket back" also to kiss her, but you don't need to know that. Jonathan sighs and says in a tone of defeat; "Just tell us what happened to the moment you found her to the moment you came through the door." Sitting down he look up at me expectantly.

Sighing I sit back down and recount the whole tale from start to finish, "And here we are" I say ending the tale there. I run my hand through my hair again suddenly exhausted. Johnathan is silently fuming in the corner digging his nails into the chair.

"And you're sure you didn't see anybody else around there?" he asked for the thousandth time in the last five minutes, sighing I say; "Yes Jonathan, since the last time you asked me which was only mere minutes ago I don't remember."

Jonathan threw me an unamused face before digging his nails into the chair again glaring at the wall, "We need to find out who did this and make them pay, nobody hurts a Morgenstern and gets away with it." And as he's about to say something else a weak groan comes from the makeshift bed causing us all to turn.

"Hospital" Jonathan and I say simultaneously say looking at each other than jumping into action, I go to the bed and gently pick Clary up again wincing at the pain on her face as I pick her up again. Jonathan comes out of the adjourning bathroom with a wad of toilet paper in his hands.

He tosses it to me and I grab it smiling at Jon before putting it to her nose ignoring the wince she gives as I gently try to dab some of the excess blood from her face, Johnathan opens the door and lets Kyle and Jordan go through trying to get us a wide enough berth so as we can get through without bumping her.

We get out into the corridor where the others have made a wide enough berth so we can fast walk down, that doesn't stop others though from catching a glimpse of Clary's face and then whispering some nice things but more hateful stuff like; "It's about time somebody showed the little ginger their tougher then her." And others I don't want to say or think about again.

When we get to the nurses office we all look at each other and then we open the door all charging in at once scaring the wits out of poor Mrs Pangborn who was in the middle of a crossword puzzle in one of her old magazines.

"Sorry to disturb you mam" I say politely moving forward with Clary who seemed to be zonked out again in my arms, Mrs Pangborn just looks at us through her wide glasses and says in her adult voice "What can I do for you boys?" and I smile in relief probably for the first time today.

After we hand Clay over and Mr's Pangborn is looking her over we are sent back to our classes with the promise that if anything changes we'd be the first to know. When none of us left she had to threaten us with a weeks' worth of detention for us to be making our way to the door.

When Jordan closed the door to the nurse's door we all look at each silently wondering what there was to say now, I look at Johnathan and say; "I'm going to wait here, you guys go back to class and wait for me and her at the jeep." I sit down on one of the plastic chairs with a yawn.

Johnathan folds his arms and raises his eyebrow in confusion; "Why should you stay when I'm her brother" he asks tapping his foot waiting for an answer. I chuckle; "Don't get me wrong, but I don't think your face is the first one she wants to see when she wakes up."

Jonathan laughs while Kyle and Jordan share a look I choose to ignore, "And your face is the one she dreams to see when she opens her eyes?" I shake my having to laugh at how it sounds, "I only mean I should stay because I was thinking about this morning. You saw how she looked at you and your cousins, it was like you weren't even there. She doesn't know those two" I casually point at Jordan and Kyle.

"So from all of us I think I'm the best option" I lean back on my chair unable to stop the grin forming on my lips as the others scramble for some sort of excuse. Realizing I'm right Jonathan sighs and says; "Fine, but if she so much as coughs and you're informed text me. Got that!" he says fixing me with his fixed stare.

"Aye aye captain!" I salute him as he shakes his head mumbles something and starts walking away with the other two, Kyle turns around and winks at me mouthing "Have fun" before turning around again.

Shaking my head at their immatureness I settle in to wait for news, soon my head is drifting back to when I found her, and I can't help but remember her in my arms as I ran. You can't deny that the whole thing wasn't a little enjoyable.

Ok it was, but that will never happen again. Clary will wake up get better and then kick whoever did this to her asses until they need to be carried inside, not the other way around, I reason to myself as I start drifting in and out of sleep. That run took it out of you good. I think before passing out on the world's most uncomfortable chair.

"Mr Herondale?" a voice shatters my good dream leaving me blinking in confusion wondering where the hell I am and why my back hurts no end. "Mr Herondale if you are quite awake, Miss Fray is awake. If you want to go in and see her."

I wake up totally then and my mind goes totally blank. "Ok I'll go in" I mumble getting up and shuffling towards the door. The moment of truth is the words coming to mind as I open the door and walk in.

I don't remember much. I remember one thing and even that I doubt was true, just a hallucination before I passed out. Holy shit I passed out! I think and try sit up straight but a searing pain in my side obstructs me from doing so causing me to wince and lie back down.

I try to shout for help but all that comes out is barely even a croak. What the hell happened to me? Why can't I talk? I start panicking trying to figure out a way out of whatever contraption I'm in, I come up blank and just end causing myself more pain to my side then anything productive.

I lie there wondering if I'm dead until a little women comes over and starts checking something besides what I'm assuming is my bed. I try again to speak but just croak, as if in a miracle though she notices and looks down at me glasses slipping down her face.

"Ah so you've decided to join the living again Miss Fray. You caused your friends a right good scare. Here I presume you need this" and she goes to a little table and pours water into a little plastic cup and hands it to me saying; "Sip that slowly, you've caused your stomach a right good pain and your nose, well honey I'm afraid that's at least fractured."

I gulp the water down savouring the coldness of it on my throat. When it's done and I've drunken another one I finally speak but still with a somewhat croaky voice; "Who brought me here?" the nurse just shakes her head and says; "A group of them did honey, though they're just an announcement away, do you want them to come?"

I nod not trusting my voice not to break if I spoke. She smiles sweetly hands me an Ice pack tells me where to place it then goes to the leave the room. This leaves me to my thoughts should I tell them that Raphael did this, or should I fight my own battles. I don't see why I have to tell them, I'm the one who has been beat up not them. Let me figure out what to do with them.

I'm torn from my thoughts when the door opens and the nurse comes back in. "That was fast" I croaked out. I'm stunned into silence though when from behind she enters somebody else then leaves to give us some privacy. "Jace?" I croak out.

When it's obvious that he's not going to answer me I toss the ice pack on the bed and say; "Jace? What are you doing here? Where's Johnathan?" did he not want to come? I can't help but think.

Jace who shakes his head once then says; "Who did this Clary. Don't bullshit to me or I swear…." He tightens his hands into fists and stares at me waiting for my answer. I open my mouth and the first thing that comes out of my idiotic brian was "It was an accident"

Jace snorts turning away from me mumbling; "It was an accident. It was accident… DON'T LIE TO ME CLARY!" he turns yelling at me making me jump. He runs his hands through his hands through his hair muttering to himself pacing around the small room.

He turns to me walks to the end of the bed and says pleading in his voice; "Please Clary just tell me" he comes beside me on the bed where I'm left paralyzed by his outburst left wondering if I can trust him or not.

"I can't" I whisper, "They'd come for you guys and I'm not risking that" I look at Jace who looks as if he could kill something with just a look. He gets up and starts pacing again which is beginning to worry me slightly so I say; "Jace?"

He just turns and says; "You are such a freaking stupid idiot!" he yells looking at me, not letting me finish before he continues saying; "You think that because you're injured we're- I'm going to let the little bastard continue walking free? There's me thinking you were the smart one Clary" he laughs and starts pacing again.

I sit there stunned silent and can't help but ask the question that has been burning my brain from the start; "Why the hell do you even care?" I ask stopping him in his tracks. He turns and is about to say something but I cut in.

"If you're doing this all for my step-brother just go, I won't be offended. Seriously, if you've come here to check up on me just because my brother asked you to, just go. This isn't the first time I've been injured so you can tell him I'll be fine and not to worry himself or you, for that matter."

"Clary…." Jace starts to say but I interrupt him again. "Just leave Jace, you've no proper reason to be here so there's the door."

I sniff trying to not let my feelings show while someone else is in the room. "You're an idiot you know that?" Jace says softer this time. I look up from staring at the bed duvet and snort saying; "Yeah don't worry you've mentioned that, so there's the door I'll see you later"

Jace doesn't move though just laughs saying coming to my bedside saying; "No you don't get it, you're an idiot because you never realized the truth" I snort and say; "That it? So now I'm an idiot and stupid. Wow should put that on my CV as well"

Jace just shakes his head and says; "I've gone about this the wrong way. What I've been trying to say from the second I came in here was this. I care more than the others, when I saw you propped up on that tree my whole world stopped. I could think of nothing else than helping you then kicking whoever did this to you ass."

I sit there frozen, not sure whether to believe him and let hope back in or to answer sarcastically. He looks at me with his perfect golden eyes and sleep hair and then he does something I wasn't expecting. He kissed me broken nose and all there on my little hospital bed.

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