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Well he tried to at least and I wasn't going to stop him from kissing me, but when the door banged open with Jonathan standing in the door let's just say the moment had gone.

We both jump apart Jace looking sheepish and me, well I don't know how to feel. I don't know if he's faking it just to get me to tell him who did it or if he was telling the truth. In all honesty think about it, he's the biggest player in this whole town why on earth would he go for a girl like you. He was faking it and you know it.

Sighing I promise to think about this later, right now Jonathan is at the end of the bed staring at me arms folded eyebrow raised, he looks like one of the X-Men bar the suit and glasses. I bite my lip to stop laughing out loud but he still notices the smirk that was on my face for about five seconds.

"Glad you find this funny" he growls continuing to glare at me while Jace and the other two look at each other and take a tiny step back. Cowards. I look Jonathan in the eyes and say; "Well one of us has to, and it's hardly going to be the terror triplets over there" I point at the guys who look shocked that I even noticed them.

"This is not funny Clary, somebody beat you up and I want to know who." He demands tapping his foot determination to get out of me clear in his eyes. Shaking my head I say; "What, so you can beat them up yourself?!" Jonathan goes to open his mouth again but I hold my hand up stopping him.

"What the hell is your goddamn deal?" I shout at Jonathan, ignoring the other two and Jace who have been quiet the whole time they've been in here.

"Jesus Christ you're like flipping idiots! Do you really think this is my first time getting beat up? Cause it's not. I've been in more fights than that asshole over there has been on dates" I scream rage boiling over for not only Jonathan but myself for letting myself fall into Raphael's trap.

"Do you really think I'd come running to my mother's freaking fiancé's son just because I was in a fight? Go on would I?" I ask glaring at Jonathan who has gone pale but is still looking directly at me, we all know the answer but I want to see who will answer.

That's when Jace loses it completely. "DANM IT CLARY" he yell while throwing a vase of the tablebeside him causing the guys to take a steep back worry flashing through their eyes. "Jace…" Jonathan says timidly breaking eye contact with me to turn to his best friend, hands out like he's some murderer.

"What the freaking hell is wrong you, Jesus Christ it's like you flipping WANTED to get beaten up and here you are showing off your battle wounds." He yells turning towards me breathing heavily, "Then when people who care about you try asking what happened so they can help you close the walls protecting the idiots that hurt you. For crying out loud what the hell is wrong with you!" He yells again.

"I mean for god sake you are such a goddamn freaking hypocrite! You want people to love you, but the second someone comes around that actually wants to love and help you, you do what you always do. You put on the tough lone wolf act pushing everyone that even tries to help you."

He stop talking and everything is quiet bar his heaving breathing. I don't know what to say so I stay quiet fiddling with the tiny duvet on the bed, before I whisper; "Thanks for your input Jace, now leave." They look shocked, but all the fight I had in me moments ago has left and I'm tired.

Obviously he is feeling bad and comes towards the bed but I put my hand out to stop him in his tracks and simply says; "Get out. Please don't say anything else just use the door and get out of here, now I don't know how much longer I can keep this calm so I point at the door not looking up until they leave.

When the door closes behind them I break down sobbing. Not from the pain but that is a factor. I sob for this damn situation I've gotten myself into, my mother promised this would be a new life here, and fresh start with new friends and new experiences.

Well the only experiences I've had here have been crappy from the word go and I want to end it all. Go back to where we used to live just me and my mother happy together, having girlie nights in, quoting off whole scenes of movies we've seen twenty billion times.

I want to go back to the time where I could go out and walk five minutes and arrive at Izzy's where I was always welcome, not tiptoeing around my own house. Screaming I throw the glass of water on my bedside table at the wall watching it smash and feeling no better about myself.

I cry till I can cry no more, then slowly walk into the bathroom and look into the mirror as I grab some toilet paper twisting it until they fit into my nose and shove them in. Just as I'm about to turn around the door opens and two voices speak; "She isn't here." "Where is she? Shit what if she's already left. Jon is going to kill us then her. Come on quick she can't have gone far" then the door slams shut and I'm on my own again. I'm not out there yet, though now it's time for the harder part, walking out of this place and getting to the Jeep without those idiots.

I get up slowly wincing at the pain in my side but grit my teeth to hold in the pain, I walk painstakingly slow towards the door and am panting when I get there, taking a breath to stop my racing heart and to readjust one of the tissues absorbing the blood that has started up again I grab the door knob and twist it opening the door.

I slowly walk out ignoring everybody staring at me, some take pictures and if I was strong enough I'd punch their lights out. But for right now I just keep putting one foot in front of the over keeping my eyes on the front door praying I don't faint from the pain in my sides.

When I get to the double doors that lead into another corridor of lockers that lead to the entrance I know this part will be the worse, somebody will say something I just know it. Coughing I put my hand which is covered in sweat on the door and push with all the power I can muster then stumble through.

I was right about the taunts, the minute people see me they start calling stuff that I'd never say in a million years and taking loads of pictures. I refuse to cry though, just keep walking keeping my head up as I get closer and closer towards the exit and freedom.

That is until somebody calls out; "Not so tough now are you ginger?" and I stop. I turn and there is Raphael and his cronies smirking victoriously at me leaning on the lockers. I just cough then say; "Just wait asshole, the minute I'm back to normal you can bet you'll be first on my hit list. Ginger or not. Enjoy your weekend" I smile sweetly at him then stumble away giving him the finger a small smile on my face.

I finally get to the doors but don't stop though my lungs are begging me to and I feel like I'm going to collapse. I push the door open and shuffle outside to the car park looking for the jeep, but everything is blurring so I just put my hand on something hard which is probably a stone or statue and take a deep breath.

When I feel I won't fall down the stairs I grab the railing and go down one at a time, when I get down to the bottom I start cheeking the cars for Jon's. When I find it I groan, course it has to be the furthest away why would things ever be bloody easy for me when it could be so very difficult.

Coughing again I start the trek towards the car while people whisper loudly about me as I walk past them. I make it halfway before I know I won't make it all the way, I take a deep breath and croak out a "Help" before falling on the floor of the car park.

I shouldn't have said what I said, I was just worried sick about her. I should've been nicer and more understanding damn it Jace I swore at myself. Jesus Christ you saw how she looked after you exploded at her, she's never going to forgive you now.

"Calm down" I mutter to myself as we walk out to the lockers to grab our stuff before we can head home for the weekend. Ok this is good, now she hates you so you will have to get over this little schoolboy crush on her. Be as cold and distant to her as you can be. But…. NO, no buts she's you best friend's step-sister, that'll never work out so build a bridge and get over it.

"Calm down what?" Jonathan asks as we arrive to our joined lockers, I look up startled out of my thoughts and shake my head; "It's nothing just thinking" thinking about your sister, but you don't need to know that.

Jonathan just shrugs his shoulders and continues to open his locker, "Should one of us stay and get Clary?" Kyle asks looking from me to Jonathan waiting for a reaction. Jonathan sighs banging his head against his locker door. "You or Seb should do it, she obviously doesn't want it to be me or Jace, though what you did mate I don't know"

I do. I think bitterly but nod and say; "Jon's right, one of you guys go get her and bring her to the jeep. I'm going to go catch coach and tell him she and I won't be training today. See you back at the jeep in ten" nodding at them all before turning back the way we came and running off before they can stop me.

Kyle's POV.

We know something happened between Clary and Jace, it's bloody obvious by how they look at each other when the other isn't, so why hasn't Jonathan noticed is a big question that Seb and I tend to find out, our only answer so far is that he's blind towards them.

We continue our walk to the Nurse's office and open it expecting her there sitting in the bed, so when we walk in and she's not there we start to panic. "Where is she?" I ask looking around the little room hoping she'll pop up and scream "BOO!" but that's not happening.

Seb shakes my shoulder and then says; "What if she's already left?" I let out a breath "Shit, Jonathan is going to kill us then here" I pat his shoulder and we make our way back towards the door as I say; "Come on she can't have gone far" then run out the door with Seb on my heels running out the door.

We keep our eyes out for her until we get into the parking lot and up to the Jeep where Jace and Jon are waiting for us. They both look at us and then Jon asks the big question; "Where's Clary?" we stand there panting trying to explain it without losing our heads.

Jace just taps Jon's shoulder and points towards the school and says in a blank voice; "Is that her?" we all turn and there lying on the floor is the girl of the moment. Jon doesn't even think just runs to her shouting her name.

I look at Jace whose face is unreadable. I can't help but ask; "Eh aren't you going to go as well?" but Jace just keeps his blank as he says; "Why would I? She's Jon's sister. Not mine" then opens the Jeep door and hops in as Jon run back with Clary.

I look at Seb who is wearing the same expression as me. Confusion, what the hell happened while we were gone, or was this something that he came up with himself. Shaking my head I open the boot door for Jon who is carrying Clary as he gently places her into her seat and buckling her up.

I have to do everything to stop myself turning around and making sure she's still there. I think of cars, I think of the many ways to get drunk quick and easy but that doesn't stop the worry build up in my chest. Get a grip man! You don't like her, she's ugly and ginger and you can do so much freaking better. Now stop thinking about how you nearly kissed and start thinking about somebody else.

So I try, I think of anything except her, and by the time we get home it seems to have worked. I jump out of the car grab my bag and head into Jon's not stopping to help Jon carry Clary in. "Yeah thanks mate!" he says.

I ignore him and walk in to the hall where Jocelyn is on the phone, she smiles at me and I smile back out of politeness. The smile falls off her face when she sees Clary though. She slams the phone down and goes running over demanding to know what happened.

Jon just says in a tired voice; "We don't know Jocelyn, she wouldn't tell us. Can I bring her to her room please? She's heavier than she looks" Jocelyn just nods and Jon starts up the stairs before she stops him and says in an excited voice not really suitable for the situation.

"Your father and I have booked the engagement party for next Saturday, here in the house. Should be fun!" she has a hopeful look in her eye but all Jon says is; "Yeah, should be tons of fun" before going up the stairs.

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